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Coworkers Donate Kidneys to Save Each Other’s Husbands! – VIDEO

Steve on Watch - co-workers donate kidneysSteve on Watch – co-workers donate kidneys

A brand-new episode of STEVE on Watch is AVAILABLE NOW on Facebook Watch!

In this episode, Susan Ellis and Tia Wimbush were co-coworkers at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta when they discovered that they were both in similar situations with their husbands going through kidney failure and found they were kidney matches for each other’s spouses. Steve Harvey surprises-both couples with an all-paid vacation!

Watch the new episode via the player above
  • Episode Title: Coworkers Donate Kidneys to Save Each Other’s Husbands!
  • Description: When Tia Wimbush and Susan Ellis found out their respective husbands both needed kidney transplants, the coworkers were grateful to discover they were perfect matches for each other’s spouses! The two couples share their divine connection with Steve Harvey, who in turn surprises them with an unforgettable gift

Episode highlights include:

  • Rodney Wimbush and Lance Ellis share the moments they learned they had kidney failure.

○      “Rodney, take me back to what led to your diagnosis.” – Steve Harvey

○      “I was shocked because, like I said, I’m the guy that was always in the gym or at home, I was doing stuff. About three weeks before that happened, I started feeling tired, but I’m like oh maybe I just need to take it easy on the gym for a little while. So, I was a teacher. I still am a teacher. That one day I just felt miserable, but I got up and went onto work. I was like I’d be okay, but it didn’t get any better, so I ended up in the nurse’s office. They called EMT because my blood pressure, I mean, it was at stroke level pretty much, and went to the ER. Probably 45 minutes after getting there, the guy’s like, ‘Your kidneys are failing.’” – Rodney Wimbush

○      “Lance, what about you?” – Steve Harvey

○      “This was my second transplant. I kind of knew what it was like when you’re going into kidney failure, like what to expect. I was sort of in denial about it. I didn’t want to accept it, but I knew I was getting there. And I woke up one morning before work with… it was like a full body cramp, and it wouldn’t let go. So, my wife decided I needed to go to the hospital, and we went. And they told me I was back to kidney failure again.” – Lance Ellis

  • Tia Wimbush shares the moment when she and Susan Ellis made the discovery that they could be kidney matches for each other’s husbands.

○      “So, Tia, when did you and Susan make the discovery that you could be matches for each other’s husbands?”

○      “After I got back to work from being out because of the pandemic, we were at home, we were working remote. Susan and I had been keeping in touch, but we hadn’t seen each other. When we got back to work, we ran into each other in the restroom, and we were just catching up, meeting in the ladies’ room. Women do talk in the restroom unlike men, and she and I were catching up on the transplant process because she and Lance had already been through that process and were on the evaluation list. And she told me that she and Lance weren’t a match. She wanted to be a living donor, but she was not a match for him. So, I asked her at that time, ‘Well, what’s his blood type?’ And she told me that he was O negative, and immediately, I knew I’m O and I could match with that. So, I asked her, ‘Well then, what’s your blood type?’ And she told me that it was A. I knew that could match with Rodney. Yes, yes. So, from there, we decided in that moment, what if we could do our own transplant exchange? And we went to our doctors to see if we could do that.” – Tia Wimbush

○      “We feel like a divine connection, Steve. Because what are the chances? We were at the same place at the same time going through the exact same thing.” –  Tia Wimbush

○      “Women have in-depth conversations, but because of this, they exchanged some information. But these two women gave of themselves because she had to know what she was feeling and going through. She had to know what she was feeling and going through. And they said, ‘We can fix each other’…That’s powerful.” – Steve Harvey

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Comment by John Smith on March 2, 2022 at 4:28am

No words to say.. Good hearts.. ..

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