A disturbing video, taken in the inside of the subway in Paris – has gone viral.

The video shows a couple throwing CAUTION TO THE WIND and going AT IT inside the subway train. The woman can be seen bent over, her panties pulled down to her knees, clutching the train pole, as her gentleman friend takes her from behind.

Passengers tried to stop the couple -or at least SHAME THEM- into stopping, but to no avail. Eventually, all the passengers just GOT OFF the train and gave them their privacy.

The amorous couple seemed to be in their own world, not even acknowledging the world around them. It’s possible that they were drunk or even high on drugs – maybe both!

There appears to be a growing trend of this kind of behavior. Just last month, footage of a British couple going at it on the roof while passengers looked on, made national headlines.

A while back, a Toronto couple who decided to “get their freak on” on a Toronto Transit Commission – was promptly thrown off the train and continued their mission on the subway floor itself. They were picked up by the Toronto Police and charged being engaged in a lewd act.

The couple may have just been head over heels and in the throes of passion – but surely they could have waited until they got home? What if there were kids on the train? That’s what bedrooms are for, people! Next time – get a room!

Here is the link to the video