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Why Having a GPS Would be Good for You

Is your boss, spouse or significant other tired of your excuses for running late? Does sitting in backedup traffic send your blood pressure through the roof? Having GPS in your vehicle could be good for your career, as it can help you find the quickest way to your new client's office or inform you of traffic delays and provide a different route during rush hour. Having a GPS unit could be good for your relationship, since you will no longer be late for a date, dinner or other appointment. In addition, you can use it to find the nearest flower shops, jeweler or romantic restaurant and appear as though you spent hours of thoughtful planning.

You can use a handheld GPS for hiking, camping, hunting, golfing, fishing, boating and horseback riding. Another wildly popular use for a handheld GPS is geocaching, which is a sport that requires you to use a GPS to go on a hightech treasure hunt. Learn more about these good for you activities using a GPS in the Bright Hub articles Uses for Handheld GPS Devices and Handheld GPS for Horse Riding. Using a GPS can steer you away from harmful traffic conditions, dangerous neighborhoods or simply becoming lost. If you have a certain type of software, your GPS can be used by family members and friends to track your location. This might be an ideal feature to help you keep track of your children or elderly parents. It is also good if, for example, you are traveling in an unfamiliar locale or hiking and camping.

You can stay safer on the road with a GPS, as well, as you will not have to fool with a paper map or interior lights when you should be watching the road. You will have a good idea of the best lane to be in to avoid an accident or other problems, and you may even be able to make phone calls handsfree, depending on the type of GPS you use.

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