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CNN host tears up on-air while defending his hometown of Baltimore after Trump said it was 'disgusting and rat-infested' as Nancy Pelosi blasts the president's remarks as 'racist'

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell, a Baltimore native, emotionally rebuked Trump on air

  • Trump slammed Baltimore in a series of tweets on Saturday morning
  • Was responding to remarks from Rep. Elijah Cummings who represents the city 
  • Called the Maryland congressman 'a brutal bully' from a 'disgusting' district 
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump's jab at Cummings 'racist' 
  • CNN host Victor Blackwell became emotional defending his hometown 

Trump slammed Baltimore in a series of tweets on Saturday morning before heading to Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia

A CNN host from Baltimore grew emotional on-air as he defended his hometown after President Donald Trump called the city 'a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.'

Anchor Victor Blackwell, a Baltimore native, teared up as he rebuked Trump for his remarks earlier on Saturday criticizing Rep. Elijah Cummings, whose district includes much of Baltimore.

Blackwell blasted Trump for using the term 'infested,' saying that the president often uses the term to criticize non-whites. 

'The president says about congressman Cummings' district that no human would want to live there. You know who did, Mr. President? I did,' said Blackwell, choking up live on air. 'From the day I was brought home from the hospital, to the day I left for college and a lot of people I care about still do. There are challenges, no doubt. But people are proud of their community.'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (above) led elected Democrats in denouncing Trump's remarks, saying in a statement, 'We all reject racist attacks against [Cummings]'
President Donald Trump has slammed Rep. Elijah Cummings (above) as 'a brutal bully,' saying that the congressman's Baltimore district is a 'rat and rodent infested mess'

The segment showed trash and vacant row houses in West Baltimore, Cummings' district
Baltimore Republican strategist Kimberly Klacik (above) appeared on Fox and Friends Saturday morning to highlight the poor conditions in Cumming's West Baltimore district

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Comment by mr1stroke on August 3, 2019 at 1:28am
rashid rourk i see the point youre trying to make if these are the facts and we want to be honest on the subject of poverty who waz president in 2014? the black community is poor for several reasons to start they do not invest on their own community compare to the hispanics, indians, jewish and asians who have their own businesses in their community and other communities, theu too busy spending money buying stuff they cannot afford instead of investing their money, they rather buy cars pay high rent, stay in project instead of become hone owners, the biggest problem in the black community is family values having babies without marriage, every one knows a 2 persons house hold is the way to built a comfortable life, you both habe the same goals and interest, but when those men are busting their asses paying child support majority of those women used that money in bullshit they dont invest it in their kids or for their kids, which is why none of those kids can go to college unless they get hand out, we will not get anywhere unless we can be honest with the conversation, black people are afraid of the truth and hate the truth and that is destroying them, you cant solve the problem if you are ignoring the problem, and now you habe those who claim they will not sit and work with Donald Trump because he is racist if thats the case than why complaint about him this is retarded what white people in America is not racist, if so what have those other white politicians have done for black people if they have done so much why march and beg? Well black people like the racist white people who pretends to like them because they so want to be like and hug by white people they rather be around the white people who dont call them n***** to their faces but behind their backs
Comment by rashid rourk on August 3, 2019 at 12:01am

 I wonder what are his thoughts on the states that he won that are poorly run?

  Neither party takes us serious...

The 10 Poorest States in the USA are in the Deep South, Part I

There’s good news and bad news, as usual.

The good news about Georgia being on this list is that Atlanta, “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Country”, is considered to be the Black Mecca of the state and the south, and the USA for that matter. It takes traveling to other places to find out that that is pretty much highly accurate. The bad news is that Atlanta is notably referred to as a “diamond in a pig’s ass.” That doesn’t say a lot that is good about the rest of the state.

Atlanta is about the only city in the state that is not living in active modern-day slavery, and is nearly the only place in the south-period-that has made as many advancements and budding progress in Black America overall.

It still has its issues with racism, but it’s not as bad as it used to be.

That said, here is the Top 10 List of the Poorest States in America from Business Insider. They are all in the deep south.

10 West Virginia – Poverty Rate 18.5%; Unemployment at 6.3% as of November 2014.

9 South Carolina – Poverty Rate 18.6%; Unemployment at 6.7% as of November 2014.

8 Arizona – Poverty Rate 18.6%; Unemployment at 6.8% as of November 2014.

7 Alabama – Poverty Rate 18.7%; Unemployment at 6.0% as of November 2014.

6 Kentucky – Poverty Rate 18.8%; Unemployment at 6.0% as of November 2014.

5 Washington, DC (not a state). I would guess that Tennessee would take its place if Business Insider wasn’t insistent on using D.C. as a “state” for whatever reason. That said, DC is at a 18.9% poverty rate, with an Unemployment rate of 7.4% as of November 2014.

4 Georgia – Poverty rate 19%; Unemployment at 7.2% as of November 2014.

3 Louisiana – Poverty rate 19.8%; Unemployment at 6.5% as of November 2014.

2 New Mexico – Poverty rate 22%; Unemployment at 6.4% as of November 2014.

1 Mississippi – Poverty rate 24.1%; Unemployment at 7.3% as of November 2014.

The good news: The majority of people in those states (and all others) are not living in poverty.

That said, let’s talk for a minute about the elected representatives of these states and their politics and why they are the poorest of the poor in the land.

  • West Virginia

Senate: John “Jay” Rockefeller IV and Joe Manchin III, both Democrats

Representatives: David McKinley, Shelly Capito, and Nick Rahall II, Rahall is the lone Democrat.

  • South Carolina

Senate: Lindsay Graham and Tim Scott, both Republicans

Representatives: Marshall “Mark” Sanford, Joe Wilson, Jeff Duncan, Trey Gowdy, Mick Mulvaney, James Clyburn, Tom Rice, all Republicans except for Jim Clyburn.

  • Arizona

Senate: John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans

Representatives: Ann Kirkpatrick-D, Ron Barber-D, Raul Grijalva-D, Paul Gosar-R, Matt Salmon-R, David Schweikert-R, Ed Pastor-D, Trent Franks-R, Kyrsten Sinema-D

  • Alabama

Senate: Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, both Republicans.

Representatives: Bradley Byrne, Martha Roby, Mike Rogers, Robert Aderholt, Mo Brooks, Spencer Bachus III, Terri Sewell, all Republican except for Sewell.

  • Kentucky

Senate: Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, both Republicans.

Representatives: Ed Whitfield, Brett Guthrie, John Yarmuth, Thomas Massie, Harold Rogers, Garland Barr. All Republican except for Yarmuth.


Washington DC (skip) – not a state.

  • Georgia

Senate: Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, both Republicans.

Representatives: Jack Kingston-R, Sanford Bishop-D, Lynn Westmoreland-R, Henry Johnson Jr-D, John Lewis-D, Tom Price-R, Rob Woodall-R, Austin Scott-R, Doug Collins-R, Paul Brown Jr-R, Phil Gingrey-R, John Barrow-D, David Scott-D, and Tom Graves-R.

  • Louisiana

Senate: Mary Landrieu, Democrat; David Vitter-Republican.

Representatives: Steve Scalise, Charles Boustany Jr, John Fleming, Vance Mcallister, Bill Cassidy, all Republicans; Cedric Richmond-Democrat.

  • New Mexico

Senate: Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, both Democrats.

Representatives: Michelle Grisham, Steve Pearce, Ben Lujan. Pearce is the lone Republican.

  • Mississippi

Senate: Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, both Republicans.

Representatives: Alan Nunnellee, Greg Harper, Steven Palazzo, all Republicans; Bennie Thompson, Democrat.


Seventy percent (70.1 or rd70%) of the electorate in these poorest states are Republicans and 29.8 or ru30% are Democrats. Out of 77, only eight are “African-American” and only two of the eight are African American females; one of the males is an African American Republican.

This tide does not rise and fall with changes in elections, or even with “takeovers” by African American elected officials; it rides with the ONE elected party that has always been in position in these areas for more than 100 years, where things have not gotten much better than they were 150 years ago. Getting the drift?

If the poorest states in the country are mostly run by white males who are 70% affiliated with the Republican Party, what does that say about the way the Republican Party does business when it comes to their housekeeping chores on the Homefront that is their individual states? It comes close enough to the truth that the Southern states have made almost no progress whatsoever with a majority Republican-led white male-ruled electorate in office.

But this is very general and overly-simplistic.

It also does not take into account, as someone else made mention of for my exclusive benefit, that it is possible that many poor people enjoy being in poverty so that they can make a point about how smart they are to find ways to “make something out of nothing”? Makes one wonder why Pharoah took away the Hebrew’s clay and told them to make bricks anyway. Maybe he just wanted to test their skills on brick-making without any resources?

Now, why anyone would make a comment like that with regards to an issue like this is questionable; however, back to the business at hand.

For a better look at why these under-taxed overpaid Republicans are the gamemakers in the poorest states in the nation, let us take a look at the way they do politics in Washington DC.

Then we’re going to see if we can get an even keener fix on why it is their statewide citizenry keeps voting for them, or does not vote at all.

Then we’re going to talk about the welfare-shaming and the scapegoating of the most poverty-stricken Black Americans in these ravaged and mostly Republican-run states who, really, are never ever going to find “gainful employment” because of the way the politics are played.

Next Round.

Comment by mr1stroke on July 28, 2019 at 5:48pm
And like i say to every one i am not for Trump or against him, if his policies are not working for me i have to look at another candidate, if the policies are working for my business than he is my man. I cannot support a politician who sets policies that are destroy my lively hood, every one in the black community are calling him racist, they refuse to sit down and work with him, but those same people still remain at the same dead end jobs working for racist bosses how come no one quit, and if any one feels that they white bosses are not racist give us the facts, how come your life are not so much promises, get sick take a few days off see how quick they let you go, they dont give a damn about you and your kids while your white coworkers get about every benefits, now why is that?
Comment by mr1stroke on July 28, 2019 at 5:43pm
S. Young i underatand every one arw being upset at Trump and the black community bis upset at Trump not because they have a reason but because other people tell them too, whther or not we like him we have to look at the problems in the community that arw destroying the people, the crimes alone are just devastated, on saturday at a celebration for community leaders 2 gun men open fire one man is dead about 12 are injured, while there were a bunch of police around, ask your self how did that happened? The diseases are taking over the community, now if every intelligent black person pay attention and observe all the white people who says they dont like Trump are writing books getting interviews building wealth with Trump, so far what exactly the colored people who dont like Trump are getting, what progress have they make during the time he uas been president, how are the democrats helping black people. If any one can glorify the black community than i say good luck if its so great tha2m there's nothing to complaint about, otherwise lets ignore Trump and focus on the problems, i wish i can follow every one and say i dont like Trump and focus on him but im too busy trying to buikd my empire, 2020 will show the black community how stupid they have been, in fact the 2 years Trump have been on office the democrats show how they dont care about black people but because negros are used to that type of treatment they do not care, they are cutting programs in the black community but theu quick to find $5.6 billion dollars to take care illegal immigrants, and the negros are okay with it they applaud it while black kids cant get proper medication, they are in shelters or out tuere getting kill, seriously you dont think the problems are real?
Comment by S. Young on July 28, 2019 at 5:29pm
Queens,NY isn't exactly paradise either! What a stupid ass, racist hypocrite.
Comment by Nexus on July 28, 2019 at 4:23pm
So is the AIDS rate..actions speak louder than words.
Comment by mr1stroke on July 28, 2019 at 2:49pm

dont cry now, do your job as a poilitician and prove him wrong, the crimes rate in BMore is out of hands

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