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Black Trump Supporter, 60, Shot Dead in Broad Daylight [VIDEO]

Bernell TrammellBernell Trammell, a well-known Black supporter of Donald Trump, was shot to death in broad daylight on Thursday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The motive for his murder is unclear and Milwaukee police are seeking what they described as “unknown suspects.” 

Locals are now calling for federal prosecutors to investigate.

As reported by The Blaze, Patricia Holland, who lives near the crime scene, said she heard multiple gunshots near Trammell’s business, Expressions Journal Publications.

“I seen the ambulance and stuff – the police flying by my house, and I just said, ‘Oh my god,'” Holland said. “What happened to him, I mean — it shouldn’t happen to anyone. It’s a senseless death.”

Trammell was known as a “Rasta street preacher,” who supported Black Lives Matter and even had a hand-painted sign outside his store that read: “THUMBS UP BEFORE GUNS UP!”

“He was a happy person,” Holland said of Trammell. “He always talked to everybody that came by basically, say hi and speak to them.”

Trammell was reportedly an independent who supported both Republicans and Democrats.

“He believed in democracy. He believed in his right to free speech,” said local John Self. “I don’t think he ever once tried to convert you or change you. He would just tell you what he thought, he would listen to what you had to think, and then he would respect that.”

“He was a kind man,” Johnny Schaeffer, who knew Trammell for almost his entire life, told Heavy. “He was a gentle guy. Some people didn’t like what he said, but they respected him for the most part, I thought. I’d go down there, people would always say, ‘Bernell, hey.’ He knew everybody in the neighborhood. I am shocked right now.”

“He was a positive guy,” blogger Adebisi Agoro  said. “I didn’t see him being mean or violent at all toward anybody while he was outside with his signs. He’d be on his bike. I’d see him pretty much daily.” Agoro spoke with Trammell just hours before the shooting, according to the report. Bernell Trammell

“He’s a black elder who didn’t deserve to die the way that he did,” Reggie Moore, director of Milwaukee’s Office of Violence Prevention, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Milwaukee Police are investigating Trammell’s shooting.

“Anyone with any information is asked to contact Milwaukee Police at (414) 935-7360 or Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at (414) 224-TIPS or P3 Tips App,” the Milwaukee Police said.

Andrew Hitt, chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, has called for federal prosecutors to investigate the murder of the 60-year-old.

“Because of Trammell’s well known political activism and the possibility that his murder could be politically motivated, I respectfully request that United States Attorney Matthew Krueger open an investigation into this heinous crime,” Hitt said in a statement. “No American should fear for their personal safety because of where they live or their political affiliation.”

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Comment by mr1stroke on July 30, 2020 at 4:03am
Niggers are the worse they will not go after those Trump supporters who are marching with riffles, but will feel the have the right to destroy a black man just because he has different concern, niggers fear white people but love to destroy a who ever looks like them, they are a cursed
Comment by rafael monzon on July 30, 2020 at 12:24am

SMH took a man's life for nothing. If his support for Trump was that offensive why didn't they go after people that are die hard Trump supporters. Brainwashed Aholes. 

Comment by mr1stroke on July 29, 2020 at 1:40am
The reason why its happening its because negros are loyal to their masters, they are still in the state of slavery, they are afraid of change and will not embrace it even if it means well, some people are willing to take risk for the better, but will not die with the same old tactic, some people have reasons for change and will follow it not all of us have to die as slaves or live with the slave mentality
Comment by AA on July 28, 2020 at 8:40pm

I understand times of hatred are at boiling! But this man should not have been killed because of his belief and who he believe in. We have to all come together and stop all the hatred that we possibly can. In this governmental systems of things. I don't think hate will ever be stamped out. it's too much evil in the world. Only one can make a loving caring change and remove hate is Jesus Himself, and that's not happening no time soon. So the only thing we can do in the meantime is to try and remove much hate as possible. 

Comment by mr1stroke on July 28, 2020 at 2:17am
This is why you should stay away from niggers, white niggers, other type of niggers, we all have rights to make our choices, but id you dont make dumb decisions with them they hate you, thats why i tell people be ready to drop a n***** when it comes to your life choices, they are so so retarded and used to be slaves they will kill you if you refuse struggle with them.

You may have differences with Trump for personal reasons you hate him ok we got it we are not against it, the rest of us choose to support him for reasons that benefit us, the extra stuff does not concern us, negros are so retarded they have been voting democrats since the 60s, but got nothing, they say your vote count but you too stupid to balance the vote compare to the success and the progress in the community or black people in America, you are so used and comfortable to be slaves the democrats give you nothing, what democrats politicians ever walk your community, other than come to your churches for vote, if the democrats are not racist compare to TRUMP who has been president since 2016 what have you got for the time you been voting democrats, dont blame Trump for anything because you did not vote for him lets talk about those you vote for

But niggers repeat anything white people tell them to, you are too stupid to know that a vote without agenda or demand means nothing, thats why the democrats give you nothing but hand outs, no opportunity, so stop being retarded, you vote for any one who sounds good abd support your retarded mind, 90% of you who votes know nothing about the candidate or ask what will he do for you nor will you hold him accountable, you vote for whom the white politicians or white media tell you to

Right now your white politicians are slapping you in the face but you too dumb and love your masters to realize that, they are telling you they hear you, they are with you they know you fed up so they will pass police reform, those are the same politicians you have been voting for, let me guess while those innocent black people were being murdered they did not hear you, they did not hear your pain, how stupid are you not to see whats happening, where have they been? Well they want to capitalize and bring the economy back so they have to use their slaves, every body is selling you something, they are desperate for power they want Trump out they have to rely on your votes, so what will happen after, i will be laughing at the niggers who will be complaining, so killing that black man will not stop others to support Trump not every black person want to die as slaves or serve others all their lives, i will march on that pole with 3 guns on me, when i debate i have my 9 with the 33 rounds magazine, i know the mentality of the niggers, f*** you all and i hope that man rest well he is at peace now, niggers are a cursed to black people, they cause us more pian than white people, they make it easy for white people to bring us pain, may they burn in hell with their maker Satan
Comment by Lu on July 27, 2020 at 11:20pm


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