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Teacher arrested after breaking the jaw of boy, 7, and knocking out two of his teeth as he 'disciplined him for being disruptive in class'{VIDEO}

City Springs Elementary School teacher arrested for breaking boy's jaw in class

(CNN screen capture)

A Baltimore tutor is being investigated by police after a 7-year-old boy in his care suffered a fractured jaw and two missing teeth after the tutor allegedly threw the boy against a wall for misbehaving.

“I looked in the ambulance and there’s my son, his face big, mouth bloody. I turned to the man, ‘I said, ‘This isn’t regular restraint,” Lateekqua Jackson, mother of Trayvon Grayson, told CNN affiiliate WBFF.

The tutor claimed that he took the boy out of the classroom because he was misbehaving and that Trayvon “hit himself” on the wall, but his mother isn’t buying it.

“He can’t throw himself into the wall and fracture his jaw and lose his teeth,” she said. “He’s only 7 years old. He’s so small he’s not going to do the damage to himself.”

Larry Schugam, the executive vice president for the Baltimore Curriculum Project, said that he felt “heartsick” over the incident.

“This is an unusual, isolated incident for our schools, and we are participating in a thorough investigation into what exactly happened,” Schugam told CNN. “Until that investigation is complete, the one employee involved has been suspended.”

The Baltimore City Public Schools said that it “will take any action warranted once the investigation is complete.”

Trayvon Grayson suffered a broken jaw, cuts, bruises and had two teeth knocked out in the assault. Another tooth had been pushed into his gums
Trayvon Grayson suffered a broken jaw, cuts, bruises and had two teeth knocked out in the assault. Another tooth had been pushed into his gums

Trayvon Grayson suffered a broken jaw, cuts, bruises and had two teeth knocked out in the assault. Another tooth had been pushed into his gums

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Comment by Big Shot... on February 19, 2017 at 7:53pm
Oooooooh, OK, so now, having a brain and using it for what it is suppose to be for is being bourgie??? Look, I don't know how old you are, but you have a whole lot to learn. I've heard this only from ghetto rats that realized that were simply out of their league and they would never be able to sustain the queens position. Understanding, knowledge, learning, intelligence, mental growth, self respect, respect to others, is self upgrading on a universal level. This is higher learning and intellegence 101. Most of us come from broken homes, but we all don't have to live that life of a broken, damaged child soaking in self pity. When you know better you do better, period. I come out of a big family, and my mother did much on her own. So I see the difference between those that can, will, and those that simply won't do. For whatever the reasons. Some have everything given to them and they still mess their lives up with a plethora, of compiled bad choices. It's not always about where you come from, there are many wealthy people that have bad children or poorly raised kids.. Money doesn't raise children, wise informed adults do...
Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on February 11, 2017 at 6:48pm
I'm saying you must be very lucky to be at such a bourgeois level that you can look down on people that you are certainly not better than, that are single parent families.

Also if you or anyone bourgeois like you feels that it's okay to discipline a child - or beat them as brutal as this one, deserves the very same treatment at the very least.
Comment by Big Shot... on February 10, 2017 at 5:53pm
Luck? LOL, no, it's a system. That statement says a lot about your understanding on this topic overall. NOT good. There is no luck being relied on when knowledge is passed.. No luck, just good 'oil handed down tradition. Rules, discipline, punishments and rewards.. I come out of a big family, have helped raise many children, I have 5 educators in my family that all have 15-20yr backrounds, I know a few teachers and also 2 school board chairmen (1 just was made head district chairman 2yrs ago)... So I know from more then just my personal experience or simply being another over emotional person talking crap.

Everyone takes this position before they live and they learn just how outrageous and ridiculous some of these kids are, and how far they will go. Again, its all learned behavior or allowed behavior that only gets worse. These are the same ones that end up going right into the jail system (rotating through it) because they were never corrected when they were kids (these are all of you enablers fault. A career criminal, from never getting corrected).

Now, the teachers are the only ones there as a last result, before they get to that lock-up age. People assume too much, they need to learn and understand more before running their mouths. We have kids out here at the ages of 7-10y-o committing serious crimes, having sex, and have no respect for any authority, who thought them this or allowed them to get away with doing these things, for it to get so far out of hand where it is a problem in society? (Basically thrown in the lap of the teacher). Well it's not the ones trying to teach, help or fix the problem, the problem is at home.. So anyone sending their wild little animal to a decent school where others are trying to learn, they should expect them to get checked or thrown out.

Lucky I'm not the Principal in any of these schools, cause I would send C.P.S. right to your crib after the 3rd incident. And after 3 more I would physically put their problem azzes on the little retarded bus and ship them out to the nearest hospital for psychological evaluation. The next step is a "baby jail" if I see I'm wasting my time completely (Some kind of Juvenile detention center). No one has time to waste trying to fix a situation bad parents don't care about, or too ignorant to know that their monster is the schools or the school district's biggest problem.

Other kids wanting to learn should be able to, the well behaved or normal children have a right to their education and should not be cheated. They also have the right to be in a safe environment, not getting abused, terrorized or exposed to wild behavior. You want your kid in a normal school setting, raise them right and no one has a problem with them, everyone loves a good kid. We all melt wanting to give them more and help them as much as possible, even with lots of extra rewards. Only lazy, ignorant and plain old bad parents, give passes or make excuses for bad kids. Do your daam job. No one forced you to have them and they did ask to be here. They are no ones responsibility ultimately but yours, school is NOT a daycare/babysitters for little terrors, it's an institution for learning. Distractions keeps that from occurring.

You know, they started to pass some laws around 20yrs ago on holding parents accountable for their children's actions and behaviors. It's starting to look like maybe I was wrong opposing that. Maybe if the ones that created the problem was held more responsible through law, reckless careless behavior by parents concerning raising their children would not exist. Everyone would break their neck to do what they're suppose to do anyway. Sounds more and more like a good idea these days. Because being ignorant and making bad excuses doesn't change/fix anything. It doesnt help any of the kids exposed, any of the kids always causing trouble/problems, nor, help the good innocent children and our nation to be strong..
Comment by scott cheers on February 7, 2017 at 7:36am

That kid is 7 years old, there is no damn reason to bust a 7 year old like that I do not give a damn what he said to you.. Next some of you sound like real idiots to blame a single parent for the child getting his jaw broke. You do not even know the mother of this child first of all nor what the hell she go thru on a daily basis to raise this kid. Knowing America like I know it, I bet as a black woman she goes thru hell daily just living, not to mention raising a son alone. Miss me with that blame the parent white bullshit excuses. That is still no reason for a grown man, a so called teacher to break his jaw...

Comment by scott cheers on February 7, 2017 at 7:29am

you people say what the hell you want, no teacher should be busting a child in the face. That teacher would already be dead or in a coma had it been my kid. I am not hearing excuses, or why he did it. DEATH!!!

Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on February 7, 2017 at 4:19am
Too bad that no one teaches Parenting 101, and that is very evident in what your saying. "Bad kidz,bad parents. Bad attitude, if you can't respect children as individuals then you'll never gonna get the best from any one of them. Also for someone that now, right now that has it so good and think so negative, he must be very lucky. Luck can't be duplicated, you will only be appreciated for what you have, and not what you do. Just like the bourgeois , similar attitudes.
Comment by Big Shot... on February 7, 2017 at 2:00am
And it's easy to find excuses for something or someone without knowing the whole situation, so what's your point???

Where your flawed is, We have seen the same things over and over again, so has the State. So that's simple minded and a poor excuse now. Taking that same weak do nothing, no accountability approach, has gotten us no where for a long time. That's why we are here now where teachers are baby sitters and wardens instead of just educators. This is why our kids continue to be under-educated. Bad kid, parents fault, plain and simple. Anyone defending this crap is most likely one of those bad parents or are linked to one, making excuses for them and their sorry azz kid. Sorry Charlie, Children can't raise themselves, they need help from an adult, their guardian or parent. If you spoil them you mess them up, if you neglect them you mess them up, good deeds and hard work gets rewards and you don't reward bad actions or language, you must know that there is a balance to it all. Parenting 101...

Your children are a reflection of you!
Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on February 6, 2017 at 3:26pm
It is easy to place blame without knowing the whole situation, to me it doesn't matter who is at fault as much as the safety and welfares of this child. In America people had the freedom or liberty to make their own mistakes, they gotta live with that.
Comment by Big Shot... on February 6, 2017 at 12:23pm
I hear @Jerome S, nut whether we want to or not, this is real, it is happening, and we have to own up, take accountability, and fix it.

I will never say it's 100% her fault because the facts state otherwise, however we have all witnessed well raised kids, a hem, a treasure, love to be with them, around them, want to do much for them. Children with manners, well spoken, and the OTHER types. Mannish, loud, rude, destructive, disruptive, nasty, almost uncontrollable/wild, deliberately annoying and troublesome. A majority of this is learned behavior, either taught to be this way, or allowed to be, and grow up like that without any correction. Most of these kids are NOT special needs children either. They don't need drugs, they need an ass whooping by their parents/guardians, early. It's apart of control. If you have never punished, spanked or corrected your child, you are the reason they think and behave they way they do. That's bad parenting and its mostly your fault. This is not the 1st time in history that we've had single parents, maybe not as much, but it has always existed to some degree.

The problem now is people are having kids and don't have a clue on how to raise them. Then get upset when their kid gets the spot light because they know it's a reflection on their parenting. But that "angry at the messenger mess", don't change squat (which is all we ever witness). Acknowledgement, understanding, asses, plan, and changing through action, does repair most of the issues.

Many want to blame the guy that isn't there, but I refuse to at this point knowing that it's a high number of males over the yrs that have been pushed out of the picture in almost every way, except squeezing him for a check. And if that's all these air heads think a man is for, then it's clear this is why our communities are in shambles.

You mentioned me speaking political, well, I don't know if you know, but our lives are ran and Governed, through politics. Every aspect of it is effected and controlled by levels of politics. This is why many of our women have been lead astray following the psychology of white women for more then 40 yrs and are just starting to realize that they've been taken for a ride. Those women don't care about THEM nor THEIR people. They only wanted the numbers, just like the homosexuals. So in then end of it all, blk females were used and played by those white feminists, getting very little in return. But along that ride, blk females families suffered because they mentally (some also physically) were somewhere else.

If she is given the power over the child/situation, and he has no say so, (b/c of law/Government), then you can't blame anyone but them. They are willing participants in the act. You can not blame the guy, when she choose him 1st of all, then is forced out carelessly and ignorantly. He's not there by her choice, wanting all control and power. Want to be the boss, big cheese, well you got it. BUT now, when it all blows up in their faces, they want to hand the blame and problems to the one that was removed out of the situation. It doesn't work like that. Take responsibility and ownership. Time to be humble and work with him to fix it. Not push the LIE that HE just left her alone to struggle (that's the trick of divide & conquer by the white supremacist. The caused it, funded the movements & helped push for the control through law, Under the guise of feminist liberalism.).

So, although law of the land has a lot to do with it, it is ultimately up to the female to make the final decision to have the child's father in the child's life. If she doesn't want him around, she can, she will, (and as we have seen), has, made it almost impossible for many men to be in their child's life. It's mean, evil, spiteful, forever damaging to the family and specifically to the child, but most don't care or are too ignorant to realize this until it's too late.
Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on February 5, 2017 at 8:03pm
Nuff respect @ Big Shot ; because some portion of your comment was mostly politcally, charged & I agree about this miseducation of the blk race in even more than parenting. I'm just not going to blame this single parent for the direct harm that came to her child like that.

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