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Did Popcaan Secretly Get Married To His Trini Girlfriend Kavell Keir?

{NEW PICS) Did Popcaan Steal Machel Montano’s Girlfriend? 

Popcaan might be off the market after secretly getting married to his Trinidadian girlfriend Kavell Keir.

The Unruly dancehall star drops a few hint on social media over the weekend by posting photos of the two of them together on his official Instagram page for the first time. “Addicted like Hennesy addicted like weed.. forever the BOSS forever my BOOBIEKEIRSUTHERLAND,” the deejay wrote, before adding “Say hi to the Grammys couple.. #itreal.”

Popcaan and Kavell Keir, who is of Trinidadian and Canadian descent, have been dating since 2015. She was previously married to soca hitmaker Machel Montano. Poppy even released a new single last week titled “Addicted” which he dedicated to her. “When yo love somebody, yo no give it up easy / When yo love someone, have a dance with me baby / Take a break from work now, me want yo tell me how yo feeling,” Popcaan deejay over a beat produced by UIM Records.

Perhaps this is the Hotskull deejay’s way of responding to Alkaline’s diss tracks. It’s very possible the Poppy is just trolling us with his drop dead gorgeous wife/girlfriend. 


DanceHall Reggae Star Popcaan Fans Are Upset That His New Girlfriend Is Not Black {Do you care?}

Popcaan smoking hot new girlfriend is the hottest topic in dancehall this week.

The Unruly Boss posted the pic of himself and his new girlfriend on Instagram on Sunday and immediately got some backlash from some of his fans for dating a caucasian female. On the flip side, a lot of Popcaan fans defended him.

But now the dancehall hitmaker is also being accused of stealing Machel Montano’s ex-fiance.

Sources are telling us that the female photoed with Popcaan use to date the soca star and was once engaged. But their relationship came to an abrupt end recently and now she is in Popcaan arms.


Popcaan recently posted a picture of him with his new Trinidadian girlfriend on instagram. Many of his fans and followers expressed anger because she is not black. Check out the picture below:


Popcaan girlfriend

Popcaan is getting some bashing from some of his fans while others are defending the deejay after he posted photo of himself and his smoking hot caucasian girlfriend.

The dancehall hitmaker and his queen were decked out in all white while heading to a local hot spot.

“My boobie where you at? King and queen nah mean,” Popcaan captioned the pic that he posted on Sunday.

Shortly after the image went viral on Instagram, several of the Unruly Boss female fans unleashed an attack.

“These black men always making other race women seem to be better than us. It’s sad the way they put them up high” one upset female wrote.

There are a ton of more comments following a similar pattern of a rich young black guy dating a white chick. But the vast majority of Popcaan fans were very supportive of the deejay and defended him.

“Go Deh mi artist pick weh yuh want & refuse weh yuh don’t want some of them ugly like dem comments, real woman with self confidence wouldn’t react in this way popi love all skin tones all shades so some of you pop down slipper foot should go chuck off!! taught you like his music but a cocky unuh want? a weh dutty mind Aguh?” another one of his fans wrote.

usain bolt and lubica split

Usain Bolt know about this all too well after he too suffered a nasty attack on social media for dating fashion designer Lubica Slovak.

The two eventually split after the backlash became too much for her

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Comment by roxanne bruce on January 29, 2017 at 7:09pm
No one cares weather theses men date black or white why it always have to be a race issues God make one species and that's MAN and from that man he created a WO-MAN let just live and love GODS perfection and creation .
Comment by Janet on January 29, 2017 at 7:02pm

Well, its the same as usual.  Black women...You better take care of yourselves...Work hard on making your own achievements, because these black men seem to see black women as stepping stools.  When they are down on their luck and need help they "appreciate" a black woman, you should help them in their struggle, however, as soon as they make a few dollars...they are off to save the damsels in distress (whatever color they are, so long as they are not black).  The black man is off to take care of women, so long as she is not black.  The black woman is only good enough for him when he is in need of her help.  Its as simple as that.

Comment by vaughn mitchell on January 28, 2017 at 6:44pm

big deal, Serena Williams, is engaged to rich white man. Stop  hating. No matter  what  the color woman is woman. There will be alot of  black women  marrying  rich white   men, and   there is nothing we can do about   it   as long as   the white man have the  money  black women will go  white.

Comment by David on January 27, 2017 at 12:36pm
Truth be told, most of you are some self hating Negroes that have deep seeded hatred for yourself and lack of knowledge of self. You have beautiful black women bleaching their skin in order to make themselves appealing to your worthless asses! Some of you even bleach yourselves. You are an embarrassment to the community! Worthless sell outs!
Comment by kesha on August 16, 2016 at 8:59am
Handsome man you said a mouthful! I applaud you, you have back bone and some of the others need to get one. They up here whining, and mad as hell because you told them the truth lol.
Comment by HandsomeMan on October 14, 2015 at 6:16am
Garah678 until they say you rape them
Comment by garah678 on October 13, 2015 at 8:18pm

white women is the way to go 

Comment by Jerimiah 1:4--10 on October 12, 2015 at 12:24pm
Some of you are not even reading the posts and some of you have no reading comprehension but your response is twisted cause you didnt read the post correctly and stop cussing and try to speak intelligent, you can't take the ghetto out of some negros and some of you think its cute and its not! Its ashy and trashy! And some of you need anger management, you get upset even when its not called for lol
Comment by gina gene on October 12, 2015 at 6:08am
Ummmm, he'll ooooo isn't Trinidadian "is Black"?!!!!!#. Last time I remember. Just because her skin is light dosent change her nationality or race. Stupid people always sound dumb, CF ur headline is in correct.
Comment by prettybbw on October 11, 2015 at 10:58pm
One question..why do you call this woman" white " or Caucasian?? This woman has a beautiful tan color..i see no white woman..she looks Hispanic or mixed..but so Not Caucasian...but regardless she's beautiful ,be happy

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