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People voted from America became a Democratic Nation, freeing themselves from the British to be better represented.

From George Washington to Barak Obama the 44th President, and over two hundred years, people have been voting to have the change that will better their life, only to see life and human conditions become worse.

After two hundred years following the same road that became a deception to the mind of the people in believing they are given a choice between Democrat and Republican when it is the same one path they are following, and that they are voting for hopelessness?

Is it because the few that win the political lotto find themselves in a better situation they become the sales person for the deceivers.

It is politics and politicians who got rid of those that dreamed and fought for freedom, so why would the people continually vote for their enemies, and refuse to get off the merry go round?

To not vote and not see changes is better than to vote, and not see changes but become a contributor to the misery of life that you are voting against.

Unless you are in the cage of the have, who are blinded to their own imprisonment because of their personal material glory they use to tell others that they too can find a place in the cage.

Life offers us two paths, and if you live in hope and dream by following the same path for over two hundred years and the life of the majority was made better, then there would not be any need to be continually voting until now, and having the blind tell you that you need to vote so that your voice can be heard.

If one is voting just to have their voice heard, then they are looking in the wrong direction, they need to go and make a record and hope that they get a Grammy.

There is where your voice will be heard; it will not be heard voting for politicians, who need your vote so as to wash their hands like Pontius Pilate did in the betrayal of Jahsus.

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