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Drake Calls Peter Rosenberg & Checks Him Over ‘God’s Plan’ Diss

Drake & Future's 'Summer Sixteen Tour' Becomes The Highest Grossing Trek In Hip Hop History

Drake Called Rosenberg To Question Him On Comments Made On The ‘God’s Plan’


Suspect In Drake & Future $3 Million Tour Bus Jewelry Theft Arrested

2016 was a huge year for Future and Drake.

Both had chart topping albums as Hendrix's "EVOL" stood atop the Billboard 200 Chart the week following it's February 6th release, with with 134,000 equivalent album units. It was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on September 15th.

Drizzy's "Views" album easily landed on top of the charts following it's April 29th release. The disc sold the equivalent of 1.04 million units during it's first week out. As of December 1, 2016, "Views," was certified 4x platinum by the RIAA.

Future also dropped his solo "Purple Reign" mixtape in January, teamed up with DJ Esco for "Project E.T. (Esco Terrestrial)" in June and collaborated with Gucci Mane for an EP titled "Freebricks 2: Zone 6 Edition" in November.

On July 20th Drake and Future hit the road for the 54-show "Summer Sixteen Tour." The trek become the highest grossing hip hop tour ever with a total gross of $84.3 million, Drake announced via his Instagram account on Sunday January 8, 2017.

The duo hope to keep the momentum going as the tour prepares to invade Europe next.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thieves Haul Off $2-$3 Million Worth Of Jewelry From Drake & Future's Tour Bus (Video)

It didn't take the Phoenix police very long to apprehend the man suspected of stealing a briefcase containing $3 million worth of jewelry from Drake and Future's tour bus.

TMZ reports that Travion King was taken into custody at Arizona State University Wednesday, September 7, a day after the Tuesday theft at the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

King had previously been employed at the arena, but was not working on the night in question.

Police say King, who is described as a transient, was in possession of the briefcase and all of the jewelry when he was arrested. He's been charged with felony burglary.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Drake Take Shots At Hot 97: "This Is The Real Summer Jam"; Brings Out J. Cole, Dipset, T.I., Fat Joe & Remy Ma At Madison Square Garden (Video)

A thief or thieves hauled off of king's ransom worth of jewelry off of the tour bus shared by Drake and Future Tuesday, September 6.

TMZ reports that the two were in Phoenix for a stop on Drake's "Summer Sixteen Tour."While they performed at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, security was breached and a suitcase containing 2 to 3 million dollars worth of bling was taken.

The items belonged to Future the Prince, Drizzy's DJ.

In video footage taken after the heist Drake is livid when he finds out what happened.

Police are combing through surveillance footage to to see if they can find any leads.


Funkmaster Flex Responds To Drake Wanting Him Fired: "70% Of Your Fans Wear High Heels. The Other 30% Are Guys Who Wear Sandals. I'm Not Concerned About You" (Audio)

Drake and Future brought out DipsetT.I.Fat Joe & Remy Ma and J. Cole as special guests at their final sold-out show at Madison Square Garden last night.

During Drake's performance with Cole, he called him “one of the smartest, most legendary artists of our generation.” At the end of his set, Drizzy continued his shots at Hot 97/Funk Flex saying “This the real Summer Jam. What have they done for NYC recently? I don’t know.” He also took to Instagram to post a photo of him and Charlamagne Tha God backstage with champagne bottles.



Drake Fires Shots At Hot 97 Over Eminem Diss Rumor During MSG Show. Reignites Funkmaster Flex Beef. Ebro, Peter Rosenberg & Flex Respond (Video)

Since July 2015, when Hot 97 radio host Funkmaster Flex played reference tracks of Drake songs recorded by Quentin Miller, the DJ and rapper have no seen eye-to-eye.

During Drizzy's show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, August 4, he took shots at Hot 97 and Flex

“They tellin’ lies on Hot 97, that’s how it goes / I told ’em fire Funk Flex, then I’ll come and do your show / Plus, me and Kanye, we just left out the studio / My first night in the Garden, I’m feeling like D. Rose," the OVO Sound boss rapped to the crowd.

On Saturday, August 6, Flex responded via a lengthy on air rant. Listen to it up top and read highlights from it courtesy of Billboard below.

"I got a few stories to tell tonight. I don't know which one I'm gonna tell first," Funkmaster Flex started.

"First of all, Drake, I'm not really worried about you making me lose my job,” Flex said. “70% of your fans wear high heels. The other 30% are guys who wear sandals. I'm not concerned about you."

“I don't know if you noticed, but everything is built on top 5,” he said.

The DJ actually went on to compliment Drake’s talent as an entertainer, saying he makes “great music” and has “great shows” – but alleged that the rapper is not worthy of being in that “top 5" in hip-hop.

"If you have help on your music and on your bars to compete for that top 5 movement, that is an issue to me,” Flex said before launching into several supposed stories about Drake, some highlighted below.

On Drake’s Hot 97 freestyle:

"I’ve never commented on that freestyle, never talked about it,” Flex began of afreestyle Drake did in 2009 while looking at a BlackBerry.


"That freestyle, we rehearsed it first in this room. He had the BlackBerry out ... I had no idea he was gonna leave the Blackberry out," he said.

The DJ alleged that Drake and his team asked Hot 97 to put a video of the freestyle out, despite the fact that he was reading off of a BlackBerry, because they wanted to use its release as proof that he writes his own raps.

“They help circulate the video. I'm wondering, why would they put that out? You told Zane Lowe you didn't know the video was coming out. You calling a lot of people liars. Okay. Video comes out, everybody jokes on him on it, but everyone says, 'Yo, but he got bars.' ... You wanted people to think that you write your bars. You wanted people to think on that BlackBerry, those were yours, that you wrote that. You wanted to solidify that because you knew this day would come when people might see or question your pen."


On Meek Mill’s accusation that Drake uses ghostwriters:

“When those reference tracks came out ... you had Quentin Miller put out a press release,” Funkmaster Flex said, referring to alleged reference tracks by Miller that he played on-air at Hot 97, as well as a Tumblr post Miller had posted at the time, in which he denied being a ghostwriter for Drake. (“I watched this man piece together words in front of me… I watched him write/ replace bars 2- 3 at a time on 6pm in NY.. I witnessed him light up, go in and freestyle madonna,” Miller wrote of his time in the studio with Drake.)


To that, Flex said, “Let me tell you something for people who don’t understand the studio, 'cause I do. No rapper has a guy that could be or people thinkin' is writing for him in the studio directing you or standing next to you while you're in the booth unless he's writing the lyrics ... making sure the delivery's right.”

The DJ suggested that Drake should have admitted he had “a couple people who helped me with a couple things” rather than try to “hide it.”

“Yes, he writes, but there's a couple key things he didn't, and that's just the way it is,” he clarified, just before wishing Drake well at his Saturday night concert.

“My boss can't tell me to play your records. I play them because the people enjoy them, and I enjoy them as well,” he said.


Petition Started Calling For Funkmaster Flex To Leave Hot 97

A rumor started by Ebro Darden of Hot 97 has Drake fired up.

Earlier this week Ebro said that during a conversation with Drizzy, the rapper told him that he had a response ready if Eminem came at him with a diss song.

However, there is no Eminem diss coming and the conversation Ebro referred to never happened.

Ebro later admitted that it was a joke, but during Drake's show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, August 4, the rapper let it be known that he didn't appreciate what was said and reignited his beef with Funkmaster Flex.

“They tellin’ lies on Hot 97, that’s how it goes / I told ’em fire Funk Flex, then I’ll come and do your show / Plus, me and Kanye, we just left out the studio / My first night in the Garden, I’m feeling like D. Rose," the OVO Sound boss rapped to the crowd.

Flex, Ebro and Peter Rosenberg responded via Twitter.

"Hahahaha!!! 7pm Sat I got a story to tell! @Drake u gonna learn!" Flex wrote.

Ebro quipped, "We built him... He loves us."

Rosenberg added that the station has always been there for Drizzy, "I don't approve of drake saying f*c* hot 97 cuz we do generally support the hell out of him .. But I Def understand him hating some people."

Drake's beef with Flex dates back to July 2015, when the rapper was battling withMeek Mill.

Meek accused Drake of using a ghostwriter on their "R.I.C.O." collaboration.

Flex then released several reference tracks from the "One Dance" hit maker's alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, including the songs “Know Yourself,” “Used To” and “R.I.C.O.” 

Flex went on to diss Drake publicly at a Jadakiss show in November when he said "F*c* that Canadian n!gga," while behind the turntables.

Om Friday, August 5, Ebro, Laura Stylez and Rosenberg discussed the situation on air. Check that out below.

What's your take on all of this?


Charlamagne Tha God Reads Funkmaster Flex's Eulogy For Jay Z, Drake & Meek Mill Mess. Gives Him The 'Donkey Of The Day' (Audio)

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Funkmaster Flex is a legend in the game. However, this has been a week he would like to forget.

The Hot 97 DJ promised to deliver a Meek Mill diss record going at Drake on Monday, July 27, but for whatever reason it didn't happen.

One fan, Azeem Khan, has started a petition on calling for Flex's resignation.

There has always been word that DJ Funk Funkmaster Flex was not someone who was willing to give up his position at Hot 97 for his slot. Despite constant critiques from everywhere for the old man to step down, and give the younger people a shot he decided to stay where he was. Last year Dame Dash was at the forefront of the movement saying that Funk Flex really needs to just leave. Well, today was the last straw. This fraud of a DJ decided to lie to everyone for ratings and downloads of the Hot 97 app that Meek Mill would be on tonight to release a diss track to Drake to no avail. No one has given Hot 97 two hours of listening time since Biggie was alive, and it's a crime to have taken that from us. The people have spoken and it is time for Funk Flex to step down. 

Khan spoke with AllHipHop to explain the reason he wants the DJ to exit his position.

“It’s one thing to be wrong by mistake, but he’s been gassing up this beef like no other. Everything is about clicks. This was straight up lying though. He’s needed to step down for a while now. I didn’t realize it would blow like this, but he should at least see what the fans really want. And that’s to not be lied to,” Khan told AllHipHop. “Everyone was tuned in, and he gave us the best pump fake since Michael Jordan in the 98 Finals. His site already picked it up, and he IG’d it. That just further shows he thinks he’s really just above everyone else. And he’s not.”

So far the petition has 9,108 signatures.


Power 105.1's Charlamagne Tha God went all the way in on Funkmaster Flex as he gave the Hot 97 DJ the Donkey of the Day for Tuesday, July 28.

Charlamagne read Flex's eulogy and said his career is over for failing to deliver a new diss song from Meek Mill on Monday, July 27, not coming through with the rest of Drake's reference tracks and his beef with Jay Z.

Take a listen up top.

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Comment by team-night-vision-surverillance on September 8, 2016 at 10:09pm
Dumb ass.that what you get 4 stealing lock his stupid ass up 4 A while this stupid ass have A job & still stealing I can't feel sorry 4 stupid people those guys worked hard 4 wht they have
Comment by team-night-vision-surverillance on August 11, 2016 at 12:22pm
As 4 square head charlamagne.he is an outsider he doesn't matter after I saw the video of him getting press by guys 4 running his mouth on Lil Kim.charlamagne is straight b**** ass
Comment by team-night-vision-surverillance on August 11, 2016 at 12:17pm
All who call flex gay is square get off the nuts sack.You probably like him more than Your girl have some respect 4 the veteran General of the Radio hot 97 4 ever everything else comes second
Comment by Rayvon on August 9, 2016 at 10:45pm
This whole thing is stupid. And as for charlagirl tha fraud....Kill yourself!!
Comment by mr1stroke on August 9, 2016 at 9:20am
People with class don't listen to s*** like that you can turn it in the office in front of a client you can't drive around with your parents or kids in the car basically that's for the less fortunate negros who will never escape that lifestyle some times certain things are have to leave behind what would I want to listen to a 69 years old man who still instigate beef between rappers or singers instead of teaching them how to better their selves he always get to beef with rappers who refuse to pay to play their some people do not contribute in their craft they use s their craft to survive what is flex role in hip hop I listen to dj my age who is doing better at it oh I forgot I listen to Marley Marl aka Dj Legend on Friday now that man contribute to hip hop he writes produces for groups he put together not to mention every one he helps to get record deals now what's is the Symphony you old fools should know
Comment by Cee Gee on August 9, 2016 at 8:45am

I don't even listen to Hot 97....that station went down a long time ago.

Comment by David on August 9, 2016 at 1:53am
I don't listen to Flex routinely, but I like his show when I catch it! He's still relevant and a great DJ, it's just time for him to concentrate on the music and leave theses fools to themselves!
Comment by dao on August 9, 2016 at 12:33am
Flex is a survivor
Comment by abe mitchell on August 8, 2016 at 5:52pm
Ummmm flex, Don't u like have a wife, and damn near grown kids!? Ur up here arguing about ghost writers. Who's ghost writing for u Flex? Because ur rant , I mean ur REED on the air the other day , sounds like u have a Drag Queen ghost writing for U! The 80's breed!
Comment by mr1stroke on August 8, 2016 at 5:10pm

flex is gay mufucker is pushing 60 still beefing with young cats, i dont remember the last time i listen to that dude, hot 97 is for underachieve negros my life is on another level i dont listen to trash like that, i think i escape that n***** nonsense

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