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Lil Wayne Talks Green Bay Packers, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, N.W.A. Movie & More At ESPN First Take (Video)

Lil Wayne Says He Was Hurt & Angry When Drake Confessed He'd Smashed His GF While Weezy Was In Rikers Island

Lil Wayne
 was back on ESPN’s ‘First Take’. Weezy joined Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to talk about Green Bay Packers and injury of their star wide receiver, Jordy Nelson, Tom Brady’s situation, N.W.A. biopic "Straight Outta Comptom", LA Lakers and the NBA’s Western Conference, 
Kobe Bryant being one of the best players in the NBA currently and more.


Check out the videos below.


Miami Beach police say Lil’ Wayne mansion shooting a ‘hoax’

In an explosive excerpt obtained from an upcoming book by Lil Wayne theYoung Money CEO speaks on finding out Drake smashed his girl while he was locked up in Rikers Island on a gun charge.

Weezy says he found out the news when Drake confessed while visiting him.

"Yeah, it's true. Don't f*c* with her like that cause I did f*c* her," Drake told his boss at the time.

Wayne goes on to write that it was a good thing he was incarcerated because he's not sure what he would have done to Drake had he not been.

"This is the type of sh*t that a man never wants to find out when he's locked up. Or, maybe so, cause only God knows what I would have done if I wasn't locked up right now," wrote Wayne. "I woke up feeling f*cked up about the f*cked up day that I had ... finding out that she f*cked Drake was the absolute worst thing I could've ever found out. As a man, honestly, that sh*t hurt ... and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would've hurt the same."

The revelation was confirmed by Wayne's girlfriend. She reportedly hooked up with Drake the day before she met Wayne.

The "Lollipop" hit maker says he was so depressed after hearing the news that he didn't come out of his prison cell for days.

The book doesn't have a release date yet, although publishers are said to be very interested in it. Wayne was in Rikers Island for 8 months in 2010.


Birdman Denied Entrance Into Nicki Minaj's Pre-Grammy Party (Video) Lil Wayne (photo via Getty images), Image outside of Lil Wayne's mansion via TMZ.

Police are reportedly on the scene of Lil Wayne‘s Miami Beach mansion after someone called 911 saying they intended to start a “firefight” with officers. According to TMZ, 4 people have been shot.
Miami Beach police are on-scene at the rapper’s home and have confirmed to the Miami Herald that they received a phone call from an individual stating he shot four people at Lil Wayne’s home.
Detective Vivian Thayer, spokeswoman for Miami Beach police, told the Miami Herald the call has been unconfirmed at this time
This news comes just days after police raced to Lil Wayne’s mansion to check on a report of a suspicious person lurking outside the home. Cops reportedly let him go because, when they arrived, he was on public property.

TMZ is saying Lil Wayne is in Miami but not currently at his home.
**Update** (3:17 pm)

The Miami Beach Police Department have now confirmed the entire incident was the result of a “swatting” hoax.

And yes, rapper Lil’ Wayne is safe and sound:


Lil Wayne Sues Birdman & Cash Money For 51Million

Birdman and his crew were turned away at the door of Nicki Minaj's pre-Grammy party in Hollywood on Saturday, February 7.

The club was supposed to close at 2 a.m.. When the Cash Money Records CEO showed up at 1:45 a.m. he was told it was already closed.

It seems strange that a star of Birdman's stature wasn't let in the club given the fact that it wasn't officially closed yet. Maybe the rumors of Nicki's plans to bolt with Lil Waynewhen or if he's able to get out of his contract with Cash Money might be true.

Watch the scene below.


Lil Wayne's Legal Fight With Birdman & Cash Money Includes Plans To Take Drake & Nicki Minaj With Him When He Leaves

The first shot in Lil Wayne's legal battle to get out of his Cash Money Records contract has been fired.

TMZ reports that as promised Wayne has filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract. The suit claims that Cash Money violated the deal in three ways.

1. Not paying Wayne an $8 million advance when he began recording Tha Carter V in December 2013.

2. Failing to pay Wayne an additional $2 million upon completion of the album a year later.

3. Refusing to release the album.

Wayne says he hasn't received a dime of what's owed to him. He's asking a judge to award him $51 million, release him from his contract and declare that he's the joint copyright holder of all the artist recordings under his Young Money label. That would include the works of Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Drake and all other acts he signed.

Birdman's reason for not releasing Tha Carter V has been that he believes there is more behind the scenes work that needs to be done first.

Sources close to Wayne told TMZ that at this point the only way it will be released is if he is paid what he's due.


Lil Wayne Suing Birdman For 8Million Advance Owed For 'I Am Not A Human Being II' Asking Judge To Void His Cash Money Contract

Lil Wayne is not playing games as his legal fight with Birdman begins.

In addition to suing Cash Money Records to collect an $8 million advance owed to him and have his contract voided, TMZ reports that Weezy is demanding that all artists signed to his Young Money imprint come with him.

The list of artists includes Christina Milian, Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Twist. Tyga's name was conspicuously missing from the article.

It's a legal mess that the courts will have to sort out because even though the above mentioned entertainers signed deals with Wayne, their distribution goes through Cash Money/Universal. Birdman has also shelled out cash and helped to guide their careers.

In other words, this is getting ugly...


Birdman Angry At Lil Wayne For 'CoCo' Diss. Determined Not To Voluntarily Let The Rapper Leave Cash Money

Lawyers for Lil Wayne and Birdman had been in settlement talks in an attempt to avoid an all out legal war between the rapper and the man he once considered to be a father figure. TMZ reports that negotiations have broken down and the battle is now headed to court.

Wayne says he's owed an $8 million advance from his last album, I Am Not a Human Being II. In addition to the financial debt, the "Lollipop" hit maker believes Cash Money Records has violated the terms of his contract by not releasing Tha Carter V. He and his lawyers will ask a judge to free him from his contract immediately.

Wayne plans to release all of his future recordings outside of Cash Money. A big question that has not been addressed is how this will affect Young Money artists Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga and others.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Birdman Facing Eviction From Miami Condo Over Unpaid Rent

The Birdman vs Lil Wayne fued has been turned up a notch after Weezy dissed his boss on his new "CoCo" freestyle.

"Who kept this sh*t together? N*gga, me that's who/ Who was there when n*ggas left? N*gga, me that's who/ Cash Money is an army, I'm a one man army/ And if them n*ggas coming for me, I'm going out like Tony," Wayne raps.

Basically, Wayne is telling the world that without him there would be no Cash Money Records, or at the very least they wouldn't be nearly as successful and he wants off the label.

This all started because Baby has not released Wayne's Tha Carter V album. At this point it doesn't even have a release date.

TMZ reports that Birdman is angry at Wayne for dissing him, trying to get out of his contract and "treating him like some random producer" instead of a boss. At this point there's no way he will voluntarily let his biggest selling artist voluntarily walk away.

Birdman doesn't plan on releasing Tha Carter V until he feels like it. He's prepared for a court battle.


Lil Wayne To Birdman: Release 'Tha Carter V' Or Face Me In Court

Birdman will be looking for a new condo in Miami after running into financial problems at his current one.

TMZ reports that the Ivy Condo Association has taken Birdman, real name Bryan Williams, to court in order to have him evicted. The Cash Money Records CEO has reportedly bounced rent checks and racked up $12,500 in unpaid fees.

A lien was placed on the property in November. The Ivy Association asked the court to begin foreclosure proceedings right before Christmas.

Baby was also hit with a $1,041,750.32 lien on his Miami Beach mansion in November, by Zankey Construction Company for unpaid work on that property.

In 2014 Forbes estimated the 45-year old business mogul's net worth to be $160 million.


Jay Z Wants To Sign Lil Wayne To Roc Nation

The rift between Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records has grown wider and appears to be headed to court. TMZ reports that Wayne has fired off a letter to Birdman demanding he release Tha Carter V or face a lawsuit asking for his release from the label.

The two, who once had a father/son type relationship, are no longer on speaking terms. Things reached a boiling point earlier this month when Baby pulled the plug on The Carter V's release. Wayne insists the album is done, while Birdman continues to insist there is still work to be done behind the scenes to properly launch the project.


Birdman Refuses To Let Lil Wayne Out Of His Cash Money Contract. Ready To Fight It Out In Court

Lil Wayne and Jay Z

Lil Wayne could be leaving Cash Money Records and if he does Jay Z is ready to sign him to Roc Nation.

Last week Weezy went on a very public rant started on Twitter about his grouses with the label and it’s execs including his mentor Birdman.

“To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it,” Lil Wayne Tweeted.

Sources close to YMCMB said that Roc Nation has reached out to Lil Wayne offering him a deal.
“Roc Nation execs reached out to Weezy but I don’t know the nature of the deal that they offered him or if he even accept anything,” the source told us.
“Weezy is still in a contract with Cash Money, so Birdman would have to released him from that contract before he can sign to another label,” the source added.
Last year during an interview with Hot 97 Breakfast Club, Jay Z revealed how he almost signed Lil Wayne to Roc-A-Fella Records in 2008.
“The truth is after I had a meeting with Wayne, I had a relationship with Baby, when I used to go to New Orleans I would meet up with him,” Hov said. “So, I felt it was only right to call him. I called him out of respect like ‘Yo, I was talking to Wayne. Just to let you know. Boom boom boom.’ So, after that I think we received a letter at our office for like torturous interference from a lawyer…And it all just went from there. I would rather lose that situation and do the right thing than the opposite. Cause I think I could have signed him. I could have signed him and then told him after. I did the right thing and I’m cool with that decision.”
Jay Z and Roc Nation was also rumored to be looking to sign Drake, but that also fell through the cracks.
The question now is will Lil Wayne sign to Jay Z’s Roc Nation label and become labelmates with the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna?
During one of his concerts last week, Lil Wayne also said he want to leave Cash Money.

Lil Wayne new album Tha Carter V was scheduled for release on December 9, but was once again delayed, and that angered the YMCMB rapper. That marks the third time the album has been delayed.

In his rant on Twitter, Lil Wayne says he want out of the label.


Lil Wayne Speaks Out On Cash Money Status "I'm F*cked Up In A Bad Situation. I'll Be Out Of It Soon" {VIDEO}

Lil Wayne has turned his back on Cash Money Records and pledged to only repYoung Money from here on out. His boss, Birdman, could care less what the Grammy Award-winning rapper wants. He has no intention of letting Weezy out of his contract.

As we previously reported, the rift started because Baby did not release Wayne's Tha Carter V album on December 9, as expected. At this point there is no release date for the project causing Wayne to have a rare public meltdown expressing his desire to leave Cash Money and get away from Birdman.


Sources close to Birdman tell TMZ that Wayne has no idea how much work it takes behind the scenes to launch an album. Tha Carter V will be released at some point, but only when the Cash Money CEO feels the time is right.

Those same sources say Wayne will not get out of his contract without a fight. Baby believes the contract is legally binding as is prepared to go to court to uphold it.


Lil Wayne Wants To Leave Cash Money. Says Birdman Won't Release Tha Carter V "I Am A Prisoner"

On Friday night, December 5, Vice celebrated its 20th anniversary with a mini music festival in Brooklyn, New York.

Lil Wayne was one of the performers to hit the stage. He used a portion of his time to speak about his label situation and Tha Carter V.

"I was supposed to drop my new album December 9, but due to technical difficulties I'm f*cked up in a bad situation. But I will be out of it soon and I do it for y'all," Wayne told the crowd.


Did Chris Bosh Wife Scam Lil Wayne? She Respond On Twitter

Cash Money Records appears to be crumbling right before our eyes. Busta Rhymesleft, Mystikal and Tyga want to be let out of their contracts. T-Raww has openly dissed label mates Drake and Nicki Minaj, but none of that compares with what is going down today.

The label's biggest star, Lil Wayne, is now fed up. He's taken to his Twitter account to apologize for the delay in the release of Tha Carter V, and says he doesn't want anything to do with Birdman anymore.

Tha Carter V was scheduled to be released on December 9. That obviously isn't happening now.

What do you think is going on at Cash Money that has so many artists disgruntled?


Did Chris Bosh Wife Scammed Lil Wayne? She Respond On Twitter

Lil Wayne beef with Chris Bosh, his wife and the Miami Heats continues

Miami Heats star Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne Bosh have been getting some bad press this week and its all because of Lil Wayne.

According to Weezy, the Heats first provoked him and caused him to be banned from all NBA events. You can read that story via below link.

The worse is yet to come.

Chris Bosh and wife adrienne photo

According to Global Grind, Lil Wayne use to date Adrienne before she got married to Chris Bosh. Back then she was popular in entertainment circles as Adrienne “short stack” Williams.

But her relationship with Lil Wayne came to a crashing end when she allegedly swindled a lot off cash from the Young Money head claiming she has cancer.

Adrienne told Lil Wayne she was sick with cancer and needed money for treatment. When Weezy gave her the cash, she vanished. Word got back to Lil Wayne that she hustled him, but he wrote it off and charged it to the game.

No wonder Lil Wayne is so angry with the Miami Heats team and their players.

Adrienne Bosh has since responded on Twitter to Lil Wayne’s rant.

“Love and Light to all RT @yehudaberg: Unconditional love is the only thing that can conquer hatred,” Adrienne tweeted.

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