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Sean Kingston Smack Down Unruly Fan With Mic

Sean Kingston Hits Penthouse Club With $900K Lawsuit For $300K Chain Theft. Claims Their Security Set Up His Beating & RobberySean Kingston

Sean Kingston gave one unruly fan a smack down using his microphone and seems some of his other fans are agreeing with his actions.
The incident went down while the reggae-pop star was performing SinCity Nightclub in Australia on Thursday night. TMZ reported that one fan decided to make his performance a bit difficult by throwing ice at him, flipping the bird, before spitting on him. Seems the spit was when Kingston lost it and used his microphone to smack the rowdy fan.
You can see in the footage below that Sean Kingston was visibly upset. What is still unclear though is whether or not the mic did made contact with the fan just in case six months down the road a lawsuit pops up.
Perhaps this was a fan of The Game, but what is he doing at a Sean Kingston concert.

Perhaps this was a fan of The Game, but what is he doing at a Sean Kingston concert.


Sean Kingston Beaten & Robbed Of 300K Chain Just 7 Months After Having A $225K Watch Stolen While Kidnapped

Sean Kingston believes he knows the culprits behind his recent beating and robbery at the Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in West Hollywood.

As we previously reported, the 26-year old "Beautiful Girls" hit maker was at the club when he was strong-armed out of a $300,000 chain.

TMZ reports that Kingston has filed a $900,000 lawsuit against Penthouse, alleging that at least one of their employees set him up.

The singer, born Kisean Anderson, says he was in the VIP section when a security guard told him another person in VIP wanted to speak with him.

When Kingston approached the individual he was allegedly hit in the head with a champagne bottle, punched and had his chain snatched.

Police were called and a report was filed, but no arrest was made at the time because Kingston's assailant had fled the scene.


Sean Kingston Talks Giving Back In Jamaica, New Album, Buju Banton & More {VIDEO}

It's time for Sean Kingston to hire bodyguards because he's been strong armed out of expensive bling for the second time in seven months.

As we previously reported, the singer, real name Kisean Anderson, claimed a jeweler kidnapped and took a $225,000 watch from him in November 2015, following a business deal gone bad.

Cops investigated, but no charges were filed.

According to TMZ, the 26-year old who found fame fame in 2007 with the hit song"Beautiful Girls" has been robbed again.

This latest theft involves a $300,000 chain.

Kingston was at the Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub in West Hollywood recently when 2 men approached him. The situation turned hostile when the individuals started punching the singer. During the scuffle one of the men took Kingston's chain.

By the time the cops arrived the thieves were gone. 

A police report was filed and cops are now investigating.


BREAKING: Sean Kingston Released From Hospital /Sean Kingston looks Healthy As He Tweets Pic From Hospital Bed/Kingston To Make Full Recovery/Sean Kingston is now stable after crashing Jet Ski into a Miami Beach bridge

Sean Kingston interview

Sean Kingston is currently in Jamaica working on his new album. The reggae pop star recently shoot a music video on the island for his new single “One Away” produced by Chimney Records.

The singer says he was vacationing in Jamaica for the holidays and that turned into him doing some work with some local producers and artists.

Kingston sat down with Winford Williams last week where he opened up about his Jamaican roots, his new album, and his friendship with Buju Banton.

“While I was here I was able to go back to my old school Ocho Rios high and talk back to the kids and donate a few laptops to them and it feels amazing to be able to give back and put a smile on those kids faces and give them hope and inpsire them to be whoever they want to be,” Sean Kingston said.

Sean Kingston in Jamaica

The “Beautiful Girl” singer says that he long absence from music is mostly due to his lack of creative control of his music going forward.

He also spoke about being mentored by incarcerated reggae singer Buju Banton and even visiting him in prison a few times in South Florida.


MSNBC---Singer Sean Kingston has been released from a Miami hospital over three weeks after his frightening jet ski accident in Miami Beach, officials said Wednesday.

Officials from Jackson Memorial Hospital confirmed the 21-year-old was released Tuesday.

The "Beautiful Girls" singer had been at Jackson since the May 29 accident. Officials say Kingston and 23-year-old Cassandra Sanchez were injured when their Sea Doo struck the bridge connecting Palm Island with the MacArthur Causeway.

Both Kingston and Sanchez were pulled from the water by a helpful boater.

Kingston had been rushed to the hospital in critical condition but has improved steadily over the past few weeks, hospital officials said.

Kingston took to Twitter Sunday night to give an update on his progress and thank his fans for sticking by him.

"Feeling alot better! GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!" he wrote.

It's unknown where Kingston was heading to after his release.



A picture speaks a thousand words and on Sunday night, Sean Kingston spoke volumes when he sent a picture of himself, from what appeared to be his hospital bed via Twitter.

Kingston, who was rushed to the hospital on Memorial Day Weekend after a jet-ski accident in Miami, was first said to be in critical condition before he was moved to the ICU days later. On Sunday, however, the "Beautiful Girls" singer looked a lot better in a photo he posted, in which he's sporting a fresh haircut and holding up two fingers. "Feeling a lot better! GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!" he tweeted.

MTV News reached out to Kingston's publicist, who could not provide any more information at press time. What we do know is that Kingston was riding his jet-ski with a female passenger, Cassandra Sanchez, when he crashed into the Palm Island Bridge at approximately 6 p.m. ET on May 29. Kingston and Sanchez were rescued by an off-duty Coast Guard employee who told TMZ that the pop star was "puking up blood out of his mouth." Another witness told the gossip site that he noticed a gash under Kingston's chin after the crash.

Sanchez was released from the hospital with minimal injuries, while two unnamed sources told CNN that SK suffered a broken jaw, fractured wrist and water in his lungs. Earlier this month, a Kingston rep told MTV News the singer was "aware of what is going on around him" and that he was "sedated but fully conscious."

Now, Kingston's twitpic and message has provided further comfort for his fans. JASZ_mine tweeted, "So happy that sean kingston is feelin way better now. God bless you always sean. We love you C."

"Just saw a picture of Sean Kingston. He lost weight and looks like he's doing good," DoyinAudrey tweeted, while Bieber fans also sent their well-wishes via the social-networking site. "So happy Sean Kingston is doing a lot better now," IBieberLead wrote.


Sean Kingston’s jet ski passenger will not be pressing charges against the singer after they suffered a horrific crash into a Miami bridge over the weekend.
Cassandra Sanchez was left unhurt following the crash while the 21-year-old singer was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, he has since stabilised.
And while Cassandra has spoken how she told Sean Kingston to slow down following their crash she has outlined that she will not be pressing charges against him.

She told TMZ: ‘I know he didn't mean to get either of us hurt.I know this whole thing was just an accident. I won't be pressing any type of charges or hiring a lawyer. Sean is a good guy.’
‘I am going to be visiting him in the hospital at some point soon and hope he has a speedy recovery.’



Kingston in still being treated at Ryder Trauma Center and the extent of his injuries are not yet known. 

Meanwhile pictures of the white jet ski the pair had been riding have emerged following their crash.
While there is not extensive damage to the body work of the jet-ski it is missing the left handle bar.
Speaking about the accident Cassandra had previously told TMZ that she 'begged him to slow down' just before the accident.
Sanchez and Kingston have apparently been friends for a long time and she arrived in Miami Beach with another female friend to ride jet skis with the singer and his friend on Saturday evening.

'Both jet skis pulled out of the dock at the same time and we were going so fast we just blasted past them,' Sanchez said.
'When we turned a corner and crashed... they were so far behind us they didn't even see us crash,' she added.
As the pair raced towards the bridge, she said she yelled at Kingston: 'We can't fit under there! Are we going to try and go under there? Sean stop!'
She described how Kingston tried to turn from the direction of the bridge at the last moment but it was too late and he lost control because they were going 'really fast'.

Sanchez says her next recollection is waking up in the water in pain.
Their friends on the other jet ski rushed over to assist them and called for help.
Kingston's friend apparently positioned the singer in a way so he would not swallow any more water.
'[Kingston] was coughing up blood, foam and pink stuff', Sanchez said and when he came to kept on saying, 'I'm hurting. I'm hurting.'



Hip-hop star Sean Kingston is in critical condition after being injured in a bad jet skiing accident earlier today in Miami Beach -- this according to local reports.

According to, Kingston had a female on board his watercraft when it crashed into a bridge around 6 PM local time.

The Miami Dept. responded to the scene and both Kingston and his female passenger were transported to nearby Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Officials are investigating the cause of the crash.

Story developing ...


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Comment by Susette Bookal on June 30, 2016 at 10:55am
Not gonna be surprised if a few years from now he's broke! Seems like he's all about the bling!
Comment by The Dark One on June 28, 2016 at 11:05pm
Why in the world would you walk around with a house around your neck, that's like having ten cars in your garage and you can only drive one, you don't see bill gates doing that s***... use your money wisely, spend wisely. .. invest !
Comment by Shamir Akida on June 28, 2016 at 9:00pm
Ah fuckry dat straight
Comment by Layla on January 28, 2016 at 10:06pm
Continue to excel in your career Mr Kingston, but remember be humble and invest your resources wisely.
Comment by Suzette on June 24, 2011 at 10:53pm
 Happy to know they are both ok.
Comment by julianne benjamin on June 24, 2011 at 10:13am
God is so good sean need 2 give em thanks 4 every thing e done 4 em
Comment by MERLENE KING on June 23, 2011 at 4:49pm
To God be the Glory lets give thanks and Praise to our heavenly Father have a blessed recovery in Jesus Christ Name.
Comment by MISS SEXY FOR YOU 43 on June 23, 2011 at 3:36pm
thank god is doing much better
Comment by shambra apoo on June 23, 2011 at 2:30pm
I am real happy to know that He is feeling ok thank God.
Comment by Rockyhes on June 23, 2011 at 1:43pm
I am happy for them both..Cassandr Sanchez a and Sean Kingston ..

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