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Don’t Let the Media (and bitter Black women lol) Confuse You about Black Fatherhood

By Joshua D. Copeland

If you haven’t heard, rapper Scarface was arrested at the recent BET Hip Hop Awards, in relation to not paying child support.  He unfortunately joins the club of highly profiled Black fathers like Rich Dollaz, or Family Matters star Darius McCrary in the noticeable list of fathers skipping out on child support.

Yeah, this is illegal, but it’s problematic because these men will be considered the rule rather than the exception. They will be used as evidence to prove the lie that most (or even all) Black fathers are bad dads.

But here’s the thing: These men ARE exceptions to the rule.  Because contrary to the media-infested popular belief, Black men are arguably some of the best fathers in the country.

According the recent study provided by Jessica Blankenship of the Thought CataLos Angeles, Black fathers are collecting wins left and right.  They have the highest numbers in most of the catagories involving spending time with their chldren on the chart below.  Black fathers are ranking the highest numbers, despite the fact that many aren’t even living at home with their kids!

But if you leave it up to the media to tell HIStory rather than ours, of course people are going to believe that Black men are nothing but dead-beat dads leaving women and children to fend for themselves.

Actor–author Blair Underwood opens up about being a father to his sons Paris and Blake and daughter Brielle. “I love being a father. I love every minute of it,” shares Underwood.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star James Pickens Jr. seconds the positive comment with no hesitation.“My daughter was pretty special from the moment she came here,” he gushes about his daughter Gavyn.

Are there some bad Black fathers out there?  Yes.  But every apple tree drops bad apples every now and then.  So before the media poisons your mind and has you thinking that Black men are regularly being locked up for skipping out on child support, understand that the ones that get busted are only part of a minority compared to the massive majority.

Share your thoughts.

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