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Do Negros Know the Truth about Ice Agents, Do they know the danger? This is Urgent

I don't care what people call me, you can say what ever you want about me, but at least i take a stand every chance i get. I am a straight shooter, I talk to those who claim educated i challenge their intelligence every time i call them idiots, at the end they always prove me rights. I ask my self why do so many negros stay bragging about their education, but contributed so little to society or their community? as many are out there following the massive, i repeatedly ask any one of them, what is the gain or the end result, what is the big plan for the future, or at least tell me the plan of their black leaders i have yet to find one with an answer?

Chuck Schumer stood in the house of congress and drop tears for the "illegals" and those 20 million people he claim needs medical assistance, but none of you negros are smart enough to ask Mr Schumer by being a representative from NY how come he never shared tears for Eric Garner, how come he never cried when an unarmed innocent black young man "Ramarley Graham" was chased into his apartment and was shot to death in his grand mothers Bathroom in front of his 6 years old brother, how come none of you negros ask chuck Schumer by being a representative of the people how come he never stood up and shared tears for all unarmed innocent black men who have been shot to death across the nation by racist white cops, how come he never propose a bill to protect innocent lives in the black community? but he is able to share tears for things that does not concern us, do Chuck shumer ever think about the rest of us who have to pay for those 20 million people who needs medical assistance, what about our families, how do we afford to send our kids to college, since the government pass the law, how come we are the people paying the cost, do any one ever question Chuck Schumer ?

When you go downtown by the Brooklyn Bridge many of those homeless men and women are veterans, how do i know because i take time to sit down eat with them, talk to them, understand the life where they came from, do Schumer ever cry for those homeless veterans, do the people who are marching ever march for the homeless veterans who sacrificed their lives for you to have the freedom to march, do you people ever cry for those people? as much as you are out there many of us know you are a bunch of hypocrites with nothing to do, you will remain underachieve, and those with a little bit of opportunity will slowly lose it all by being unfair towards others.

with the many of the women groups marching out there many of them are blacks, you have never march to Capital Hill for your kids who are dying by white cops and criminals in the community, but you can march to support people with special interest, the same people who are against the president for his border protection strategy are the same people who will cry when an attack do take place in this Country. You keep running your mouth you will not work with the president, not only you do not have a better plan, you dont have a plan period, i dont care what the president says, how he says it, or what he is talking about, he has a job to do as long as he does that job to his best ability and every one who deserves to benefit from his success do benefit, that is all that counts.

many who came in this country legally have sacrificed so much from blood work to thousands of dollars, they did the right thing to live the American dreams, I have spoke to a woman where she is trying to bring her husband in this Country, between here going back and fourth and paper work in the period of two years she has already spent $50k. but you people want to support those who breaks the law and comes here illegally and exceeding tax payers money. Between welfare and medical assistance you ask your self why do Americans pay so much for medications and health care? if you live your life unfair its just a matter of time before you get a taste of the injustice. If you get caught selling drugs you will suffer the consequence of breaking the law for illegal activities, if you get caught for an illegal gun you will suffer the consequence of going to prison for breaking the law in possession of an illegal gun, the key word is "illegal" so ask your self are you supporting illegal immigrants to enter the country without going to the proper channels that can recognize them as citizens if they should commit a crime, or are you being unfair to the legal immigrants who did the right thing to live the American dreams and the American citizens? you keep on being unfair as crime getting out of hands, but dont be the first to cry when one of your family members become a victim by an illegal immigrants when not even DNA can help because without legal papers that person do not exist in the justice system.

To the negros out there marching do you take the time to read the travel ban policy, do you understand sections in that policy can specifically benefits the black community, do your black leaders told you that "ice" has been Targeting not only illegal immigrants, But all American citizens since 2012 under Obama? it is so sad, but you are your own worse enemy, you keep marching and following those living better life than you, and you will soon find out this fight is not your fight, if you invest that energy in fighting for your own causes one day you will wake up and realize there is hope ahead for the black community? until then you will be sold to the same people you are marching with by the so call black leaders, in fact your black leaders have the same plans they have since Obama was president, watch you die, watch you dig your self into poverty as many of them no longer reside in the black community, and if 1 or 2 still live in the community, they sure live in a nice house, wake up negros, wake up as it is getting real late, the only one who do not recognize the time is you.

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Comment by vaughn mitchell on March 2, 2017 at 8:31pm
Nuff Respect. This piece is on point, illegals are illegals, but white cause these problems they use illegals for cheap labor, and it come back and bite them, by the way who is going to work for the farmers, illegals do work we are not going to do, prices for fruits and veggies will be going up. Trump, is not just going after illegal immigrants he is also going after green card holders and people who have Muslim names. Ali's son , who is Muslim, and has a Muslim name was detained at the airport and he was born here, what does that tell you Trump, is doing this not just to go after illegals, but others as well. We all have our different opinions but we do not need to talk violence towards each other what will that solve. By the way f*** up TRUMP.
Comment by Jiant on March 2, 2017 at 8:22pm
Keep it up.... You has been saying that same line a lot... That's what jailbaits do.... I wish had the time to educate u... No sorry I forgot u know everything.... No threats from i Mr. America.... Its pointless.... Jus remember its CaribbeanFever.... U jus don't fit in.... Your mentality it's not the same..... Jus run up ur mouth n nah deal with nutn... Soo much for the Upliftment of immigrants....
U got to be n Agent for the guy dem...

Waiting for another threat....
Cause u have to get the last word...
Wow.... Reminds me of someone...
Comment by mr1stroke on March 2, 2017 at 8:21pm

this is why i take the the stand that i take, this is why i post these posts, i get to expose retarded negros like you, with all that is going on, you would invest so much energy for standing with illegal immigrants, but cannot stand for whats going on in your community, just imagine if many of you negros lash at the white people or the racist white cops every time they use injustice against innocent black man, we would have much respect, but as we know it niggers are quick to jump at a black man as soon as he take a stand to fight and not laying down like a dog like they do, you sad niggers feel i should stay silent well i am a warrior i will kill every niggers who are not fighting for black causes and allow white people to continue to use injustice, if i know the officials are reading these blogs and i am not worrying what makes you think i will be afraid of you niggers, you are nothing but distraction which makes it easy for me to put you in a bad and dont do time, thats why i challenge any man on here who feels he is man enough and feel im out of line to meet me in person and put me in my place n one of you faggots are yet to step up and show how bad you are which means every one on here can tell none of you are man enough, you suppose to shut down any man when he feels he is too much and i challenge any one of you niggers to get at me any one no exception

Comment by mr1stroke on March 2, 2017 at 8:06pm

i just hate people like you who comes here and make it bad for the rest of us, so now i love my self and love all my brothers who are fallen victims because of people like you and its time some of us stand up and do something about it and i think we needed Trump more than ever i guaranty you by 202 more black people will realize they are forever victims and will bot for trump, you people who destroying this country, brooklyn has a bunch of immigrants gangs from haitians to jamaicans now those who were born in the community have to be forced out, do you think every one will stand and watch, in that case all community will be like that, i am glad i have no immigrants in the community where i live only whites and born black Americans

Comment by mr1stroke on March 2, 2017 at 8:01pm

Jiant seems like you did not understand the comment just like the rest of the faggots on here you are still talking, when are you guys are going to be man, if thats the way you feel lets not hide behind a keyboard, we can give it live to every one on face book or snap, so seriously if thats the way you feel about me prove it stand behind your manhood if you got one otherwise it makes no sense running your mouth like a b****, i address those who address me with respect, any one else like you i just want to see blood its best people like you dissappear than to be alive so if you dont like the way i express my opinion stop me

Comment by Jiant on March 2, 2017 at 7:54pm
Wow.... What a idiot..... Foolish dog barking at a flying bird..... Still not scared.... Keep spilling hate.... Mr. America.... I could tell you hate urself... Maybe abused as an infant.... Agent for d Bouyyy dem...
Comment by mr1stroke on March 2, 2017 at 7:41pm

will i am more than angry and you dont matter to me any one who sides with any one who comes here illegally, the sad part that makes me more upset is that you people are a bunch of hypocrites, so many people risk everything they got to this country why didnt you people help them, why didnt you people donate some money, instead if they would ask you would call them all types of names, but after all those sacrifices you people rather support those who choose to invade the country illegally, damn ignorants when i speak i dont onlyspeak for born US citizens i speak for legal residents, i will drive with gasoline in my car any one illegal f*** with me let me find out where you live ill set you on fire, trust me sleep is never a part of my plan im up any time of the night when you people getting your nice rest, you damn f****** right im angry and f*** you for recognize that now die slow and that is for any one who feels the same way im not here to play with you people because of people like you society cause pain for others like me and i plan to take care of it one way or another before i die, if you only understand this post you and every one else would be very careful because this country will have a whole new level of anger, every one is waiting for a race war well guess what look around you does it look like race? just wait and you will see

Comment by mr1stroke on March 2, 2017 at 7:33pm

Jiant im not here to scare nobody you see what my comment said i like to meet people like you in person so i can express how i feel, there is no intimidation here, so if you man enough to start something im sure its nothing you cannot handle, and this is for you and any one on this site if you people are so tired of my comment thinking that im on here to intimidate people, do understand i stand for what i believe and willing to lay my life as an example so why dont any one of you stop me in person im willing to show up where ever you set, and i dont give a f*** about no police any one who threaten my life should not be alive by no means so when you dont like something or somebody you take care of it otherwise all you faggots on here are not men you are a bunch of b****** with dicks, until anyone of you can shut me down in person you are all p****, and i will unleash my anger for the people who have been victimize in this country by those freeloaders enough is enough, now i understand what trump says lets take America back his action and his words make it clear he is not talking to blacks, he is talking to people like you who come here to destroy this country and i wish death upon you all

Comment by Sufferahsmusic Media Prod on March 2, 2017 at 7:20pm
Good post
Comment by will on March 2, 2017 at 7:19pm
Wow you are a very angry person,,, Mr1stroke

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