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CaribbeanFever.Com celebrates the life of MJ and in his honor is giving away 50 Pairs of tickets to see BUJU @ MSG

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CaribbeanFever.Com Celebrates the LIFE of the greatest entertainer on the planet Michael Jackson and in his honor we are giving 50 LUCKY persons, 50 pairs of tickets to sit in some of the best seats at Madison Square Garden, Friday August 7th, to enjoy performances by BUJU, Shabba Ranks, Burning Spear, Queen Ifrica, Gramps & Peter Morgan, Tony Rebel, Sheila Hylton and more. All you have got to do is LOG on to CaribbeanFver.Com click on the Ad, then place your real First and Last name in the BLOG and tell us in 200 words or less what was your GREATEST Michael Jackson moment. You can add VIDEO and or PICTURES to get your point across.

The best 50 entries will be picked on July 17th at 7:00 PM and given a pair of tickets each to see BUJU BANTON and friends live at Madison Square Garden.

Then out of those 50 winners, 1 lucky winner will be picked on July 23rd at 7:00 PM to WIN a CaribbeanFever MasterCard loaded with $500.00, dinner for 2 and the opportunity to come back stage on the night of the concert and take pictures with the artist.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO START THE BLOG WITH YOUR REAL FIRST AND LAST NAME, that is the only way we can ID you to pick up your tickets!

Ah, you thought we forgot, we are having a ball reading your comments. We said 1 lucky winner will be picked on July 23rd @ 7PM but we never said when we were going to post the name. We are posting it NOW! JESSICA Y SPENCER you will be given a Caribbean Fever MasterCard loaded with $500.00, dinner for 2 and will be esorted back stage to take pictures with the artist.

WINNERS: CaribbeanFever.Com and FeverEyes.Com masiive here are the WINNERS of a pair of tickets to see BUJU and FRIENDS @ MSG , Friday August 7th, 09: Arlene Green, Denise O'Reilly, Camille Leseur, Jeri-Lee, Christine Chang, Andrea Stevens, Prescod Alexander, Maxine Alexander, Gemme Barclay, Enid Hintzen, Tyiece Barclay, Tori Barclay, Caroe Gibbs, Richard Douglin, Chris Uche, Michelle Valentine, thomas M Harvin, Roblizzy - Kwesi Tallot, Olman Lino, Delma Carlton, Crispin Cleare, Jason Sheets, Samantha Victor, Jessica V Spencer, Kate Blaber, Karen Gray, Jennifer Ardis, Shannon Walton, Carria Joseph, Karen Smith, Natasha Camme, Travis Marks, Lorna Lucas, Joseph robinson Loadholt, Camille Leseur, Tracy Gay, Tammie simmons, Tyiece Barclay, Rawl Prentice, and Ossie Yonge.
A pair of tickets will be at the Madison Square Garden Box Office ( WILL CALL) in the names mentioned above on the 7th of August from 6:30 PM. Don't forget the show start's at 8:00 PM and YOU MUST HAVE PROPPER ID with your Correct FIRST and LAST names, GOOD LUCK ON WINNING THE GRAND PRIZE.

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Comment by Samantha Victor on June 28, 2009 at 5:34pm
Samantha Victor

I've realized after his passing that one of my favorite Michael Jackson moments is when his friends and family set things up so that he could shop in a public supermarket. All his life he's never been seen as just an ordinary human being. The simple things that we take for granted each day, like shopping for our groceries, Michael so desperately wanted to experience, but could never do because of his stardom. He has given us so much of himself through song, dance and humanitarian efforts, that it brought me to tears to see this man finally being given something so simple yet meaningful-to be a normal human being for once. He was so happy and humbled by it. Seeing him have this experience when he has provided us with so many good memories for a lifetime is my favorite MJ moment. Rest in peace Mr. Jackson!
Please watch this youtube clip of the moment:
Comment by Scentational on June 28, 2009 at 5:24pm
Denise O'Reilly - I grew up listening to his music, and to this day he is one of the few artistes that you can pick up any of his albums and be able to love and groove to all the tracks. He and his music created a cultural following that spanned generations and continents, he was the perfect entertainer, he came alive on stage and he became a part of all our lives through his music, we can all relate to each song, each album as a different chapter in our lives...he will be truly missed but his music and memories live on forever...R.I.P...MJ !
Comment by SongBird12 on June 28, 2009 at 5:17pm
My name is Arlene Green and the loss of Michael Jackson is immeasurable. Before I was married my maiden name was Jackson, and in 1971, when I was about nine years old, the Jackson 5 played at the Hollywood Bowl. Mind you, I was the “unofficial” president of Michael’s fan club so this was a real big deal for me! My father was a music promoter and I overheard him tell someone the name of the hotel they were staying in. I looked up the number, called the hotel (persistent even back then!), gave my name in the most professional voice a nine year old could muster – Arlene Jackson, and asked to speak to my "cousin" Michael. Of course I did not get through :). Imagine my joy though when my father surprised me a couple of days later and took me and my real cousin to see The Jackson 5 perform live at the Bowl! He also arranged for me to meet Michael in person backstage at a taping of the Sonny and Cher show! I cherish that memory of meeting Michael Jackson and watching his iconic career evolve, earning him the title of the King of Pop.
Comment by sam on June 28, 2009 at 2:42pm
I will miss MJ so much
Comment by Richard Douglin on June 28, 2009 at 12:37pm
Richard Douglin: I was honored to see Micheal Jackson at Madison Square Garden in 1982, during his "Off the Wall" tour. I thought that would have been my GREATEST Michael Jackson moment; But that night after the American Music awards in 1985, in which Michael Jackson took the lead with 45 other musicians to produce the song "We Are The World" Billed as USA for Africa (United Support of Artists for Africa), leaving his ego and superstardum at the door, is my GREATEST Michael Jackson moment.
Comment by Free on June 28, 2009 at 11:24am
Michael Jackson has been one of the most gifted entertainers and I have seen many as I worked in the entertainment industry. I was intrigued by his dancing and lyrics, they are both warm, crazy, haunting and made me want to dance like I never did before. Man in the mirror is my favorite song when I am facing situations, Have you seen my childhood is great and sad Billie Jean is just so hot I can't sit still, Thriller album is out of this world. We are the world a brilliant project. Michael has broken barriers and opened doors for many, his presence will be felt for decades. For me Michael is pure love.
Comment by Bajanyum on June 28, 2009 at 3:12am
BajanYUM:Chris Uche

Unfortunately i was not able to see him in all his glory Live, But i did frequently play his albums (sorry dad for all the broken needles ) at the age of five while dressed in my black zipper jacket and glove. being the product of a Bajan mother and Nigerian father they were very strict and bed time was promptly at 8pm. clearly remember the night black or white premiered 8m on i believe fox it was like a block buster movie was playing on my T.V. set mother ,father sister and brother all gathered around the T.v. I must admit I was slightly shocked at his new appearance but the Video was excellent the energy had me on the edge of my seat as i absorbed all his moves. Once it was all over I had so much energy I couldn’t help but just run up and down the house back and forth until I accidently hit my father stereo cabinet and broke the glass. Yeah.... my ass was red hot when I went to bed that night but MJ's music was still playing in my head and his glove on my hand so it really didn’t matter.
The Vibe with many of us is probably still disbelief as it took the following day for it to sink in. My eyes watered as i drove listening to "Smooth Criminal " As many DJ's overcome by emotion expressed their love for a man Many just didn’t understand. We lost a Great one and no another will be able to take his place.

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