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City employee allegedly stole 93K to pay for a Brazilian butt lift

City employee allegedly stole $93K to pay for a Brazilian butt lift news Natwaina Clark 600w, 300w, 560w, 280w, 144w, 96w, 196w, 213w, 282w, 160w, 380w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" title="City employee allegedly stole $93K to pay for a Brazilian butt lift | news">

A former city of Gainesville employee has been accused of stealing over $93,000 from the city. Where did the money go you ask? Some of it went towards paying for a Brazilian butt lift.
The investigative report released on Wednesday found that former city staff specialist Natwaina Clark, 33, used her city-issued credit card 136 times, spending approximately $61,000 in unauthorized charges. It didn’t end there however, she used her bosses’ credit card at least another 36 times and a coworker’s card five times between November 2015 and March 2017.

The total in unauthorized purchases was over $93,000.
The report didn’t just hit Clark hard, they found that her department heads also acted negligently, which allowed the city funds to be misspent.
Investigators found that she funneled over $40,000 to her personal Paypal account which was linked to her bank account. They found that $8,500 of the money went to getting the butt lift.
Clark’s salary was $33,500 and she was fired in March. Later that same month she was charged with larceny and scheme to defraud. These are both felonies.

According to investigators, Clark was a great employee that would have gotten promotions if she hadn’t stolen from the company and gotten fired.
This was not the first-time employers have had trouble with Clark.
When she worked in Orlando at Hughes Supply she used her human resources position to illegally obtain employees’ banking records and personal information in order to sell it off to a third party.
She was charged with seven felonies in relation to that scam.

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