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Dominica Legend Dies while another is still being ignored!

There has been many talks around for ages---- where are our legends?! Why aren’t they fully recognized?!


These questions have been bugging the minds of the islanders for many years. The problem with this group of people referred to as being hypocritical by some is that they simply do not appreciate their own and only recognizes them only after death.

Surprisingly, Jeff Joseph before succumbing to his death in Martinique over the weekend after a major surgical operation - was named goodwill ambassador to Dominica in respect to his talents. He was well known and used for promoting the island World Creole Music Festival in the French west indies where he spent his early years and in the international committee where he so frequently performed.

Mr. Joseph was popularly known was for many years as the lead singer in the Grammacks Ban. He sang eminent songs such as “Mis Debaz”, and “Soukouyant”.It is said that the government has promised to give him an official state funerals. R.IP

Nasio Fontaine a true son of the soil – his voice is sometimes confused for  Bob Marley. His famous tunes: "Africa We Love”, “Wolf Catcher", "Babylon" and "Black Tuesday" are well known tracks. He was given the chance to perform at the World Creole Music Festival in 2008 and really impressed the crowd with his rhythms -- but he is continued to be ignored.

While Dominicans are too busy focusing on regional and international artists to host events they have totally forgotten they have and had two special legends. One is the king of Cadence and the other the king of conscious reggae.

It would be great if the people would begin to appreciate Nasio and accept him for his talents rather than continue to ignore him and let him waste away.


Wake up people!!!


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