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Disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard watches 17-Y-O dance on stripper pole in his private jet - before relaxing in his 'orgy cabin' with a girl: Shocking footage emerges

Video reveals teen girl dancing around stripper pole on fashion mogul Peter Nygard's

    • Newly released footage shows disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard hosting teenage girls at boozy  parties on his private jet
    • A 17-year-old is seen dancing around a strip pole installed in the jet's cabin 
    • It was filmed by Nygard's former personal videographer Stephen Feralio
    • He documented Nygard's life between 2011 and 2014 
    • Feralio alleges the fashion exec would take a group of girls to a bed at the front of the plane for sex
    • He also filmed at Nygard's weekly 'pamper parties', which he claims were an opportunity to recruit his victims
    • One video shows Nygard, now 79, approaching a 16-year-old athlete at the 2012 London Olympics and attempting to get her number 
    • Nygard is facing charges for allegedly assaulting dozens of women in a decades-long sex trafficking scheme
  • Stephen Feralio worked as Nygard's personal videographer between 2011 and 2014

    He is accused of using his prominence in the fashion industry to lure women and girls in with the promise of modeling or other job opportunities before he and his associates sexually assaulted them.

    The allegations span a 25-year period and involve more than 80 women in the US, the Bahamas and Canada, among other locations.

    'If I don't expose him, he's going to get away with all the things that he's been doing,' Feralio told CBC of his decision to come forward with his footage of Nygard.

  • Then based in Los Angeles, Feralio says that he was told to 'film literally everything' when he was hired, and that Nygard believed 'the reason why Jesus is so popular is because he had a good PR team'.

    Yet, Feralio told the Canadian network that he soon discovered he was going to get an insight into the shady antics of the fashion mogul, and his interactions with women at the 'pamper parties'.

    'Nygard would just come down and choose a girl. Usually they would be drunk,' said Feralio of the weekly events.

    'He would be grabbing them, dancing with them. And then at the end of the night, he would give me the signal and that meant stop filming. And he would go upstairs to the room sometimes with two or three or more girls.'

    Nygard watches the girls as they dance in the footage shot by Feralio
    Nygard watches the girls as they dance in the footage shot by Fera

    Stephen Feralio was hired by the 79-year-old in 2011 and recorded hours of his 'pamper parties' - a Sunday ritual in which Nygard would invite groups of girls and women for beach, food and dancing in the Bahamas or Los Angeles.

    Yet, he also allegedly used the parties as an opportunity to recruit victims, as Feralio reveals how he would be given the signal to stop filming as Nygard chose two or three girls to go up to his bedroom.

    Feralio said he was also filming when Nygard singled out a 16-year-old runner at the 2012 London Olympics as a target, telling another woman he was traveling with to get the girl's number. 

    Newly released video shows disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard hosting boozy parties on his private plane as teenage girls danced around a stripped pole, pictured

    Newly released video shows disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard hosting boozy parties on his private plane as teenage girls danced around a stripped pole, pictured

    The front of the plane also had a bed where Nygard would hold orgies with the women

    The front of the plane also had a bed where Nygard would hold orgies with the women

    The footage was given to CBC by Nygard's former personal videographer

    Lawyers for Nygard are appearing in court in Winnipeg, Canada, on Thursday as he argues for his release from prison over health concerns.

    He was arrested by Canadian authorities on December 14 - on an extradition warrant at the US government's request - on charges of assaulting dozens of women in a decades-long sex trafficking scheme. 

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Comment by Robert on January 30, 2021 at 3:47pm
What stupid billion would hire someone to videotape his kinky antics?
Comment by mr1stroke on January 30, 2021 at 3:46pm

Al3x exactly thats what they want, they want money, they want to roll with the rich and brag about it on social media, sometimes i ask my self how old are those people on here, where they from, do they live under a rock, what world are they living in, do they think every one actually believe that they dont know whats going on? All those on here fronting are the same one on those porn sites watching young girls, some of them dont even interact woth their wives too busy chasing young chicks at the strip clubs

Comment by Al3x on January 30, 2021 at 1:14pm

With all due respect; them hoes knew what they was getting into.

Comment by Tyrone on January 29, 2021 at 6:43pm

Okay.....this happened more than 10 years ago and it's now making news?  This shows me that the media don't have any salacious stories to tell so now this will be on the front page.  Amazing.  These 17 year old girls know exactly what they're getting into and they participated on their on free will.  Look at Instagram, FaceBook and other social media outlets; all they promote is sex.  Even the television, movies and commercials sexualize everything, which is a big influence on these young girls, not to mention, grandma and moms also want to dress like sex symbols not setting an example to the young girls.  Hell, I remember when my grandmother use to wear a petticoat under her dresses.  Most people don't even know what a "petticoat" is.  Everyone puts a dress on these days and you can see everything.  There's nothing left to the imagination.  I'm not saying what he did is right, but hey, we live in a society that promotes this behavior, so why make it news? 

Comment by Lu on January 29, 2021 at 3:41pm

These females puts a price on their own head...smdh

Comment by vaughn mitchell on January 29, 2021 at 1:44pm
He better hung himself, jail will not be too kind for him.
Comment by mr1stroke on January 29, 2021 at 12:27am

Be careful the 17 years old now consider young adults, thet are the one making the money, majority of those females are not 18 and they are all want to be treated like adults and do what adults do, so font feel sorry or bash him and you all know it

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