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Celebrity Sibel partner Slippy comes with an grandfather

Many CS: GO players are addicted to collecting and trading skins, making it an attraction that gets full-time attention from websites that specialize in trading and even gambling. It's all based on a system where cases are earned randomly during play, and must be opened using keys that cost $2.49. The price doesn't sound like much, but Valve's made sure to build the odds so that players typically .

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The  sell csgo skins   screenshot above is a random selection of items from G2A's store, numbering up to hundreds of dollars. These are items that players will just have sitting around, some of them going unused, some of them dearly held collectors items, some of them in the hands of those totally unaware of what they're worth. Those players are already customers of these stores and will be looking to buy and sell at all times. If Kinguin and G2A can create a marketplace better than the other options out there, provide protections and services that others cannot due to their higher budget, that's money on the table.

Astralis are another team who have won battles with Fnatic, yet again seem to have peaked at the wrong time, and are no longer in a position to win the war. Though consistently finding themselves in semi-finals, it’s been a while since anyone saw Astralis as a serious threat to take titles. The choking issues that plagued them prior to their run of success in 2015 seem to have returned, and until they prove they can get over that barrier they can’t be seen as a potential candidate for supremacy. That said, Astralis are by far the most dangerous team outside of the top contenders, making the top four of tournaments with regularity and therefore often acting as gate-keepers to the final. Still sporting one of the most individually talented rosters in the world, Astralis’s worst enemy is often themselves, and perhaps with the newly-acquired Kjaerbye that can begin to change. Their historic inability to actually claim titles puts them behind the current crop of challengers, but if they can find the form that saw them win four titles last year that can definitely change.

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