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Markus Myrie “I Love You Buju Banton” But You’re A Bad Father

Buju Banton Speak On Gay Allegations Make Peace With Son Markus Myrie
Markus Myrie has issued a new statement on his situation with his father, Buju Banton.

Mark Myrie, Buju Banton government name, and his son Markus Myrie have been dominating the headlines since last week Thursday when they had a small ruckus that spilled over online. Urban Islandz broke the story last Thursday evening that the Gargamel and his son Markus had an altercation and the younger Myrie posted some highly disrespectful messages on his Instagram Story. In his new statement on the Gram, Markus expressed his regrets while tagging Buju and telling him he loves him.

“My only regret is that I allowed myself to get so blinded by anger that I said things about my father and to the public that I shouldn’t have said, but let he without sin cast the first stone. I have no hatred in my heart for my father,” Markus wrote.

The music producer says he is disappointed in his father for not being there for himself and his siblings. He expressed that fatherhood goes well beyond financial support. “Your absence has nothing to do with prison, and you know that,” Markus continues. “Still, I forgive you regardless. I hope one day you decide to be a better father, don’t do it for me; do it for my siblings who are suffering (emotionally).”

Markus Myrie didn’t say he was sorry or said he is apologizing to his father for the statements he made last week. In his rant, he called the legendary singer a “coke head” and suggest that he is “gay.”

“I ask you all to please keep the family in your prayers as I will. I love you @Bujuofficial #Myrie #Family,” Markus added.

Markus Myrie also confirmed our reporting that he had a physical altercation with Buju Banton while withholding the details about what went down. On Monday, he posted a photo of himself and Buju which is the first sign that the two are mending their relationship.


Buju Banton Son Markus Put Him On Blast On The Gram “Coke Head” Buju Banton and Markus 2019

Buju Banton has addressed some gay allegations made by his son.

The Gargamel and his son Markus Myrie appears to have made peace, or was this all a publicity stunt? A highly placed

source in the singer’s camp confirmed that it was not a publicity stunt. We’re told that the two did have an altercation last week Thursday and the younger Myrie told police officers that he was punched in his mouth. Fast forward to Monday, Markus posted a photo of himself and Buju on his Instagram but didn’t leave any caption. The picture speaks for itself.

During his performance on his “Long Walk To Freedom” tour on Saturday night at the National Stadium in Kingston, Buju Banton briefly addressed the ruckus with his son, where he was called “ba***man.”

“Me come home and some bwoy no know say even though Buju Banton lockup we still rough,” Buju told the crowd while standing on stage with Wayne Wonder. “8 years 6 months, 27 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes and 26 seconds. Am gonna say this is a disclaimer. No disrespect to no one, am talking about me.”

Buju Banton then freestyle some lyrics aimed straight at the recent reportings circulating in the media about himself and his son. “Me no care what in a the media / Me no business bout the news, Me do 10 years a prison nut no sexual abuse / No tear no deh pon me rectum and me anus no abuse / Me see it say nuff a them confuse,” Buju deejay.

Buju put on a show for his fans on Saturday night, but it’s unclear if his son was present at the event.


Image result for Buju Banton Son Markus

No chill. Buju Banton’s son Markus Myrie is putting the singer on blast calling him a “coke head.”

Whatever is going on behind the scene between Buju Banton and his son Markus Myrie, who is a dancehall producer, let’s hope that they work it out because this is embarrassing. In a series of posts on his Instagram Story, Markus blasts his dad while asking President Trump to send him back to prison.
“So much drama since December,” Markus wrote. “This man needs to go back to prison and dead in deh [Donald Trump] Y pree? come for [Buju Banton].”

In another post Markus wrote, “And you know you f***ed up when you come from prison and out of your 17 children not even 10 was genuinely happy that “Daddy” is back. Great “artiste” yeah but write me off a your list pu**y.”

In another post, Markus said that he will be pressing charges which means that he and Buju Banton may have gotten into a physical fight.

“Parents love respect and can’t understand is a two way street, but me mada never grow me fi take disrespect battyman you cah talk to me any way you wah,” he wrote. “Me nah fi itch up round yuh fi nothing and me nah stretch out me hand to you or depend pan you and it hurt say you can get fi tek liberty a me don’t? But blessed is the child that has his own, oh and me a press charges.”
Markus ended his rant saying “f***ing coke head.” Surprisingly, this new development comes just a day before Buju Banton is scheduled to take the stage for his first post-prison concert at the National Stadium in Kingston. The show will mark the beginning of his “Long Walk To Freedom Tour.” There is also a welcome home show set for Mas Camp on Friday.

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Comment by mr1stroke on March 22, 2019 at 2:10pm
Janice T Roach people these days are so lonely social media is where they feel important and wanted, that is why theu are so quick to put their businesses out there in search pf sympathy and attention, but not thinking or consider the other persons feeling, its a new day and they want stop the worse part older people are doing the same
Comment by Janice T Roach on March 22, 2019 at 2:00pm

He is just "disrespectful" and who would give a damn about him and his father's problem, if the father wasn't who he was. There are Million's of Children who's father are guilty of the same and don't give "support" or their "name" be thankful for what little you got. Be a Blessing and help your father be a "better ma" and "father" by making sure he gets Rehabilitated. People can Judge you because you put your business out there to be Judged, plus you are also ENJOYING the Notoriety of being his Son. Saw your performance and it is not so GREAT, maybe you can watch some of your father's Taping' and see why he commands so much respect for his work!

Comment by mr1stroke on March 19, 2019 at 3:26pm
Every one makes mistakes and we often day things out of anger, but i strongly believe many weak people are honest on 2 occasions they will say or do what theh always kept inside, its when they are angry and when they are drunk especially when they are people around they are trying to impress, in the case of this new erra many people feel strong on social media, and will try to impress the 500 people who dont know them and dont care about them. At the ens of the day we are all knew his occupation, it is not an excuse but you admit he has been there financially, why dont you ask the million of kids without fathers not only they dont get to see their fathers they dont get no financial support, so think again ask your self what if you didnt have all that, do you know the consequence for a son who disrespects his father? Dont let this society throw you out of bounce
Comment by albert . grant on March 19, 2019 at 2:40pm
He was misguided and there are certain things that you said cannot be taken back.
People used social media nowadays to get publicity i think this kid knew exactly what he was doing.
Comment by lynz on March 18, 2019 at 1:05pm

Time and place for everything. He had bad intentions trying to tarnish his reputation. Deal with that in private. Period. He don’t have friends to talk to? Why social media? Bad mind! 

Comment by vaughn mitchell on March 17, 2019 at 1:24pm
He should have kept it out of the media. Buju, has 17 kids, damn, how can he be a father to all 17, when he spend 10 years in jail. The son has a point, but he should have kept family business out of the media. We see buju, the artist, but the father we do not know, we are not privilege to that.
Comment by Jeffrey L Donovan on March 16, 2019 at 7:05pm

Healing begins with forgiveness. Forgiveness is not easy, but if we are to prosper, we have to forgive. It may be a parent or just a ordinary person, but forgiveness removes the impediment that blocks us from succeeding.  As move towards Easter we will remember that the first thing Jesus said was Forgive them. Pain of hunger, isolation, hurt, be it physical or mental can run deep, but we still should find it in our hearts to forgive. It does not mean that we have to bring this person back into our circle be it relative or friend. Take the high road son, live and let go.

Comment by God must be a white man on March 16, 2019 at 4:21pm

Two things, what THE hell wrong with us BLACK PEOPLE? in using language to express our thoughts and words, what hell is

Put Him On Blast. and what's it meaning?

who speak like that, 

Next if he the (son) did say that, then he does not care about his dad image from his point of view, yes, his dad what he did and pay for it, don’t further bring him down, (the dad). If he the son is not comfortable with what was done by his dad, say nothing keep it to himself, as he the son is still been looked at as the son of a what ever he called his dad, not wish is this the son.


Always remember (everything/anything) negative or positive, it will come back to you/us, if you have nothing good to say, shut up! When it’s possible can hurt you too.


We are all human. And we do foolish things through out our life.

Closing "Cast the first stone if you have no Sin"

Words to the DAD try and change that image in your SON eyes and everyone else who sees you as that, in away tell them, they have not walk in your shoes, saying, don’t judge me.





Comment by gina gene on March 16, 2019 at 3:59pm

No one can speak or judge on what his kids knows. We as fan's only knows Buju as an artist!

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