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BREAKING - Megyn Kelly to leave Fox News for NBC: Anchor turns down 20Million contract to take 'triple role' with rival network following heated negotiations

Megyn Kelly leaving Fox news to take job with NBC 

  • Megyn Kelly has taken a job with NBC after a heated battle among a number of networks to sign the Fox News host
  • The news is a devastating blow for Fox News, where Kelly was seen at the future of the network
  • She will have a triple role at NBC with a daytime news program, a Sunday night news show and will also be part of the network's political coverage
  • There is no word on what her salary will be for this broader new role at NBC
  • Kelly decided not to resign with Fox News despite their offer of a $20m annual contract to keep hosting The Kelly File, which premiered in October 2013
  • The Kelly File is Fox News' second-most watched show behind The O'Reilly Factor, whose host Bill O'Reilly is also negotiating his new contract this year  

Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News. 

The popular host of The Kelly File, who many saw as the future of the network, has taken a job with NBC.

In a statement released on Tuesday, NBC revealed that Kelly will anchor a one hour daytime program running Monday through Friday on the network, along with a Sunday evening news magazine show. 

She will also be involved in the network's political and breaking news coverage.

'Megyn is an exceptional journalist and news anchor, who has had an extraordinary career,' NBC Chairman Andrew Lack said of his high-profile hire. 

'She’s demonstrated tremendous skill and poise, and we’re lucky to have her.'

Kelly's decision to not reup her contract with Fox News, where she has worked for the past decade, is a devastating blow for the network.

She was reportedly offered an annual salary of $20million to stay on at the channel, where her program The Kelly File has been a massive ratings success ever since it debuted back in October 2013.  

Game over: Megyn Kelly (above in December) has taken a job with NBC after a heated battle among a number of networks to sign the Fox News host

Game over: Megyn Kelly (above in December) has taken a job with NBC after a heated battle among a number of networks to sign the Fox News host

The New York Times, who first broke the news, said that it was the triple role that lack offered Kelly at the network which persuaded her to sign with NBC.

She will also be working with the NBC News teams to help develop her weekday news program ahead of its premiere.

There is no word on how much money Kelly will be making in her much broader new role at NBC, but it will be less than her Fox News offer.  

She is currently making $15million for what is now her final year with Fox News according to the Wall Street Journal.  

The news of Kelly's departure from Fox News for a post at NBC puts to an end months of speculation about the future of the popular host, who was said to be entertaining offers from almost every major broadcast network and CNN. 

It also marks a remarkable ascent for Kelly, who got into the field later in life after becoming disillusioned with her career as an attorney. 

She began shooting up the ranks at Fox News soon after she landed a role as a contributor for the network back in 2004, at which time she was working in their Washington DC office.

Kelly began appearing on the network's most popular shows, and by 2007 she was already hosting her own program on the network, America's Newsroom.

Three years into that job she got another big promotion, leaving behind Newsroom and her co-host Bill Hemmer for a solo hosting gig on America Live.

And after three years in that role Fox News made the announcement that Kelly would be given her own primetime news program.

Kelly largely refused to speak or even comment about her future at Fox News over the past few months.

She did however confirm some reports about what Fox News was offering her last month in an interview with The Washington Post.

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Comment by dc on January 4, 2017 at 12:10pm

@mr1stroke you said so right I applaud you. 

Comment by glen la on January 3, 2017 at 2:54pm

She will be happy at her new home, Fox need to start actually having fair and balance news instead of one side news.

Comment by mr1stroke on January 3, 2017 at 2:54pm

and thats what negros dont get, she is royalty white people takes care of white people especially their little barbie precious white girl, i remember some of you were crying wolf feeling sorry for her during the feud with trump but just didnt get it was all publicity stunt, youre too busy worry about whats going on in white folks life you have no idea how to fix yours and get lifted, now she is 20 mill richer and you are where exactly? lol well i let you figure it

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