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Chris Brown Video Proves Female Fan Lying About iPhone Snatching

Chris Brown Kenyan Calls For Deportation After Snatching Female Fan’s iPhone chris-brown-05864

Chris Brown performed to a sold out crowd that same weekend and eventually the story blew up on the female fan who got trashed on Twitter for her false reports.


Gun Case Against Chris Brown Lacks Evidence, D.A. Unlikely To Pursue

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is under pressure from his fans in Kenya who are calling for his deportation for snatching a female fan’s iPhone.

Sources told Urban Islandz that the female fan was taking a pic of Breezy when he got angry, snatched her phone and smashing it on the ground. Other reports suggest that the female fan was trying to take a selfie with Brown upon his arrival at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on Saturday.

Chris Brown confirmed yesterday that he is flying to Africa for a big performance this weekend. “Jet set. AFRICA….. ON THE WAY!” he wrote on Twitter.


Some of the singer’s fans in Kenyan have been voicing their outraged on social media with some calling for his deportation using the hashtag #DeportChrisBrown.

“#DeportChrisBrown we are working hard to empower women and he has come to smash their phones. Wewe Chris brown,” one fan wrote.

“When a fan pays 10k to see you and you smash her phone when she tries to take a selfie, is this good? #DeportChrisBrown,” another fan wrote.

Despite getting some backlash from some fans, Brown has been getting support from others who will be in attendance at his sold out concert tonight.


Chris Brown Calls Baby Mama A Scammer, She Called Him A Bad Father

Chris Brown and his attorney, Mark Geragos, have maintained from the beginning that an accusation the singer pulled a gun on Baylee Curran in August while kicking her out of his Tarzana home was bogus.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles District Attorney will most likely not pursue the case for lack of evidence.

Baylee Curran

As we reported at the time, Curran, a former Miss California Regional beauty pageant winner, called police on August 30 to made the claim.

Brown was arrested later that day. 

TMZ reports that the case was supposed to be presented to prosecutors 2 weeks later, but the D.A. didn't think it would stand up in court.

Police were given an additional 2 weeks to come up with better evidence and failed to do so.

Authorities don't believe the 2 guns that were found inside a duffle bag Brown allegedly threw out of a window can be tied to him.

There's an outside chance law enforcement could pursue a misdemeanor assault prosecution with the L.A. City Attorney, but the case is weak which makes that scenario unlikely.


Chris Brown GUN Accuser Baylee Curran Admitted To Setting Up Singer

Chris-Brown-Nia-and-Royalty (1)

Chris Brown is going after his baby mama Nia Guzman on social media calling her a scammer, but she is not sitting back quiet.
Last week, Breezy saw some fallout from his gun case involving Baylee Curran where Japanese authorities denied him entry into the country for a concert. He was also paid a visit from child services after his baby mama filed a report. This means that he will now only be allowed supervised visits with 2-year-old Royalty.
On Thursday, Chris Brown too to his Instagram account to blast his baby mama calling her a scammer who refused to work and try to get more money out of him. “JUST SO EVERYONE IS CLEAR!!! NIA IS A SNAKE, GOLDDIGGER, CREDIT CARD SWIPE, FREELOADED, professionally UNEMPLOYED, and F***ING BIRD! I WISH THIS B**** WOULD ACTUALLY WORK AND APPLY HERSELF INSTEAD OF TRYING TO USE A CHILD AS A MEAL TICKET,” Brown wrote.

Breezy also posted a video ranting about how he is unfairly targeted and continues to blast Guzman. “I don’t get the benefit of the doubt as everybody else,” the R&B singer said. “Somebody making accusations and ninety percent of ya’ll believe it and it’s bullsh**. The last three weeks with all the accusations everyone know its false and even the people reporting it knows its BS. So in the midst of that it start to trickle down into my parenthood and me being a father. I take great pride in being a father and I love my daughter… I take issue with someone using my daughter as a meal ticket.”

Nia Guzman hit back saying that Chris Brown has been high while spending time with their daughter. “Let’s not forget how u were high as f**k around MY BABY! Let’s not forget how she was naked and no pamper with a house full of MEN!!!! …F**K YOUR MONEY… Your money ain’t with the safety of my baby,” she said on IG.


Chris Brown's Lawyer Says No Guns Were Found In The Singer's Home: "It's Become Apparent That The Allegations Are Not Just False But Fabricated" Chris Brown 2017 photo

Chris Brown accuser Baylee Curran admitted in a text to one of her friend that she was going to set up the singer and she did just that on Tuesday.

The former beauty queen allegedly sent a text to a man name Safari confessing that she is upset that Chris Brown kicked her out his house and is going teach him a lesson, TMZreported.

“Hey safari don’t you know this freak Chris brown is kicking me out of his house because I called his friend jewelry fake,” the text message reads. “Can you come get me my Uber is messing up if not I’m going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson I’m going to set his ass up. Lol come get me.”

Safari was not too thrilled by what Curran said and lets be clear this is not Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels. “Really that’s f*** up you ain’t going to do that your wrong if you do,” Safari allegedly responded to her text.

Chris Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos is in possession of the text and is trying to authenticate it to use as evidence in the assault case against the singer. There are also reports that Safari has had previous issues with Baylee Curran who allegedly stole a Rolex watch from him a year ago. She has denied the allegation and the two have not been on speaking terms until now.


Chris Brown Gun Accuser Baylee Curran Was Stripped Of Her Beauty Pageant Crown For Using Racial Slurs. Has A History Of Making Up Death Threats (Video)

Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, continues to insist that claims his client pointed a gun at a woman who was at his house Tuesday, August 30, are false.

Attorney Mark Geragos

Baylee Curran called police on the night in question and told them that Brown forced her out of his Tarzana, California home at gunpoint. She claimed it was because she touched a diamond necklace that was being showcased by one of the guests there.

Brown was arrested the same day on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and released later that night after posting $250,000 bail.

On Wednesday, September 1, Geragos told the Los Angeles Times that police didn't find a gun or the necklace Curran referred to when they searched Brown's residence.

Chris Brown's Tarzana home

“It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated,” Geragos said.

Baylee Curran

Authorities continue to look through surveillance footage seized from Brown's home to see if there is any evidence to back up Curran's claims.

Brown's arraignment is scheduled for September 20,

As we previously reported, Curran has allegedly made false claims of threats against her life in the past.

She is also wanted for questioning by the NYPD in regards to a purse that was stolen in 2013.

Earlier this year, Curran was stripped of her Miss California Regional beauty pageant crown for making racial slurs, posing for risque photos and unfavorable behavior.

Pageant official have tried to get her to return the sash, crown and money she received, but she refuses to do so.


Baylee Curran, The Woman Accusing Chris Brown Of Pointing A Gun At Her Is Wanted For Questioning In NYC Purse Theft

More information is coming out about Baylee Curran's past and it's far from flattering.

E! Online reports that the former Miss California Regional beauty winner was stripped of her crown after only three months because of inappropriate behavior, that included racy photos and the use of racial slurs.

"The racial comments were regarding African Americans," a source told E! Online. "Baylee made racial slurs to the person's face. This person was someone very closely related with the pageant directly that she should have respected."

Chris Brown Free After Posting $250,000 Bail

Curran has several photos on her Instagram page wearing the pageant's sash and crown. The source says officials have tried to get her to return them, but she refuses to.

According to a report by TMZ, Curran also allegedly has a history of making up death threats against people she has conflicts with.

Her former roommate, Princeton Roseboroughtold the website that Curran filed a restraining order against him in 2013.

Curran claimed that Roseborough threatened to hire a hitman to kill her and physically assaulted her by pushing her head against a wall, hard enough that an ambulance was called.

Roseborough filed legal documents at the time accusing Curran of lying. He insisted that she was trying to attack his girlfriend and all he did was restrain her.

A judge issued a temporary restraining order against Roseborough, but when it was time for trial Curran was a no-show and the case was dismissed.

On Tuesday, August 30, Curran called police claiming Chris Brown pointed a gun at her while she was at his Tarzana, California home.

The singer was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He's free after posting $250,000 bail.

A man named Safaree (not Nicki Minaj's ex) told TMZ that he received a text from Curran that night saying she was going to set Brown up.

"Hey safari don't you know this freak Chris brown is kicking me out of his house because I called his friend jewelry fake," the text allegedly read. "can you come get me my Uber is messing up if not I'm going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson I'm going to set his a** up. Lol come get me."

Safaree responded by telling her, "Really that's f*cked up you ain't going to do that your wrong if you do."

Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, is trying to find out if the text is authentic.

According to TMZ, Safaree might be harboring a grudge against Curran because he believes she stole his Rolex last year.

Curran's friend, Christian Bonilla, told TMZ Live that she texted him a message the same night that read, "This motherf*cker's about to go down."

Check out that video below, as well as Waka Flocka's reaction to the controversy.


Baylee Curran is wanted for questioning by New York City police for an alleged 2013 purse theft.

TMZ reports that Curran was partying with friends at The Plaza Hotel when they began arguing. Curran reportedly snatched a woman's $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse and took off running.

She dropped the purse while hotel security was chasing her, but it's contents, a Michael Kors wallet, $200 in cash and credit cards were missing.

Curran was gone by the time cops arrived.

NYPD issued an I-Card for her. It's not an arrest warrant, but gives them the right to question the beauty pageant winner if they catch her in the city.

Curran's reps told TMZ that they had no idea the police were looking for her. They accused the friend of being the thief.

Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon Tuesday, August 30, after Curran called the police claiming that he had pointing at gun at her while she leave his Tarzana, California home earlier that morning.

Curran alleges the incident occurred after she touched a diamond necklace that was being sold by someone at Brown's home.

Brown was released from Los Angeles County jail after posting $250,000 bail Tuesday night.

The singer's attorney, Mark Geragos, said via Twitter that the accusations against his client were bogus.

"Thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes," Geragos wrote. "Chris is out and well. The allegations against him are demonstrably false."

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Comment by mr1stroke on October 16, 2016 at 4:09pm

and i realize most of the brothers who are married or in relationships especially the one with the baby mamas are having a raw deal those same women are calling the cops on those men as soon there is an argument, black women are facing their own monsters, and i realize because the women who raised them did not know any better they tell those women go out and get a man that can takes care of them, but never told them about a good man, or what she has to be as a woman in order t get a good man, and a good man these days to women is a man with money so good luck women, as for me im living the dream of exploring sex i do not think about relationship i work too hard unless that person is on the same level or similar as me, mentally and life style wise, lets get a room and say good bye it is so bad i dont even trust bringing women in my house because i am always traveling and there are many of those females setting up men so i keep them away

Comment by mr1stroke on October 16, 2016 at 4:04pm

gina gene black women went from black situation to desperate they are running after white boys thinking they will find a way out, even online in 2016 you have black women who have profile telling the world sorry they do not date black men they only date white men or other, now the way you phrase proves my point and many people on here can tell you i always break it down like this, instead of the black women work it out with a normal black men working hard trying to make it, they rather go out trying to chase the basketball players or rappers, but correct me if im wrong why are you worrying about the famous guys they are living in a different world and most of them have always been insecure and their goals were always to get a white woman once famous, but if black women stop being driven by greed instead of worrying about the rich guys how about the postal worker, which by the way my uncle was a postal worker grossing 120k a year which helps him start his business, how about the ups guy, the construction worker do they matter, because i know most women think like that as a business man i take no chance in relationships, i trust no women so i just live the dream, so until black women stop thinking about opportunity every day and start look at the average next door working that same 9-5 you are talking about which some of them hold two jobs, most of you women are only digging a hole for your selves, while you are worrying about the famous guy they are not worrying about give you or another a chance after all why would a man just jump and give opportunity to someone on a lower level im not making a million dollars a year i wont even date a woman who is not in stable position for the fact that i know she is only after opportunity, not saying its right or they all think like that but has men trying to get on top we have to be careful too many money hungry gold diggers out there 

Comment by gina gene on October 16, 2016 at 3:32pm
If only these famous brothers wld leave these white trash gold diggers alone & give us black sisters whos working a 9-5 a Chance. Just because were not wealthy dosent mean we dnt love hard and protect our brothers.
Comment by mr1stroke on October 16, 2016 at 4:08am
Ab Gai these days we don't know who to trust every one are saying the same thing they are good they are strong they are the best how do we know who is who when they are like the devil so we have to deal with them like evil
Comment by Ab Gai on October 16, 2016 at 12:46am
I was going to say that you can't trust people, but according to Maya Angelou, people show you who they are in the first few it that's who they are and you need to believe them. In other you can trust people, just believe when they show you who they are.
Comment by Kyra-Lee Marie Wilson on October 15, 2016 at 7:52pm
See What Happens When You Tell Lies About Someone That Not True
It Comes Back To Bite You On The Ass Big Time Lol
Comment by mr1stroke on October 15, 2016 at 5:20pm

lol is a damn shame as much as women talk about strong, smart and want respect every day there is a whore jumping out the bushes looking for opportunity trying to get a quick pay day and people want us to feel sorry for them when they are found dead, good luck b****** really good luck you are only making things worse for other women, no wonder aint no men marrying yall 99.5% of women these days just aint worth it the next 5% we just cant trust we dont know who is who so we are just living the dream f*** them and leave them, dont blame us blame your selves

Comment by mssusieqno1 on September 27, 2016 at 2:31pm
I agree Donnette!
Comment by team-night-vision-surverillance on September 8, 2016 at 10:23pm
These dude's don't learn they big in the business and still f*** with hoes.liers R just like thieves stay away from them.treat them like A virus
Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on September 7, 2016 at 2:41pm
@Dr.Phil ip Valentine; What about freedom of choice/ Freedom of spirit? Lastly, you never supported "free Willy"?

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