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Dame Dash Says He Saw Biggie Smalls' Crew Put Lipstick & A Wig On Steve Stoute "I Couldn't Respect Him From That Day." Speaks On Jay Z Vs. Solange "I Thought It Was Funny" [VIDEO]

Dame Dash has been speaking out recently about his dislike for Steve Stoute. In a new interview with Hip Hop Motivation, Dame goes into detail about his issues with the record executive.

"A guy like Steve Stoute will always take the people that are protecting the creative and eliminate them so he could rob the creative. Just so he could get his money. Even if kills that black man or that person's brand. Like he did with Mary J. Blige," Dame said. "I was against him putting [Jay Z's] whole name on a $40 sneaker, just so they could get a check. How he had Jay doing Budweiser with a confederate flag for a check. That's not good for your brand."

Dame wasn't done going in on Stoute.

"I don't like that dude because he doesn't care about his culture and he's a liar," Dame continued "And I watched him tell me all of Nas' business and LL Cool J's business when they weren't doing well, so I never trusted him. And I also watched Biggie Smalls' crew put lipstick on him and a wig on him when he fell asleep. that's how I first seen him. I couldn't respect him from that day."

Dame also spoke on the Solange and Jay Z elevator scuffle. He found it to be interesting and somewhat humorous.

"I thought it was funny," Dame said. "Jay's the kind of guy, you don't see him moving like that. And when he does move if it's not that cool looking then it's gonna be kicks. Jay has to worry about perception because corporately people pay him. He really has to play that game. I thought what was ironic about it is people got to see how he plays sh*t off. And how something crazy could happen and four seconds later when there's cameras on, they act like nothing's going on. I thought that was interesting to see and how good he is at it."

Dame Dash goes in on Steve Stoute

Damon Dash Talks Jay Z & Solange Incident

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