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Brooklyn Singer Nia Drummond Talks Bringing Busta Rhymes to Tears w/Her Rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ | WATCH

Nia Drummond & Tamron Hall

Nia Drummond & Tamron Hall

On today’s “Tamron Hall,” Tamron welcomed Nia Drummond, a Brooklyn singer who recently went viral for bringing iconic rapper Busta Rhymes to tears by singing “Happy Birthday” to him. Drummond shared the story of how this unplanned opportunity came about and how she decided to take the risk and sing opera to the legendary Busta Rhymes. After connecting with Tamron, Drummond made her daytime television singing debut, giving a special performance to the Tam Fam!

Nia Drummond shares the story of how she was able to sing Busta Rhymes ‘Happy Birthday’:
“I was at the Gordon Parks Foundation annual gala. That’s like the gala to be at you know…So I went to the gala and it was interesting because he came after the gala because he had a gig the same day… It’s interesting because I spoke to his personal assistant first. He showed up to the gala with a sweatsuit on and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love you. I must speak to you.’ So we had a conversation. I find out he’s Busta’s personal assistant and found out that Busta’s birthday was a few days ago and something in my spirit, something in my soul said, ‘You need to sing Happy Birthday to this man.’ I don’t go around singing Happy Birthday to people. I used to work at a restaurant in Brooklyn and everyone used to go to me and say, ‘Nia, you know, there’s a birthday on table 25.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, good Lord.’ You know, I don’t want to do that! But something in my spirit said you need to speak to this man.”

Highlights for Tamron Hall for the remainder of the week. Please note: the lineup is subject to change. 

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Big up nia
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