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DL Hughley To Kanye West: You're The Worst F*cking Kind Of Human Being

Comedian DL Highley has ripped into Kanye West -- and says he's the "worst kind" of human being.

Hughley has had enough of Ye's shenanigans.

"He constantly puts an asterisk next to slavery like it wasn't that bad," he told DJ Vlad. "Like all [Tubman] was doing was taking them from one job to another. He makes it seem like her accomplishments weren't a big deal."

He added, "At a time like this, what are you gonna do about unemployment? What are you gonna do about a pandemic? What are you gonna do about a shredded economy? What are you gonna do? 'Cause everybody can't wearing f*cking Yeezys and hear 'Jesus Walks' all the goddamn time. That's not gon' fix it. But you believe that it's dope to insert yourself at a time like this? You're the worst f*cking kind of human being. And I have no respect for him." 

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Comment by dangde on November 17, 2020 at 11:55am
Comment by dangde on November 13, 2020 at 11:08am
Comment by dangde on October 31, 2020 at 12:54pm
Comment by dangde on October 6, 2020 at 10:35am
Comment by mr1stroke on August 23, 2020 at 6:12pm
Ricardo O'Connor these idiots are too dumb to understand what you are saying, at what point do one ask the question if Trump is so bad and every one hates him why do in every talk show he is the topic especially during covid when they have no jokes, why are every one writing a book, why every time you turn on the news its him, if he is so bad why not tell the people about whats good out there, how exactly is he affecting us? Niggers have to have white people problems, they tell them russian this russian that and they run with it, but pay attention to the niggers that come on the attack and every other niggers on the street, they all have the same thing in common, thats caring for white people's agenda, none of them mention any black issues in regards of Trump, they repeat the same dumb things without questions

Niggers are so retarded, white people started to call Trump racist, it has become a campaign it sounds good the niggers will like it and run with it, but none of the niggers are smart enough to question the white folks and ask them how do they know Trump is a racist, have they ever experience racism from Trump, but he is a racist all the people who are calling him racist used to be friends with him, use to hang at the Golf course, used to be at the hotels as soon as he refuses to do what they say or do like them, he becomes their enemy, but let tell you what niggers dont know, when he is no longer president they are all will be friends with him again, they will forgive and forget and he will be at every talk shows, and thats why you have to call the niggers by their names
Comment by Ricardo O'Connor on August 23, 2020 at 5:02pm

What people are calling truth pertaining to the President is not. It is A TRUTH and not THE TRUTH and many don’t seem to know the difference! Anyone can make up a lie and spin it until it’s becomes a truth. In the Marist/communist manifesto, it states that if you tell a lie over and over and long enough people will eventually become desensitized and believe what they heard to be the truth. It’s a classical game played by every communistic Government. That’s why Hitler was so successful in slaughtering six million Jews because he propagandized that the Jews were sub-human with no souls and eventually the people grew to believe it. We’re seeing that play out right now in our media today. Donald Trump is a bad guy, a racist, a conman, a lair, all these made up lies and people are buying it. If you turn the tv off and pick up books that teaches you about indoctrination, how to change a Nation, socialism, communism, radicals, Marist, and so forth, you will see the THE TRUTH and recognize what is going on. 

Comment by mr1stroke on August 23, 2020 at 3:24pm
And trust me any one of you niggers who feels you have the balls, give me a phone number and an address ill be sure to prove to you live on all 3 social media this not just typing niggers like you dont deserve to live your poison mentalities are killing the black community so let me help you to hell, have your gangs and even NYPd with you and see hoe quick we can both make the news, i will finish you niggers by the time the year is over feel the real pandemic a n*****'s life don't mean nothing, easy to get rid of
Comment by mr1stroke on August 23, 2020 at 3:19pm
L just like these other niggers on where who the f*** are you to tell me when i am out of line, f*** you and that f***** ass n***** you are defending, any one who attack me with be dealt with just like if i was on the street i shoot a n***** in the face no questions ask because i know all you niggers carry is hate in your hearts just like on here if someone have a different belief they must die, well you immigrant niggers mess with the right one, i dont fight hate with love, i will give you back extra hate, now learn your history not every n***** are blacks and most of you on here are slave niggers.

Talk about the jews well they share love, they work together, they build back and demand every thing they loss, they have their own agendas, jews dont fight other peoples fight or you can tell me the last time they were marching for you and with you, they dont even mention you, they are tye same one taking over your community and charging you high rent, they wont even hire you, jews dont vote for any one unless you meet their demands unlike you niggers who have been slave to those democrats for so long so f*** your niggers ass and all those jews

Now white people destroyed all you have and what do you do sit back accept hand outs, instead of demanding business opportunities, 11 shootings on brooklyn in one after noon saturday 4 are dead, just one day we can watch the news for the weekend, who the f*** is destroying the community for so long, some of us will not sit on excuses and keep begging for opportunity we got up abd start building, you want to be a slave and destroy your own it is your choice but dont hate the rest of us for trying, now f*** your porch monkey ass, die slow you damn n*****
Comment by rhethe etntehrt on August 23, 2020 at 3:05pm
Comment by L on August 23, 2020 at 2:36pm
First of all, mr1stroke you are way out of line for attacking D. Hall the way you are. Second, Trump only calls CNN fake news when it is something that doesn't favor him, his agenda, or the huge facade that he considerate to be his image and reputation. All black people don't live in the hood. All black people don't live in apartments. All black don't sell drugs or work two jobs. Yet, all blacks except for those brainwashed by White people, understand, work with, and sympathize with Jewish people, because just like them are all minority communities have been taken over or destroyed by racist hate spewing people like you. There has been two times in this country's history that blacks have had their own and whites destroyed it. One was in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the other was in Durham, North Carolina. The one in Tulsa was destroyed by fire and killing over a white girl lying on a black boy. While, the one in Durham was destroyed when white city officials done rezoning that broke it up. So, before you go popping off on blacks and other minorities learn the true history of this country, and not only the ones that white people put in history books on the Internet on race bashing websites and in race bashing publications.

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