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DL Hughley To Kanye West: You're The Worst F*cking Kind Of Human Being

Comedian DL Highley has ripped into Kanye West -- and says he's the "worst kind" of human being.

Hughley has had enough of Ye's shenanigans.

"He constantly puts an asterisk next to slavery like it wasn't that bad," he told DJ Vlad. "Like all [Tubman] was doing was taking them from one job to another. He makes it seem like her accomplishments weren't a big deal."

He added, "At a time like this, what are you gonna do about unemployment? What are you gonna do about a pandemic? What are you gonna do about a shredded economy? What are you gonna do? 'Cause everybody can't wearing f*cking Yeezys and hear 'Jesus Walks' all the goddamn time. That's not gon' fix it. But you believe that it's dope to insert yourself at a time like this? You're the worst f*cking kind of human being. And I have no respect for him." 

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Comment by stephen myers on August 21, 2020 at 4:22pm

You will forever have Trumps penis up your Black ashy butt, Your just a ranting nobody, like I said you have no credentials to know your white supremacist cult leader, are you in the intelligence circle like Malcolm Nance? Are you Trumps relative like his niece who exposed him in a book? Your in the FBI? you write books on the facts of you cult leader? no, your just a dumb street piece of Black trash that has nothing to offer but your ranting and raving because no one with sense would take you serious. Now tell people what credentials you have Nig Nog, and where  you get your nonsense from, you never came back with anything that makes sense, so tell me House N**** or STFU and keep howling at the moon with that Black Power fist in your stink hole.

Comment by Deborah Martin on August 21, 2020 at 4:04pm

So glad DL told him off. Dude needs to take his self hating mental mess to a facility & stay there. Mr1stroke can go with him. 

Comment by mr1stroke on August 21, 2020 at 3:18pm
stephen myers if Kanye sees a reality show clown what exactly is your n***** ass sees in Biden, share with us, because when Kamala Harris made her speech the other night she listed the 3 major acts Biden have passed when he was in the Senate for 47 years, and neither of them had to do with the black Community , I questioned you niggers but all you do is bark like a dog, how intelligent are you, when will you share some information with the audience reading? you have done all the curses, all the arguing now how about some information, you damn porch monkey, you niggers have no brain you can argue and defend your master but cannot make your case, sad niggers
Comment by stephen myers on August 21, 2020 at 1:16pm

DL put that stupid house n**** in his place, this BlackTurd said he see Trump as his daddy, he sees a racist white supremacist reality show T.V clown as someone to look up to, Black TrumpTurds can die and go to hell, they are the most stupid vile idiots and need to die like those Jim Jones cultist, let Darwin kick in and rid the world of them, they are like the white trash and  Black trash that support this Orangutan.

Comment by mr1stroke on August 21, 2020 at 1:56am
So let me guess because he has his own belief and chose a different path, that makes him the worse lol seriously? Well DL Negro why dont you take your own advice, majority of the slaves thought Harriet was crasy and did not joined or supported her, but what if they did? She chose a path because she had a vision even though it may not worked for every one she had her own success but there were still slaves.

The problem with niggers and why they are still depend on white people, they have too much hate towards each other, they will be the first to kick you while you down and refuse to embrace change instead of having a solution to add up. You have been famous before Kanye what have you done to help the situation going to the black community, Chicago have been a pandemic state for years in the lives of black people, which politicians have you worked with to come up with a solution other than using black people with ypur dumb jokes, have you forgotten majority of the your shows you have bern saved from getting knocked out because your jokes are picked on people in the audience.

I am a different type of black man, I question those who criticize instead of being a dumb deft and blind who is quick to agree without of observing, many may not agree with Kanye for taking a stand and his approach but at least he is strong enough to stand up like a man and raised awareness without worrying about losing his career and businesses unlike niggers like you kissing those jews ass for a 30 minutes radio show, and that is the definition of a n*****, they know how to hit and destroy instead of standing together unite and build, DL f***** ass n***** Hughley you are the worse f****** n***** for speaking out and never achieved nothing
Comment by vaughn mitchell on August 20, 2020 at 6:45pm
@L, stop blaming the Khardashian, he is a grown man, he messed his own self up, he let money and take get to his head, he feel like he can say stupid s***, and blame it on his mental illness, and use that as a crutch, and an excuse. Everytime he says some dumb s***, he blame it on mental illness. Kim, did not chase after him, he chased after her when her marriage was in trouble with that white NBA, basketball player she was married to. Look at the women he chose to wifey, one was a stripper, was never famous, and a slut,and the other made a sex tape, which was her fame, and her father was OJ's attorney.
Comment by L on August 20, 2020 at 3:10pm
I for one am glad that a celebrity, one respected by many, one respected by the black community especially, has spoke to him directly and gave voice to how many of the black community truly feels.

I honestly feel, that him being connected to The Kardashians messed him up, because he let the fame and the clout that comes from being married to not only the oldest of the Kardashian children, but also the most well known of the children go to his head.

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