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Observer online readers outraged by 'Horrific!' child rape story in Jamaica/ Children as young as 4 years old, raped by close family members including their fathers.

Treated 4 gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes and HIV at the Bustamante Hospital for Children

THE Sunday Observer story 'Horrific!' written by Senior Reporter Ingrid Brown about the revelation by Dr Sandra Knight of the Bustamante Hospital that children as young as four years old are being treated for sexually transmitted diseases after being raped and ruptured by caregivers, including relatives, has outraged Observer online reader, as it has the rest of the country. Following are some of the views expressed by our readers:

Carlos King: We are in trouble. I am speechless. This was difficult to read. I don't want to force myself to imagine the horror those children have endured! May God have mercy on them and on the wretched souls of the perpetrators. Please join me in fasting and prayer, on a day of your choice, for our nation and esp. our males. Men are turning to deviant sexual behaviour and crime for money. I am praying for young ladies esp. Very soon they won't have husbands because the men want men! Lord have mercy!

One Jamaican: This is frightening. Now we know why we are the murder capital of the world.

Marlon Robinson: It is very sad to know theses atrocities are happening to our kids in a country with so many churches, and the fact that some of these crimes are committed by pastors, fathers and other relatives. Please do not allow this to die but instead take it to the next level via the visual media. These cowards and dysfunctionals need to be locked in a metal cell far below the earth's surface!!! This is so sad; I feel so ashamed to be a Jamaican. Please God, protect my/our children!

Jillian Mitchell: I could barely get through the article and cringed at the degree of the damage the childrens' bodies were subjected to. WITHOUT MERCY OR THOUGHT, these perpetrators get themselves to perform these "desperately wicked" acts as if without control. At what point do they consider that it is seriously not right, hurtful and cruel??!! I have a three-year-old baby. If insanity does not kick in first, I would rather die if anyone hurt my baby in this way - and get away with it. Let us get serious about this crime.

blackamerry d:...A lot a people could not read this story through. If it is one word that could be used to describe this article ,and may I say the OBSERVER got it dead on "Horrific".

Karen Blight: Why are so many of Dr Knight's examples relating to buggery? Is this because these outrage her more than the run-of-the-mill statutory rape? Not even Jamaica's professional class can make an argument without displaying their homophobia.

Cinderella G: @ Karen Blight, I am appalled at the article, but even moreso at your comment. It is very unfortunate that of all the atrocities cited, what you could deduce is homosexuality. Dr Knight, one of the solution is to start arresting those parents who knew their child/children are being abused and did nothing to stop it.

Anthony II: Dr Knight, do you/anyone at the hospital call the police? Where are the laws that would hold doctors/others responsible if they are aware of these kinds of abuse and do not report them? Are we serious, that we see these graphic cases, as reported by Dr Knight/others, AND THE POLICE ARE NOT CALLED IN? Please tell me that this is not true. How on earth could we actually have these kinds of cases of abuse and nothing is done? Ms Brown, please follow up and report if anything is done.

A M: In response to Anthony II, are we reading the same article, if so how on earth could you have missed the paragraph... "Whenever a child comes in, CISOCA is called, and one officer will interview the family while another will remain with the doctor while the child is being examined."... Also I SERIOUSLY think Karen Blight is disturbed if all she sees from reading this article is Homophobia.

rohan thompson: Hmm, numbing to say the least. Day by day the little hope that I have for this place is weakened. I'm not condoning violence, but Buju did do a tune How It Ago Go...circa 1997. I fear that this along with other issues in our society are driving us closer to that point. We as a nation need to take a very serious look at the way we doing things and realise that we are all in this together and what affects me affects you.

Peter Kerr: I am waiting to hear what the political directorate, the human rights advocates have to say in this regard. What I will say is the state should be prosecuting these evils that are taking place and not wait on any family to be witnesses. All the evidence that is needed is there at the hospital. A law should be enacted that whenever situations like these occur the physician, nurse, or teacher who finds out about it mandatorily reports it, if not, they will also be prosecuted.

Silber Henry: Karen Blight, you are very much disgusting, all you can think about is homophobia. The doctor is talking about all cases of sexual abuse and yet you accuses her... We need the death penalty for these beasts in human form.

Owen Ellis: Karen Blight, perhaps you are too quick to jump on the homophobia bandwagon. After I read your comments I read the story again, more carefully. I listed and counted the examples cited by Dr Knight and found that there were far more examples of heterosexual abuse listed. Far more! Instead of lauding the lady for speaking out, you choose to accuse her of homophobia? Wow!

Anancy Bedward: This was a very difficult article to complete. @Karen Blight, oh I wish the Observer would sometimes allow comments that put people like you in their place!!

PL BOGLE: @Karen Blight, the issue here is not homophobia or gay rights!! It is Carnal Abuse!! How could you be so insensitive towards child abuse? Let us be clear on our stance on crimes against children, especially... this MAJOR issue of child sexual assault.

Sonya Simms: In response to Karen Blight....are you serious? Most of these cases seen by the doctor are related to buggery because that is what she has experienced. You should be appalled that this is happening to our children. Rape is rape. No matter what body part is violated, it is just as horrific! I pray for our kids and our country. May God help us!

Real Estate: Put the registry in place! Let the chips fall where they may! These most disgusting events must be addressed and attacked as if fighting a battle in war! The punishment must be severe in order to deter future behaviours. The anal insertion prove to be so horrific and the long-lasting severity of the physical trauma that results causes severe pain; the emotional trauma lasts a lifetime. Please punish them severely! They are animals, uncivilised creeps. Backward, drunken fools!

barry brown: Karen, what do you want Dr Knight to say otherwise when it's buggery?

Paul Gentles: @Karen Blight, your response is so sad. If I knew you I would certainly not leave my child even close to you!

Do you think children should be protected as opposed to abused, or is some abuse more tolerable to you? As the doctor pointed out, children who are traumatised tend to grow up to perpetuate what they lived, a vicious cycle.

Magar Boy: @ Karen, I read the article and there were instances of both boys and girls who have been RAPED. It's appalling that of the stories shared by Dr Knight you're only upset that she is being "homophobic" because she is talking about little boys getting raped. SMH. I hope these child predators would get the maximum sentence available. Wicked sets of... (insert worst word available here).

Jay Brown: I keep on saying that Jamaica is closer to being a failed state than ever before. Any country that fails to look after its old, physically or mentally challenged and the young, is a country that will never move forward. After 50 years we have done very little to deal with the needs of these folks. Children are abused, raped, killed or have gone missing and it's like "it never happened". The animals who commit these crimes are still walking the streets of Jamaica doing it again, but who cares?


CHILDREN as young as four years old have been treated for gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes and HIV at the Bustamante Hospital for Children after being raped by close family members including their fathers.

So overwhelming is the number of cases seen at the hospital yearly that one doctor is speaking out in the hope that more will be done by both individuals and communities to protect the nation's children, many of whom endure months and years of abuse before they are eventually rescued.

KNIGHT… most of the mothers who I interview know the children are being abused 

Dr Sandra A Knight, a general practitioner who has worked with the paediatric hospital in Kingston for the past 11 years, said more of these young patients are being brought in for sexually transmitted infections.

"The hospital sees several alleged sexual assault cases each year with the victims being anywhere from babies to 12 years old," she told the Jamaica Observer.

Many of these children are usually not taken to the hospital until they start to experience symptoms associated with the vagina, penis or anus.

Dr Knight said she treats an average of eight such cases each year while some of her colleagues see up to 13 children annually at the hospital.

Recalling some of the most disturbing cases she has dealt with during her tenure at the hospital, Dr Knight said they continue to have a long-lasting impact on her, personally.

One which still traumatises her to this day is the case of a nine-year-old boy who was buggered by the pastor his mother left him with while she went to work.

Although the boy became withdrawn and lost his appetite, the buggery was not discovered until his teacher complained that he was defecating on himself while at school.

Dr Knight said when the mother took him to the hospital his penis was swollen and scarred and his anus torn.

"You could literally look up the child's anus to the rectum," Dr Knight said.

The child later revealed that the pastor had been raping him for some time and would give him $20 each time he had sex with him.

Another case she will never forget was that of an 18-month-old boy who died after being buggered by an uncle, two years ago.

"I saw that baby two days before he died," a distraught Dr Knight said.

She recalled the day the near lifeless baby was brought to the hospital by his uncle and a pregnant girlfriend to be treated for a cold.

As she attempted to resuscitate the unconscious baby, she noticed his stomach was growing at an alarming pace.

"I was so busy resuscitating him that I didn't immediately think of turning the child over and when I turned him over the anus was destroyed," she said. "The uncle had raped the baby and when the penis went into the anus it tore off the colon (bowel) and the faeces started to run into the abdominal cavity," she explained, adding that the baby had no chance of living.

In yet another case, Dr Knight said she treated a little girl who was infected with HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis and herpes by an uncle who was in and out of prison.

It was, however, the last two patients that Dr Knight treated a week ago that pushed her to make public the plight of these children.

In these cases, a four and a six-year-old were infected with gonorrhoea which had began to seriously ravish their young bodies by the time they were diagnosed.

"What traumatised me about the situation is when I look at the vagina of these little girls (and pardon the graphicness of what I am saying) the hymen is ripped apart, they have sores, the older child we had to evaporate the room when we were finished because pus was coming from her vagina," she said.

From the symptoms, Dr Knight said it would appear the girls would have been infected for weeks, however the younger one was only taken to the hospital after her mother noticed she was scratching her vagina while the older child had a smelly discharge.

In both cases, Dr Knight said the children refused to say who the perpetrators were, although the younger one reported that her father was sleeping in her bed, while the mother told the police that he should have been sleeping on the floor. That father has since been arrested. However, there is still no arrest made in the case of the six-year-old.

During the medical examination of these young rape victims a swab (the size of a cotton bud) is used to take a sample from the vagina and this procedure, Dr Knight said, often causes children to scream out in pain.

"And I say to myself, if this swab is so painful for them," [I can't imagine] "what the experience must have been like for these children," she said.

Once these children are found to have been sexually abused they are admitted at the hospital and are only discharged when a social worker gives the go ahead.

Knight said the doctors do not examine any child without an officer being present from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA).

"Whenever a child comes in, CISOCA is called, and one officer will interview the family while another will remain with the doctor while the child is being examined," she explained.

She said that in most cases the children are taken to the hospital by the mothers who sometimes have been aware that these children are being molested but feel powerless to act.

In a lot of the cases, Dr Knight, said these mothers were themselves raped as children.

"Most of the mothers who I interviewed know the children are being abused, but they are economically and physically disadvantaged because the man is going to beat them, and some even send out children for men to have sex with them," she said.

One mother, Dr Knight said, admitted to her that she had a similar experience as a child and it did not affect her. "So the mentality is the child is going to be all right too," said the doctor.

There is, however, the other end of the spectrum where there are distraught mothers who will even blame themselves for not having figured out what was going on.

Head of CISOCA, Superintendent Gladys Brown-Campbell, said she had no readily available statistics to indicate whether there has been an increase in the number of carnal abuse cases involving children, but said a lot of the offences, which were committed some time ago, are now being reported.

The multi-agency approach at CISOCA, which sees all the relevant State agencies such as the Child Development Agency and Office of the Children's Registry operating under one roof, is said to make it easier for these young victims.

"Everyone is on board and so the child does not have to tell the story twice," Brown-Campbell said.

According to Brown-Campbell, a lot of these children are being abused by relatives and close family friends.

"So be careful who you entrust your children to," she warned, adding that this is often the reason why the sexual abuse is not discovered earlier.

While most of the cases she has dealt with involve persons from the lower socio-economic strata of society, Dr Knight suggested that this was so only because they are the persons who mostly access the public health system.

She also said that a lot of these children will not readily reveal the identity of the perpetrator as they find it difficult to consolidate the two ideas that the person who is supposed to love and protect them is the one hurting them.

"We had a three-year-old who it took hours for her to talk, and then she finally said "mi father say me nuffi talk," Dr Knight said.

She explained that this is usually a confusing place for a child to be, as they often do not know what they are feeling at that time.

"When these little children grow up and realise that what happened was not supposed to happen, then they start to feel ashamed and this affects their self-esteem and values and they then engage in voluntary sex at a young age," she said.

While the majority of rapes are committed by adults, there are those occasions when the sexual act is done by an older child.

Dr Knight cited a case that came to her attention only last week in which a mother brought in her 11-year-old son for treatment because he was beaten by a neighbour.

"I asked the mother why the neighbour beat the little boy and the boy said ....(name omitted) say me rape him son dem, but me neva rape dem, is go me go inna di room and see dem a f... and me join in," Dr Knight said, adding that she was taken aback by how casually he expressed himself.

So traumatic are these and several other cases she has dealt with, that Dr Knight said it has begun to impact her and some of her colleagues personally, especially after the birth of her now six year-old daughter.

"It is difficult to see a four-year-old suffering like this, and so I get obsessive about who my daughter is staying with," she said, adding that no one, regardless of social status, is safe from this demon.

The human sexual centre, she explained, is in the most primitive part of the brain and this is the area which is impacted least by what is called common sense and is instead controlled more by reflexes and urges.

According Dr Knight, it all comes down to the sexual indiscipline and the inability to control one's urges.

Dr Knight said another of the driving forces which has led her to speak out about this scourge affecting society, is the many sexual dysfunctions among adults which can be traced back to their childhood

"A physician who is being divorced confided in me that he was sexually abused as a child and was having difficulty maintaining a relationship with a woman as he was sexually abused by a woman," she said, explaining further that having grown up in a poor family he was sent to board at a lady's house during his high school years and the lady took sex for rent.

As for the wheels of justice, Dr Knight is not convinced they are turning as fast as they should, as of all the cases she has treated over the years, she has only been called three times to be a witness in court, which could suggest that a lot of them do not get resolved.

She feels helpless at not having any one solution to the problem. However, she is hoping that by speaking out public awareness will be raised and responsible adults will be prompted to take action.

"My solutions are, one, to make society aware of the fact that they need to protect their children, and two, if you are a perpetrator you will be punished and lastly, to let everyone know that it is wrong to do this," she said.

As for Jamaica having a sex offenders registry to alert communities to the identity sex offenders, Knight does not believe this would work as smoothly in Jamaica as in the United States, because Jamaicans might not be mature enough to handle this because of the vigilante culture.

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Comment by calvin chase on April 9, 2012 at 11:09am

The reason Jamaicans are the way they is, its because of they pirate blood, where the pirates come port royal and do all kind of carnal an worthlessness ways so it came through they blood and culture, thats why Jah had to sink port royal, so in this times you see a jamaican quick to kill a man  than other caribbean, so Jamaica needs a good purge and believe you me its gonna happen, A lot this corruption has got to come to an end by the people getting more serious about these issues and protesting all over or some big judgement will hit them.

Comment by Cause for concern on April 9, 2012 at 10:57am

For argument sake, lets say and agree this is going on in other countries...How does one justify and rationalize having sex with a 4 year girl, infecting and basically killing her with a cocktail of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. This is an absolute abomination and totally reprehensible!!!   @mostwanted I personally watched a female friend of mine laugh and ridicule a person with physical disabilities. I looked at her and said, "are you crazy or just plain stupid". Any of one us are just a car accident or a fallen tree limb away from being permanently disabled.

Comment by evolution on April 9, 2012 at 10:56am

@Mostwanted I saw that video too and I couldn’t sleep for days, I couldn’t believe my eyes that people actually stood there and laugh at such violence and this actually happened in front of a police station if that’s the one you’re talking about.@ Jane Doe please don’t include other Caribbean islands in this mess that is going on in Jamaica. When the statistics about other islands are release on Caribbean fever we’ll discuss them but right now, the focus is on jam town.

Comment by Boots on April 9, 2012 at 10:22am

Jane Doe is typical Jamaicans thinking. Want all gays dead but Hide hide hide sexual abuse on women and children. Don't they glorify that singer aka Rapist Jah Cure? He even got a pretty wife.

 Yeah Jane Doe, the topic is on Jamaica so don't try to soften it up as if the other island people are barberic as you people.

I saw a video of a Jamaican chopping a man to pieces while everybody laugh. Not one of them call the police.

Comment by Cause for concern on April 9, 2012 at 9:57am

Evolution I totally agree Jamaicans never take responsibility for their behavior and actions , they always try to diffuse or minimumize their involvement in a matter, but are quick to judge and characterize others. I rather live amongst gays who statistically commit very few sexual offenses, then some sick ass niggers who are always preaching and quoting the bible while molesting young helpless children.

Comment by evolution on April 9, 2012 at 8:28am

What to me is a sorry excuse are people saying this is a worldwide problem; the focus is on Jamaica not the bloody world. Every time something affects your country and communities you sweep it under the rug by including the whole bloody world and ignoring the problem. The world is not on trail here; it’s the physical abuse of little kids in you nation by evil men.

Comment by calvin chase on April 9, 2012 at 7:03am


Comment by No Matter on April 5, 2012 at 11:21pm
This is a worldwide problem. Men have been getting away with hurting defendless children, women , young girls etc. As a social worker and someone who was a victim myself I know how the devastation affect someone self worth. Little will be done becasue many of these countries look down on counseling, rehabiltation, outspoken women and never admit to these events, mental illness, incestry etc.. Yes men need counseling! women please open your eyes, mouth and heart any sexual act against our own should not be tolerate.. I am not juding just saying
Comment by hasina zuberi on April 5, 2012 at 12:26pm

makes me wanna holler...unfortunately Jamaica will continue to turn a blind eye at this and the problem has been going on for centuries without resolution...that is because some of the perpetrators are embedded in the very self same justice' system i.e. police officers, lawyers and better believe...

Comment by Kerry-ann Mckenzie on April 5, 2012 at 2:24am


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