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Case Demanding Rapper Jay Z to Go For Paternity Test over an Alleged Love Child Goes To Federal Court


Rymir Satterthwaite, 22, has been involved in a serious legal battle with rapper Jay Z with nothing forthcoming so far. Now, Satterthwaite is taking the battle to a whole new level as he pushes the case to federal court.

Among other factors, Satterthwaite is claiming that the proceedings of the case have been compromised by fraud, collusion, and corruption, reports RadarOnline.

One of Satterthwaite’s supporters in the case, The Family Civil Liberties Union (FCLU), has alleged that the defendant attorneys have conspired with the local court to deny them crucial documents.

It’s for this and other reasons that Satterthwaite has made a decision to move his case to the Superior Court of New Jersey and filed a Notice of Federal Younger Doctrine, citing that his constitutional rights have been infringed upon as a result of local dereliction of fundamental duties. He’s also asking for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to look into the alleged acts of “corruption such as but not limited to mail fraud, consumer fraud, RICO” perpetrated by the New Jersey Camden County Trial Court Family Part.

The move by Satterthwaite is the latest on their part to have rapper Jay Z recognize the young man as his biological child.

“This is about making sure that Jay Z is held responsible for the emotional damage that he has caused Rymir,” Satterthwaite’s former guardian, Lillie Collie told Radar. “Rymir not only looks identical to Jay Z, but he really, really looks a lot like Jay Z’s mother, who is Rymir’s grandmother. Unfortunately, for Rymir, he has an entire family that he will never be able to know.”

The family has stated several times that it isn’t about taking advantage of Jay Z’s financial status, but simply for Satterthwaite to earn his rightful place and bring the issue of his paternity to a conclusive end.

Unfortunately, the delays are making it a challenge for him to attain justice.

“The family has not gotten paid one cent since this story came out,” Collie revealed to Radar. “It is costing us a lot of money to proceed.”

There is one thing the alleged love child has been seeking; that Jay Z be forced to take a paternity test to establish whether he’s his child or not.

“It was a big case to me because I really wanted to find out who my father was,” Satterthwaite reported told RadarOnline during a tell-it-all interview.

Whether he succeeds with the new approach is yet to be seen.

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