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cure cancer

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has become the first person to successfully cure cancer in mice using laser-activated nanoparticles, according to Black Culture News.

Unlike traditional cancer treatments, Green’s revolutionary and unique nanoparticle technology, which was found to successfully cure cancer after testing on mice within 15 days, does not require chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Green received a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to expand her nanoparticle cancer treatment research.

Green’s interest in cancer treatment stems from witnessing the death of her aunt, Ora Lee, who suffered from cancer, and her uncle, General Lee Smith, who also was diagnosed with cancer and experienced the negative side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Green is, not surprisingly, highly educated. In her pursuit to fight cancer she obtained her bachelor’s degree in physics and optics from Alabama A&M University and later earned her master of science in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, both of which she received full scholarships for. After earning her degrees, she transitioned to the Comprehensive Cancer Center for five years and the Department of Pathology for one year, according to

Currently, Green’s Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation, the nonprofit she founded in memory of her aunt, is continuing to fight cancer using laser-activated nanoparticles and focusing on its mission to make cancer treatment accessible, affordable, and effective. She devotes time to helping young black students as well.

Strides in cancer treatments/cures are very important. According to the American Cancer Society, in the U.S. alone, an estimated 606,520 people will die from cancer in 2020. This equates to 1,660 people dying of cancer each day in 2020. Approximately 69% of people diagnosed with cancer between the years 2009 and 2015 were alive five years after their diagnosis. This is higher than people who were diagnosed with cancer between the years 1975 and 1977. Between these years, 49 out of 100 people, or 49%, were alive five years later.

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Comment by Latoya Wap Johnson on December 8, 2021 at 4:09pm

vaughn mitchell white people gettin killed too u just aint hearin about it on your local plantation slave ownin news democrat owned network, #openyoureyes

Comment by Latoya Wap Johnson on December 8, 2021 at 4:08pm

mr1stroke there so many different perspectives in the world

so many different flavors in the world and u choose to be salty

Comment by vaughn mitchell on December 8, 2021 at 4:02pm
@ Latoya Johnson, have you been living in a cave? We are not victims of oppression anymore? Are you crazy, black men are getting killed all over America. When it comes to housing and jobs we are still being oppressed. Just because this one awesome black woman did what no one else has done, and believe me some white person are going to come out and said that they found cancer first , that does not mean we are still not oppressed. We can't even jog in peace with getting round up and killed. We have to deal with these crazy Karen's. Sister you need to wake up.
Comment by Latoya Wap Johnson on December 8, 2021 at 4:01pm

mr1stroke I don't get locked up because I don't do foolishness.

You ain't nothin but a victim sugar.  Get yo ass off yo shoulders.

You ain't never seen a plantation in yo life.

The one thing the human mind is proficient at is getting programmed and honey, yours got programmed dead ass wrong.  This new generation comin up ain't spoutin the same vile your generation is.  get with the times booboo

Comment by mr1stroke on December 8, 2021 at 3:44pm
Latoya Wap Johnson lol are you serious black people are no longer victims. White people are not the oppressor, well why are you still marching for the same issues, why are you still getting locked up wrongfully, why do white people can just call the cops on you abd its okay , why are you still getting shot by cops like dogs, yea you had a black president, but what has he done for you that brought changes, please list those things and where so we can research? At the end of the day you can do what ever you want when white people tells you and how, look around you or wake wake up and face the reality, black people are still slaves to white people in many ways, they own you in every way, they brought over 1800 afghans illegals they make them legal, your great president said he will give them $800 a month for rent assistance plus spending money, your great governor of NY have $20 million to the holocaust museum to fight hate crimes. Now she just gave $2 million to assist the afghans immigrants, but cutting programs in the black community, cutting school programs and merging schools in the same building due to funding. What exactly do you call that compare to other communities. The only reason people like you don't think its slavery is because you have been too comfortable with your master. He lets you out the plantation and allow you to come back when he wants, wake up you're still answering to white people, you don't own no businesses in your community, you have no one on DC that can pass any bill or policies, stop it
Comment by Latoya Wap Johnson on December 8, 2021 at 3:14pm

Sheldine do you girl but imma let u know, we aint no victims of no oppression anymore, you can achieve ANYTHING so stop preachin like u held down by somebody cuz u aint held down by nobody but yaself!!!   realtalk!!!

Comment by Sheldine Forde on December 8, 2021 at 3:11pm

Latoya Wap Johnson, you win gurl, cuz I am not fittin to be going back and forth with you about this ish, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion yeah? any you have already stated yours. Have a good day love.

Comment by Latoya Wap Johnson on December 8, 2021 at 3:03pm

Sheldine i got rid of that victim mentality a long time ago, i aint never been a slave and I know plenty white folk who got it worse than plenty black folk, we already had a black president, ya'll keep creating micro-aggressions and treating them like it's the m********** martin luther days, ya'll on some s*** fr fr

Comment by Sheldine Forde on December 8, 2021 at 3:00pm

latoya Wap Johnson why are you so mad? Gurlll listen, you don't hear white people saying white this or white that because they don't have to, they have the white privilege, so there is no need for them to say it. Yes black this and black that because we do not get credit for ish.

Comment by Latoya Wap Johnson on December 8, 2021 at 2:47pm

Ya'll niggaz is the most racist mf I ever seen on earth.  All you talk about is black this black that, you don't hear white people EVER sayin "white this white that"

Ya'll some lame ass niggaz.  js

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