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Beyonce Gives $7 Million Toward Homes For the Homeless in Houston

By: Evette Champion

When it comes to keeping secrets, no celebrity can pull it off quite like Beyonce.

Throughout the past few years, she has been donating money to the Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments in Houston, Texas—the city where she grew up. To date, she has donated $7 million to the project which was launched in 2007 in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.


The housing complex has enough space for 43 men and women who would be homeless without the complex. The facility provides meals, job training, HIV/AIDs screenings, as well as case management services. The final goal is to provide residents with the ability to be self-sufficient with time.

Reverend Rudy Rasmus, revealed Beyonce’s philanthropic endeavor to KHOU 11 News and said, “[She] has an incredible heart and has been extremely helpful in our mission and our ministry here.”

Houston’s fight against homelessness has  improved significantly over the past few years. In 2014, the Houston Homeless Count revealed that approximately 5,351 individuals around the city were without a stable shelter any given night. This number dropped by 37 percent from 2011 when the count was closer to 7,400 people.

This is not the first instance of Beyonce giving back to the community. The singer has had her hand in a plethora of charities and foundations throughout the years. Along with this contribution, her biggest effort is for the Survivor Foundation which she founded with Kelly Rowland, fellow member of Destiny’s Child. The foundation helped victims of Hurricane Katrina and it’s most notable accomplishment is the Music World Cares Christmas Carnival. The carnival enabled over 300 low-income families to enjoy holiday festivities such as entertainment, a visit from Santa, free toys from a toy giveaway, as well as plenty of food for all.

Beyonce also shows that she cares for her fans, which was noted when she visited two fans who were hurt by a fireworks display during one of her concerts. When she arrived at the hospital shortly after the concert was over, head nurse Darryl Williams shares, “She was just very concerned about the people injured in the audience. It was unannounced and we kept it very low-key so that she could spend time with them.”

It’s nice to learn of celebrities with so much impact on the public give back in ways that are under the radar. If the Reverend didn’t talk about Beyonce donating so much money for the housing complex, do you think anyone would know just how much she has contributed? It makes you wonder how many other celebrities give back without the desire of being praised or recognized.

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