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Disturbing VIDEO shows caregivers pushing over a disabled woman and holding her face down on the floor as four employees at a group care home are charged with abuse

Another CCTV clips shows caregiver Breneisha Blunt, wearing a white top and black pants, holding the disabled woman face down on the floor by her hair

  • CCTV footage shows disabled woman being shoved and punched by caregivers
  • Four women were charged with aggravated abuse of a disabled adult in Florida
  • In one clip Breneisha Blunt, 29, is seen repeatedly hitting woman who is on floor
  • Police said they found victim with bruising, a cut on her face and a skinned knee

Shocking video has revealed violent caregivers pushing, shoving and holding down a disabled woman.

CCTV footage from two cameras show the women abusing one of the clients at a Mount Dora, Florida group care home on Tuesday August 13.

All four women seen in the clips were charged with aggravated abuse of a disabled adult and later handed themselves in to police.

They were identified as Sheneka Hester, 42, Breneisha Blunt, 29, and Jaleyah Wiggins, 24, all of Eustis, and Carolyn Joe, 25, of Tavares. 

Four female careworkers have been charged with aggravated abuse of a disabled adult in Mount Dora, Florida. Pictured is one of the women pushing the disabled women to the floor
The careworker, thought to be Carolyn Joe, wearing a black top and light pants, shoves the disabled client, wearing shorts and a grey top, backwards causing her to fall onto the bench
Another CCTV clips shows caregiver Breneisha Blunt, wearing a white top and black pants, holding the disabled woman face down on the floor by her hair
Blunt keeps her hands on the disabled woman as another caregiver stands by and watches
Berneisha Blunt from Eustis
Carolyn Joe from Tavares
Shaneka Hester from Eustis

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 27, 2019 at 11:02pm

Those idiots dont care about camera because they know they will get away wit it for 2 reasons: the family will not do s***, they may be afraid of their own shadow, or would kill someone over nothing than to teach those idiots a lesson, second the law will give them a slap in the wrist like assault and they wont do no jail time, in this society criminals are the only one winning, i dont see the justoce2 that people be looking for 

Comment by Lu on August 27, 2019 at 10:12pm

So happy my siblings and I agreed that my mom stays with one of us when the time comes. Not my mama...their KARMA will come. Rat bastards 

Comment by caribmama on August 27, 2019 at 4:11pm

You know cameras are why?

Comment by mr1stroke on August 27, 2019 at 2:50pm

Thats why you either dont put your love ones in the senior home or you make sure you check on them, your life is wjat you built if you want a comfortable or auccessful life you cannot bullshit and party like every one else you have to be committed and dedicated. So to take care of your self or your love ones these days and in the future you need money and idiots dont realize even if you want work for someone you have to have a small business if a 9 to 5 is all you depends on and we know majority of those dummies out there dont do saving meaning they dont even have 500 dollars in the bank for emergency, if you lose your job and then what, so to have a small business on the side is a smart thing to do, as of january 2020 i start my bew business seminar for regular people and i will teach people how to do things their selves it aint easy but is not hard at the same time you just have to want it abd like that you can provide someone to come to your home and care for the people you love most people arw provide so you dont have to deal with an agency, while niggas are waiting for the white men to give them 40 acres and mules i own America, meanings i own land in states i dont live in, and my lands are making me money, the smallest land i own is about 15 acres anything less i dont need unless is a residential area so you idiots can think about the future

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