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You remember the story, God told Moses to tell the pharaoh of Egypt to free the Israelite slaves? They were considered the 1st generation of the Israelites that exited Egypt. God made a promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He would give to them a Promised Land filled with abundance of God’s precious gifts and that they will be His people. For this to come to past they must obey all His commands. I am going to cover some topics here that relate to us today, so follow me as I break down these vital revelations. The 1st generation Israelites actually witnessed the miracles performed directly from the hands of God. They saw the seven plagues performed upon the pharaoh and the people of Egypt. They saw the parting of the Red Sea, manna and quail falling from heaven, water that flowed from a rock that quenched the thirst of over 600,000 Israelites in the wilderness and a host of many other miracles performed by the hand of God. God is the same as He was back then, today and times to come.

Now the reason why I wrote this article is to find out what type of Israelite you would have been. Even though God charged Moses with the task of taking the Israelites into the Promised Land, he wasn’t allowed to enter in because of his disobedience to God’s command, further more, not one of the 1st generation Israelites (all of which saw the miracles with their own two eyes in Egypt and in the wilderness) made it into the Promised Land. They didn’t even have to exercise their faith because by definition faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. But as we know these people saw the power of God with their own eyes. They saw the evidence first hand. Yet in still they still weren’t delivered into their promise. Why? Because of their disobedience to the commands of God. Listen to these words, : He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. Misfortune pursues the sinner, but prosperity is the reward of the righteous. A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous. Proverbs 13: 20-22 The trip from Egypt to their Promised Land was 2 years. At the walls that entered the land God told them to take what He has promised. But because of fear of what they saw in the Promised Land they didn’t enter, therefore being disobedient. Because of their disobedience the 1st generation was led to wander in the wilderness for an additional 38 years. Now the time came again the Israelites to stand outside the walls of their Promised Land and all the 1st generation had died and this leaves a young 2nd generation to make a choice to enter. They decided to enter but with a new leader, for even Moses was not allowed to enter. Moses was the chosen one to lead the people, but his disobedience to the Word that God gave him, it caused him not to be able to enter either. There were only 2 out of a total of 12 that were allowed to enter from the original tribe leaders, they were the spies who scoured the land the first time they were at that wall to see who or what was in the land. They entered because of their belief of the promises of God. So what does this have to do with network marketing and you? Imagine you’re 10 years old and you’re with your parents and they have the opportunity (promise) to purchase a McDonald’s franchise and have the means to do so for $10,000. They decide that it’s too risky, say “no” to the opportunity (promise) and return to their regular jobs (in the wilderness) as a teacher and a cop. You ask them why they didn’t choose to buy their own franchise (accept the promise) and they explain that your grandparents worked their fingers to the bone (stayed in the wilderness) for they felt that they had better jobs then their parents so why give up a “good job”? They didn’t have to work as hard as their parent so why change? This teaches you that you should do the same as your grandparents and your parents (stay in the wilderness) even though you may be presented with an opportunity to receive your promise. It has now been forty years, you are now 50 years old, and you’re presented with the opportunity (promise) again to start your own business in the network marketing industry. This is what happened to those 1st generation Israelites. They ignored the signs of the promise and walked in the wilderness for a total of 40 years. Will you be like the 1st generation who saw the signs first hand and still refused to believe in a life full of victory because of fear and doubt, or will you live as a 2nd generation Israelites and walk in your promise even though you never saw the miracles but you still believe in the promises set forth for you to walk and live in victory? We have been fortunate enough to have a team full of 2nd generation believers that are walking into the promise of building up each other, working as a team and becoming financially independent enough to leave legacies for our family members and those behind them. We invite you to walk with us into your promise and leave the wilderness you are currently wondering in just to get by, which is known in modern day times as “job security”. You know as well as I do, that term is a fallacy and brings uncertainty to any and all that depend on it. Now is the time for you to step out on faith that it will come to pass for you. We look forward to seeing you join us in the Promised Land of victory.

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