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Brooklyn DA dismisses over 3,500 ganja cases

Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez on Tuesday asked the court to dismiss 3,578 marijuana cases that remained on the docket mostly because of open warrants.

With this move, nearly all marijuana cases in Brooklyn have been dismissed.

Since the State Legislature legalized marijuana in March, the DA’s Office dismissed about 240 active cases in which marijuana was charged, while marijuana charges that are included in felony cases are being dismissed in the course of court proceedings.

“For too long, criminalization of marijuana has disproportionately impacted young people and communities of color whose members made up about 90 percent of those arrested,” Gonzalez said.

“These arrests ruined the lives of thousands of people over the years, saddling many with criminal convictions that prevented them from pursuing opportunities in life,” he added. “That was why, in Brooklyn, we stopped prosecuting possession cases in 2014 and went further in 2017, declining prosecution of nearly all smoking cases as well. A year later, we also moved to dismiss warrant cases.”

Gonzalez said he was gratified that the New York Legislature legalized marijuana earlier this year in a bill that included an automatic expungement provision.

Since its passage, he said his office has moved to dismiss open cases, stating that he will no longer bring pending marijuana charges before grand or petit juries.

“Today, I asked the Court to dismiss over 3,500 warrant cases that remained in the system, effectively clearing the Brooklyn docket from these vestiges of previous models of policing and prosecution,” Gonzalez said. “I hope that these actions will help strengthen community trust in the justice system, and allow us to continue moving forward with more fairness and equity.”

The Brooklyn District Attorney on Tuesday appeared before Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Keisha Espinal and requested that 3,578 pending marijuana cases be dismissed and that the court vacate any relevant arrest warrants, judgments of conviction and guilty pleas related to those cases.

Gonzalez said his office has been leading the city in marijuana decriminalization. His predecessor, the late Ken Thompson, stopped prosecuting marijuana possession cases in Brooklyn in 2014.

In 2017, Gonzalez, as the acting DA, went further and declined to prosecute nearly all marijuana smoking cases as well.

As a result, he said marijuana arrests in Brooklyn, which numbered in the thousands every year earlier in that decade, had slowed to a trickle by 2018.

In September 2018, Gonzalez moved to vacate over 3,000 summons warrants for marijuana possession and dismissed the underlying cases.

In December of that same year, he moved to dismiss over 1,400 criminal court warrants.

His office also initiated a program to erase and seal old marijuana convictions, and Gonzalez urged Albany to clear those convictions en masse through legislation.

Currently, Gonzalez only eight cases that include marijuana charges remain in Brooklyn Criminal Court; they involve allegations of driving while impaired.

In the Brooklyn Supreme Court, marijuana charges that are included in more serious felony cases will be dismissed in the course of court proceedings, and those charges will not be brought before any jury, Gonzalez said.

He thanked the Office of Court Administration, especially Antonio Diaz, acting chief clerk of New York City Criminal Court, and Charles Blaha, acting borough chief clerk of Brooklyn Criminal Court, for facilitating the dismissals.

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Comment by John Smith on March 21, 2022 at 4:48am
Comment by Jam aica on August 5, 2021 at 6:08pm
Comment by caribmama on August 3, 2021 at 2:54pm

I heard they even rolling up blunts in full view on the train. LOL!!!!! My New York! Gotta love it!!!!!!

Comment by 420 Fams on August 3, 2021 at 3:21am

Sha’Carri Richardson’s Tokyo dreams went up in smoke due to a positive test for cannabis
Flamboyant sprint star Sha’Carri Richardson wasn’t in Tokyo on Saturday for her eagerly anticipated Olympic debut within the women’s 100-meter race. TOKYO 2020: SHA’CARRI RICHARDSON SUSPENDED

The 21st-century Flo-Jo with painted nails, a flaming orange weave and blazing speed on the track isn’t welcomed at the Tokyo Games.

That’s what happens when an Olympic athlete gets caught smoking marijuana in 2021.

Richardson, 21, is serving a one-month suspension after testing positive for cannabis. She said she smoked to assist deal with news about the death of her birth mother.

Richardson watched from afar Saturday as Jamaican sprinters swept the medals in one among the Olympics’ showpiece races. Elaine Thompson-Herah broke Florence Griffith Joyner’s 33-year-old Olympic record with a time of 10.61 seconds.

Teahna Daniels of the University of Texas, the highest American, was seventh out of eight finalists. Richardson’s personal better of 10.72 seconds would are good for the silver Saturday.


Medical marijuana use

MEdical marijuana laws

Richardson’s suspension has reopened a debate about what constitutes cheating. It also underscores once more hypocrisy within the Olympics.

One athlete is punished for employing a drug that’s legal in 19 states — including Oregon where Richardson tested positive.
Meanwhile, 334 Russian athletes are competing in Tokyo although their country is officially banned thanks to shocking state-sponsored doping abuses.

Major League Baseball, the NFL and NHL have removed penalties for marijuana use in recent years. The NBA  does random tests for cannabis.

Sebastian Coe, president of track and field’s worldwide administration , publicly supported a review of marijuana’s status on the earth Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list.

“It should be,” Coe told reporters last week. “It’s sensible.“You adapt and infrequently reassess.’

Anti-doping officials cite three pillars for keeping marijuana on the banned list: enhancing performance, posing a health risk and violating the spirit of sport.

Marijuana’s inclusion as a banned drug began in Japan at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games when Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati tested positive for cannabis after winning the sport’s first trophy . 

He claimed it had been a results of second-hand smoke. After first losing his medal, Rebagliati had it restored because the International Olympic Committee didn’t include marijuana on its banned list at the time.

Buy weed online

Tokyo 2020 news, Sha’Cari Richarson


Rebagliati became a moment celebrity and now’s a cannabis entrepreneur.

The central question is why the drug is taken into account performance-enhancing within the first place.

It seems counterintuitive. General health concerns over marijuana use include a discount of eye-hand coordination, reduced motor coordination and loss of concentration — conditions that might hardly enhance athletic performance.

Edwin Moses, a member of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s board of directors, said the overall public often is confused about the meaning of “performance-enhancing.”

Anti-doping officials say the active chemical in marijuana — THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol — can decrease pain, anxiety and depression which successively could help athletes better perform struggling .

In the youth of drug testing, officials included beta-blockers and alcohol, substances that helped target shooters and biathletes steady their nerves to help performance. Cannabis arguably offers similar benefits.

Moses, one of the simplest 400 intermediate hurdlers in history, said sports officials also don’t need athletes competing while “high” thanks to the danger of great injury in events like diving, gymnastics and combat sports.

Others argue an equivalent might be true of alcohol, which isn’t banned. it had been away from the WADA list in 2018 within the four sports that banned its use.

Over the years, the edge for a positive cannabis test has been raised to A level that an athlete would wish to be “loaded” to be detected. 

In other words, a positive test is at A level that doesn’t punish infrequent users; also, cannabis, marijuana and hashish are prohibited only during in-competition periods.

Richardson, who publicly apologized for her use, got a minimum suspension of 1 month by showing she didn’t take the drug with the intention to realize a plus . the utmost suspension is 2 years.

Recreational marijuana, cannabis dispensary,


The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has had a few of cannabis cases this year, including the suspension in June of Houston sprinter Kahmari Montgomery for one month.

Montgomery’s coach, former sprint great Leroy Burrell, declined to comment Friday on the case or the merits of getting cannabis on the prohibited list.

Anti-doping officials said it pained them to suspend Richardson, who became one of the marquee American athletes scheduled to compete in Tokyo after winning the 100 meters at the U.S. trials.

Richardson was raised by a grandmother in Texas. She learned about the death of her birth mom during an interview just before the track trials, she said. 

The news sent Richardson into a state of emotional panic.

Mental health issues and solutions

Others may need turned to alcohol for relief. Richardson chose pot. Now she is paying the results .

U.S. track and field officials didn’t include Richardson on the Olympic team although the suspension will end before the women’s 4X100 meters relay this Friday in Tokyo.

“To remove a top athlete like that, we’re one among the few countries who would do this ,” Moses said.

Richardson has “has said all that must be said” her agent Renaldo Nehemiah wrote in an email Friday evening.

However, Richardson was difficult to ignore for the beginning of track and field, taking to Twitter after a U.S. mixed relay team almost was disqualified for a missed baton exchanged. 

“Missing me yet?” she wrote.

Richardson’s absence was felt more profoundly Saturday on the track, Perhaps the sobering result — a seventh-place finish for the U.S. — will ignite more discussion of a problem that even caught the eye of President Joe Biden.

The rules are the principles ,” Biden said in June. “Whether they ought to remain the principles may be a different issue, but the principles are the principles .”

What is the future of cannabis?

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Comment by Tyrone on August 1, 2021 at 11:25pm

You gotta say one thing......these guys sure know how to keep us asleep.  Don't you love it when master beat you then tell you how much he loves you while his foot is on your neck and you can't breathe?  The black community is the only community where this shyte is done without zero f*cks given.

Comment by mr1stroke on August 1, 2021 at 7:04pm
Eric Gonzalez id a f***** who have been terrorizing the black community for years, keeping the white men's slave business alive, for the niggers who don't read and don't research, this is good news to them, they will applaud him like they did Biden for Juneteethn, every time the white men give you part of what he took from you, celebration is part of the plan like grace came down from above, its so sad he will run for office on the count of this news and you will vote for him in great numbers, the behavior of slaves

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