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Azealia Banks Rips Nicki Minaj “You’re A Tuna Not A Mermaid”

Azealia Banks comes for Teyana Taylor and Teyana claps back Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks is back to dissing Nicki Minaj on Twitter.
Nicki Minaj teases her new music video “Bed” on Instagram and in the clip she dressed as a mermaid lounging on the sand while the water splashes on her tail. Azealia Banksthinks that Nicki should stay out of a mermaid suit because she is more like a Chicken of The Sea Tuna. “Why does Nicki Minaj have to be so damn corny,” she tweeted. “Like sometimes it’s just like sis !!!!! Find some art !!! Please !! Lol.”
“It’s giving canned tuna sis. Your hips and booty too big for that mermaid tail lol. She tried it tho… that’s cute,” she continues. Banks later added, “Nah she can keep it now. She’s giving me aunty chicken of the sea tuna in a can baked potato vibes. I’m good on it now bye barbz.”
Of course, Nicki Minaj Barbz are already coming for her, and she doesn’t care, she is ready for them. Azealia Banks later added that she thinks Nicki Minaj stole a lot of stuff from Lil Kim. “Did she invent any of the sh*t she stole from LIL Kim and accuses female rappers of stealing from her?” she said. “Or was I really the first rap mermaid??? Hmmmm azz yourself. Did nicki invent Barbie or did Kim invent it?? Hmmm who started mermaid?”

Banks even suggested that Cardi B outshine Nicki Minaj this year. That statement will divide fans since Cardi undoubtedly had a phenomenal year in hip hop. “Sh*t even cardi outshined her ass this year,” the Harlem rapper said. “The truth of the matter is that the nicki Minaj reign is up. I saved her from iggy but she didn’t follow through on the plan to save her from cardi. Now cardi is going to eat her alive and there’s nothing I can do. I’m done with her.”


Azealia Banks: 'I Was RAPED By A 'WHITE WALL STREET GUY' . . . Gives FULL Details

Image result for Azealia Banks comes for Teyana Taylor

Azealia Banks seems to be on a mission to call out a few fellow artists this week but her latest attempt to come for Teyana Taylor fell flat.
Just a day after engaging in an epic social media dustup with Cardi B, Banks attempted to throw some serious shade in Taylor’s direction by accusing her of stealing dance moves from choreographer, Matthew Pasterisa.
When Azealia Banks shared a BTS video of her dancing to her single, “Anna Wintour,”  a few fans noticed the familiar moves and asked her if she stole them from Taylor’s moves in the video for Kanye West‘s “FADE.”

Azealia responded to the fan’s comment by accusing Teyana Taylor of stealing the choreography from Pasterisa and not giving him credit for his moves. “lol you mean the choreography she stole from @bornready_matt and tried not to give him credit until he got a lawyer involved…,” she posted.

Banks should have known Teyana Taylor os not to be messed with. The outspoken artist clapped back in a hurry and provided several receipts to clear up the confusion.

“@azealiabanks So I was too busy enjoying my Mother’s Day yesterday! But today is a new day! Junie is taking a nap so mama got ah lil bit of time TAHDAY!!!! WASSUP!!!! @bornready_matt give ya friend some clarity with all her inaccurate information, so she can stop spewing out all of this false information,” she captioned the video.

Pasterisa chimed in with his side of the story and seemed to avoid siding with either of the ladies completely. Instead, he acknowledged that he had been given credit by Taylor but also revealed that he was salty about the situation.

“I posted this Beyonce “End of Time” Choreography on YouTube. When I used to Teach Dance classes in a Basement. To make things very Clear I am very THANKFUL FOR THE VMA OPPORTUNITY And I Thanked you @teyanataylor Numerous of Times and Showed love. I’m Truly Blessed for it BUT Honestly, I didn’t know any thing about “FADE”, I didn’t Get any calls about it and I didn’t Receive any pay …. (SHE DID GIVE ME SOME CREDIT) I was truly hurt and Felt Stolen from …. I took it with a Grain of Salt and Continued to remain Humble. I’m not here to Drag anyone and this wasn’t intentional but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH ! (NO WE DIDN’T GO TO Court),” he wrote.

Taylor followed up with more receipts and a detailed explanation about why Pasterisa wasn’t paid for his work on “FADE.”

It looks like Azealia Banks felt some kind of way after the exchange because she took time to post a lengthy explanation about her intentions.

“Speaking ones mind doesn’t equal activism. Everyone is flawed. I simply see things from MY eyes and MY point of view. When I speak on anything it is purely to open the discussion for people who may or may not be thinking the same things. The concept of me “attacking” other women is a hard one to process because it’s subjective and purely an analysis of what YOU see. But I will say that brushing the core of the things I say off as pure negativity is not at all reflective of the REAL, insightful and objective free-thinker I am. I’ve been at this free thinking s*** for a LONG TIME. When I ignite these discussions surrounding black cultural affairs, it’s to make sure that the things we are consuming and validating are acceptable and worthy of inclusion into our culture, psyche, and lifestyles. And if something’s don’t work for me, I’m allowed to make the personal and artistic choice to consume what I see, as I see fit,” she wrote.


BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Azaelia Banks . . . Was RAPED LAST NIGHT!! (Details)

Two days ago female rapper Azealia Banks told fans that she was raped. At the time she gave very little details on what happened. Well now she's talking.

Previously, on Saturday morning the 26-year-old rapper/singer posted and quickly deleted on her Instagram story. On Saturday MTO reported that, according to Azaealia, she was attacked and was on her way to the police office headquarters at the time this article was posted.

The "212" rapper told fans that the man who she claims assaulted her is a "white wall street guy." Azealia claims that the two of them drank a lot together, but Azealia believes that she was drugged.

Here is the rap princess' full account of what happened:



Page Six reported the incident as well and says that after the incident Azealia said, “I just feel so dirty and stupid right now, you know? We were just hanging out and one thing led to another,” she said. “I just feel really dumb, because it was partially my fault… I’m just like sitting here like feeling f–king low and sh-t… I just want to f–king disappear right now.”

This horrible incident comes after Azealia inked a $1 million record deal. Earlier this month Azealia also released a new singled called, "Anna Wintour." We're not sure if CHARGES have been filed with the police department, Banks did not name her alleged rapist in her Instagram story.

It seems as if she's doing better now, because that's what she said her fans in an Instagram story.


Azealia Banks says Cardi B is the ‘poor man’s Nicki Minaj’Banks_Bleach

Rapper Azealia Banks is claiming that she was raped last night. The female rapper went on social media to make the announcement.


According to Azaealia, she was attacked and is on her way to the police office headquarters at the time this article was posted.

She's with friends too. Here is what one of her homies told her fans:


Fans have been showing support for Banks via Twitter:

  • Azealia Banks has stated she was just raped on her instagram story. I dont care what anyone thinks about her, when someone makes a statement like this, what youre supposed to do AS A HUMAN BEING is to demand justice and send love, prayers and offer whatever help u can provide.

  • adam ali Retweeted

    People like you are so f****** disgusting. A woman says shes been raped and yall immediately disbelieve her based on previous actions thats she has APOLOGISED for. When someone is raped the HUMANE response is to demand justice and offer help and love. F*** outta here

    adam ali added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  • Retweeted


Arrest Warrant Issued For Azealia Banks After She Skips Court For Breast Biting Case

Cardi B just recently made history as the first female rapper to hit the number 1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 since Lauryn Hill did it almost two decades ago.

In order to do it, Cardi B passed Nicki Minaj’s previous record, the number 2 spot for “Anaconda,” when “Bodak Yellow” surpassed Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” that catapulted Cardi B to the top.

But while Nicki Minaj herself has even reached out to Cardi B to congratulate her on the historic moment, not everyone is necessarily pleased about it.

Azealia Banks took to Instagram to drag Cardi B, saying first of all that the real songwriter behind “Bodak Yellow” was a friend of Cardi’s boyfriend and that Cardi B was successful because she was willing to “f*** for raps.”

“Everybody in the hood already said that you f*** for raps,” Banks said, adding, “Come on, you are the poor man’s Nicki Minaj at this point.”

Banks then blasted Cardi B, claiming that she had hoped to hear “something original” but grudgingly added, “Congrats on your Number 1.”

“It’s great that you made it,” she added. “I’m sure it inspires a lot of other bum b*****s.”

She ended by calling Cardi B a “f*** toy” and saying that she had better enjoy her moment while it lasted.

Check out the audio below.


Rihanna Calls Trump an “Immoral Pig” Over New Muslim Ban

The New York Police Department are on the lookout for Azealia Banks.

She was due in court on Monday, March 6, for an incident in which she allegedly bit the breast of a female bouncer. Banks failed to show and the judge in the case issued a warrant for her arrest.

Harlem, New York rapper was arrested December 16, 2015, and charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault, following an altercation at club Up&Down in New York City.

Banks reportedly went to the club with an invited guest to attend a party for one of the club's owners. The event was invite-only and attendees were required to get their hand stamped before entering.

When Banks tried to enter the downstairs party she was told to go back up to get a stamp. An argument ensued with 2 bouncers who didn't recognize her.

She reportedly threw a fit and started “screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing” and using racial slurs. A club owner spotted the commotion and allowed Banks in.

Still angry, Banks reportedly attacked the female guard.

A witness says she.“spit in the [female bouncer’s] face.” As Banks was being removed from the club she allegedly bit the bouncer's breast hard enough to almost rip her shirt, causing swelling and redness.


Azealia Banks and Rihanna feud online over Donald Trump



While many struggle to quietly come to grips with US President Donald Trump’s travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries, some have shown less restraint.

Among them was a very vocal Rihanna, who took to the President’s favourite platform on Saturday night to protest the temporary suspension of the US refugee programme and the blocked entry into the country of citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

“What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS,” Barbados’ pop princess posted on Twitter.

The hitmaker collected 174,669 Retweets and 381,396 Likes within hours.

It’s also worth noting that Rihanna has 69.4 million followers compared to Trump’s 22.7 million.

BadGalRiri has never been shy about expressing herself. She took to the streets to protest against Trump in the recent Women’s March and endorsed Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.

She has also remained firm in the face of personal attacks on her anti-ban stance, most notably from rapper Azealia Banks, who questioned (in a since deleted Instagram post) the Bajan superstar’s right to speak out as a non-national, told her to “shut up”, and suggested that the Work singer should “read some books.”

But Rihanna was by no means alone in her frank disdain of Trump’s controversial policy, with other dissenting celebrity voices including Kim Kardashian West, Kerry Washington, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Mark Ruffalo, Sia and John Legend.

Legend’s supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen, an outspoken critic of the real estate mogul, simply tweeted, “Donald Trump is an unwell, evil human being. To the core.”

Academy Awards organizers also vented their outrage, because the ban blocked Oscar-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi from attending the Oscars, where he was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

And in an unprecedented move, former US President Barack Obama issued a statement saying that he was “heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country,” and that he “fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.”


Witchcraft Cleanup: Azealia Banks Sandblasts 3 Years Worth Of Sacrificed Chicken Remains Off Of Her Floor (Video)

Rihanna and Azealia Banks are beefing on Instagram and it seems to be over Trump’s travel ban from some Muslim countries.
The Bajan singer has been making her voice heard on social media in a strong way since newly elected US president signed an executive order banning travels from certain countries in the middle east. On Saturday, Rihanna took to Twitter to blast Trump calling him an “immoral pig.”
The controversial Harlem rapper didn’t take too likely what Rihanna had to say about the president so she fired off a feisty response that triggered an immediate clap back from the queen of clap backs herself RiRi. “As far as Rihanna (who isn’t a citizen, and can’t vote) and all the rest of the celebrities who are using their influence to stir the public, you lot really REALLY need to shut up and sit down,” she wrote on Instagram.
In the caption she also wrote about her full support of Donald Trump executive order to ban Muslims refugees. “There’s absolutely no way to end this war but to finish it ourselves,” she continues. “It’s TERRIBLE, do I agree with it , NO, do I personally like what’s happening , NO! But I can say that as an American who enjoys her safety and overall ability to maintain a certain level of ignorance as pertains to the world outside of our borders , I am 100% shook about open borders and would be reallllllllllllly scared for my self and my family if any parts of that war began to become real on this soil.
Rihanna was also out last week in New York City supporting the Women’s March for equality. The Caribbean native has always let her voice heard on social and political issues affecting the world. Just this weekend she was in Malawi supporting underprivileged girls as part of her charitable foundation and as global ambassador for education for young girls.

This was what Rihanna originally wrote on Twitter.

Disgusted! The news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes! What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS!!


On Sunday, Azealia Banks and Rihanna got into a feud on Twitter.
The whole thing started when Rihanna took to the social media site to slam President Donald Trump’s travel and refugee ban: “Disgusted. The news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes! What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS!!”

But Banks, an avid Trump supporter, wasn’t going to let Rihanna’s comment pass.

“As far as rihanna (who isn’t a citizen, and can’t vote) and all the rest of the celebrities who are using their influence to stir the public, you lot really REALLY need to shut up and sit down,” she wrote. “Stop chastising the president. It’s stupid and pathetic to watch. All of these confused people confuse other confused people. Hoping the president fails is like getting on an airplane and hoping the pilot crashes. What makes you think, the the USA is going to enter the Middle East destroy a bunch of s—t and pull out without any real repercussions????”

Rihanna clapped back with a picture of herself with her lips pouted out. “The face you make when you a immigrant #stayawayfromthechickens #iheartnuggets #saveourhens,” she wrote, in reference to Banks’ controversial video in which she said that she sacrifices chickens.


Banks then posted Rihanna’s phone number online and made several videos aimed at Rihanna. “Rihanna plz stop being stupid and read some books. I beg you,” she said, later offering to make her chicken nuggets.

Things didn’t end there, however. Eventually Rihanna posted, and then deleted, alleged text messages Banks sent her that mentioned Beyoncé.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ D.A. Rules Russell Crowe Was Justified In Forcibly Throwing Azealia Banks Out Of His Hotel Suite. No Charges Filed

Azealia Banks has often referred to the use of witchcraft. Not everyone took her seriously. However, on Friday, December 30, the rapper posted an Instagram video that will probably go a long way towards convincing people that she's literally been practicing what she preaches.

In the clip the 25-year old Harlem, New York native is wearing a blue scarf, a mask over her mouth and goggles. She's holding a sandblaster and points the camera towards a closet that looks like something out of a horror movie.

The floor and walls are covered with dark blood stains and what appears to be feathers.

"The amount of crap that's about to come off my floor right now guys ... oh my God," she says in the video. "Three years worth of brujeria. You know I gotta scrape all this s*** up. I got my sandblaster, my goggles. It's about to go down. Real witches do real things."

Banks then goes to work cleaning up the mess before the clip ends.

Brujeria is Spanish for witchcraft.

The Practice of Brujeria via

"Among certain Hispanic and Native American cultures of the Southwest, the practice of Burjeria is feared as a manifestation of evil. Those who use rituals, spells, incantations, potions, and powders to work ill against others are known as brujas (witches), who are primarily female in number (the male witch is known as a brujo). All the negative facets of witchcraft feared by people throughout the world are practiced by the brujas: manifesting the evil eye, casting spells to cause physical or mental illness, bringing about bad luck, even death. The brujas create dolls in which they insert bits of the victim's hair, fingernail clippings, or pieces of clothing and focus their evil intent upon the miniature representative of the person to be cursed. If an Anglo doctor with modern medical techniques cannot cure someone who has fallen suddenly ill, a bruja is suspected as being the cause of the problem.

Brujas are also thought to be accomplished shapeshifters, possessing the supernatural ability to transform themselves into owls, coyotes, or cats. In the form of an animal, they may spy upon potential victims and may even administer a potion into their unsuspecting quarry's food or water or hide a bad-luck charm on his or her premises. There are certain amulets or rituals that offer some protection from the brujas, but the only sure way to rid oneself of their evil deeds is to employ the services of a curandero. Sometimes the curandero is able to contact the bruja through supernatural means and demand that the curse or spell be removed. In more severe cases, the curandero may have to direct a spell toward the bruja and defeat her on the spiritual level in order to force her to remove the evil directed toward the victim."

Well, damn!


Azealia Banks Cries While Discussing Alleged Russell Crowe Assault. Can't Believe There's No Footage. "As Many Celebrities Come Through Here. How Can There Not Be Cameras In That Hallway?" (Video)

Oscar Award-winning actor Russell Crowe will not be charged in a case that involved him forcibly removing Azealia Banks from his Beverly Hills hotel suite in October.

As we previously reported, Banks filed a criminal complaint against Crowe on October 16, alleging he choked, spit on and called her a racial slur the night before.

RZA, who had been in negotiations with the "212" rapper, brought her to Crowe's party that night.

At some point during the evening things got hostile between Banks and another guest or guests. Witnesses claim the 25-year old Harlem, New York native was acting "erratically."

In a FaceBook post RZA wrote that Banks "threatened to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason."

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Officeinterviewed witnesses who said that Banks "repeatedly used a racial epithet and was verbally aggressive to people in Crowe's room."

The D.A. concluded that Crowe removing the rapper from the party was "justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks."

They ruled that Crowe's spitting was "incidental to preventing more serious threatened violence."


RZA On Azealia Banks' Behavior At Russell Crowe's Party: "She Threatened To Cut A Girl In The Face With A Glass, Then Attacks For No Reason" *UPDATE* RZA Admits Crowe Spit At Banks (Video)

Azealia Banks recently sat down with Access Hollywood to talk about her altercation with Russell Crowe at a Beverly Hills hotel on October 15.

Almost immediately, the rapper started to break down during the interview and was asked why by host Alex Hudgens.

"Because every time, every time something like this happens I'm always being blamed for wanting this kind of attention," the 25-year old Harlem, New York native explained. "Who the f*c* wants to tell somebody they got spat on? You know, that's humiliating. And I'm just really, really humiliated."

As we previously reported, Banks was invited to Crowe's party by RZA, who she was negotiating a record deal with.

At some point during the night there was a heated argument between Banks and another female guest.

Everyone seems to agree that at that point Crowe physically removed Banks from his suite and had security escort her from the hotel. The exact sequence of events and why it happened depends on who you talk to.

Banks claims Crowe choked, spit on and called her a racial slur.

According to RZA, the "212" rapper assaulted a woman at the get-together, which led to her being kicked out.

"Azealia threatened to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason," he wrote on Facebook October 20.

The Wu Tang Clan co-founder admits to seeing Crowe spit at Banks, but insists it didn't land on her because he was standing in between the two. He added that he didn't hear Crowe use a racial slur or see him assault Banks.

Crowe also denies the allegations being made against him.

Banks told Hudgens she has a hard time believing hotel surveillance cameras didn't catch what transpired in the hallway.

"And then there's like no tape," she said. "You call the hotel, where's the f*cking tape? Like, where's the tape? And they're just like, 'Oh, there's no cameras in that hallway.' How can there not be no cameras in that hallway? Like, the hallway where the suites are. As many f*cking celebrities that come through here. As this much money moves through this hallway, there's no cameras here? You're full of sh!t."

Banks filed a police report the following day, but without footage and witnesses to back up her story it's unlikely Crowe will be charged with a crime.


Azalea Banks Gives Detailed Account Of Russell Crowe Altercation, Rips RZA: "He Doesn't Have Clout In A Room Full Of High Powered White Men. He Stood There Like A Chump" (Video)

After maintaining his silence all week, RZA, has decided it's time to give his side of the story regarding the altercation that took place betweenAzealia Banks and Russell Crowe at a party in Beverly Hills on Saturday, October 15.

The rapper, actor, director, producer and co-founder of the Wu Tang Clan, says in a Facebook post that he felt the need to speak out after being ripped by Banks in the media for not defending her when Crowe allegedly choked, spit on and called her a n*gger.


Normally I don't respond to negative social media attacks towards me. Yet in this case of Azealia Banks I'm compelled to respond. 

Firstly I only wish the best for her and any struggling artist in this complex industry. 

Azealia was brought to my attention while I was casting my next Film Coco. I heard the rumors of her problems in the industry but disregarded them with the rationality everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So my producer and I fought for her to be in the film and we succeeded. During the filming process things ran smooth and she delivered. Thus my only experience with her had been professional. The only brief social moment was at the wrap party. Therefore "I HAD NO REAL EXPERIENCE OF HER SOCIAL BEHAVIOR..." 

A few weeks ago Azealia hit me up for some economic help and bong I gave a helping hand. 

She then followed up asking me to help her get a record deal. 

I called a friend and bong a record deal was on the table. The only clause my buddy gave was I be the filter because the word is "she is volatile". 

I called her and told her a deal was in the workings. She immediately, prematurely went to social media and claimed she signed a deal with RZA Yet no deal was signed. 

I didn't respond or comment to her post because I'm not the type to stop the hustle. 

I actually wanted her to win. 

I advised her to stay focus, leave social media and tabloids alone and let your music and art do your talking. 

She then hits me for a ticket to LA to work and Bong I comply. 

She then needs a place to stay and bong I put her in a hotel.

I returned to LA shortly after and we scheduled a meeting. 

I invited her to meet me at the BHH Polo Lounge. Yet I head also planned on spending some time with my Buddy RC in his suite so I ask him can she join. He says "cool Bobby" so I invited her. 

Before the night is over Azealia is insulting half the room she becomes loud and obnoxious. 

There was nothing funny about her behavior. I felt a little embarrassed because she was my guest. 

Still verbal abuse can be tolerated but when it goes physical...

Azealia threaten to cut a girl in the face with a glass, then actually grabs a glass and physically attacks for no logical reason. 

Russell blocked the attack and expelled her from the suite. 

Seeing is believing and I saw her behave as an obnoxious erratic individual and in the circles I frequent this was unprecedented. I was totally puzzles by her and thought maybe meds or booze or something had her zoned out. 

Nevertheless I made sure she got home safe. 


I did not hear Russell call her a N::gg::::

I'm not trying to protect Russell from anything he is a man of his own Caliber. 

My art, talent and success speaks for it self and Azealia's recent slander of me and self victimization reflect's the personality of the person that was in that room that night. 

I have a wife, daughters, sisters and females on my staff so I protect women everyday. 

I pray none of them ever behave the way I witnessed Azealia Banks behaved that night.


As we previously reported, Banks filed a battery report against Crowe with the Beverly Hills Police Department.

She denies witness accusations that her behavior was "erratic" and maintains she only defended herself verbally after being insulted by men at the party.


During an interview with TMZ Live on Thursday, October 20, RZA says Russell Crowe did spit at Azealia Banks while in the process of throwing her out of his party, but says it didn't land on her.

He added that Crowe never called the rapper a n*gger or choked her. Watch the interview below.


Azealia Banks Claims Russell Crowe Called Her The N-Word, Spit On & Choked Her. Witnesses Say The Rapper Was The One Out Of Line

Azealia Banks isn't backing down from her claim that she was assaulted by Russell Crowe when he threw her out of his party at a Beverly Hills hotel on Saturday, October 15.

During an interview with TMZ, Banks denied allegations that she threatened anyone and said that things started to go south when she verbally began to stand up for herself.

"There was a lot of trying to put me in my place ... that kinda backfired," Banks told TMZ. "Because I'm just as quick and witty and sharp, when it comes to male egos and bruising male egos. Especially when somebody's holding court at their party ... and they're getting on everyone. Ragging on everyone. Ragging on me. And when you rag on them and the joke is a little too real, then you're getting choked and spit on and called a n*gger."

As for RZA, the person who brought her to the party, the "212" rapper said he did nothing to aid her.

"RZA doesn't have that much clout," Banks continued. "He doesn't have that much clout in a room full of real high powered, Hollywood white men. He just stood there like a chump."

Check out the full interview above.


Azealia Banks On Bleaching Her Skin: “What’s The Difference Between Getting A Hair Weave & Changing Your Skin Color?" (Video)

Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks got into a confrontation over the weekend that resulted in the "Gladiator" star throwing the rapper out of his hotel suite.

That much is agreed upon by Banks and other witnesses, but the exact details of why it happened and what exactly transpired depends on who you ask.

According to TMZ, The incident occurred at Crowe's suite at a Beverly Hills hotel Saturday, October 15, where he'd invited about 10 people over to have dinner and listen to music.

Rapper, producer, actor and director, RZA, brought Banks with him to the get-together.

Problems began when Banks allegedly called one of the guests "boring white men," after laughing out loud at the music Crowe had selected.

When told to quiet down by a female guest the "212" rapper launched into a bizarre rant.

"You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino sh*t," she allegedly said.

When Banks grabbed her glass and cocked it back, Crowe put her in a bear hug, threw her out of the suite, then called hotel security and had her removed from the property.

Banks posted a different version of events on her Facebook page.

"To recap my night, I went to a party at Russell Crowe's suite, at which he called me a n*gger, choked me, threw me out and spat at me," she wrote in the now deleted post that was captured by Hollywood Gossip. "Last night was one of the hardest nights of sleep I've had in a long time. The men in the room allowed it to happen. I feel terrible today. And just weak as f*c* man. I want to f*cking die. Just feel so low and mishandled and alone and f*cking depressed right now. I wish I had someone to beat him up for me."

TMZ reports that RZA says it was Banks who used the N-word, not Crowe. Four other guests told investigators that the rapper was acting "erratic."


Azealia Banks' shocking call for the 'biggest burliest blackest' men to gang rape Sarah Palin and post it online provokes outcry

Azealia Banks recently went on Facebook Live to speak to her fans regarding rumors she was bleaching her skin.

The 25-year old Harlem, New York native got right to the point, admitting she was in the process of "skin lightening" and compared it to any other cosmetic procedure.

"I see that you guys really want to talk to me about this whole skin lightening thing and skin bleaching thing and why I did it, what does it mean? Blah, blah blah," Banks said. "I don't think it's really important to discuss the cultural significance of skin bleaching anymore. Because I think that as African American people or just as black people in this world, you assimilate. There are just things that you accept ... not out of necessity, but you know, things that kind of become norm because it's just happening all the time. I guess people look at the skin lightening thing or the skin bleaching thing as different, but I see it as another assimilation thing.

“What’s the difference between getting your nose done and changing your skin color?” the 25-year-old rapper continued. “What’s the difference between getting a hair weave and changing your skin color? Nobody was upset when I was wearing 30-inch weaves and tearing out my edges. You guys loved it, but what is the difference? I don’t understand what difference is, because there really isn’t a difference. To say that it negates anything that I’ve said about this current situations of blackness in America is stupid. What do body modifications have to do with someone’s intellect? The two don’t correlate. “

Watch the full video below and let us know your thoughts.


Azealia Banks On Why She's Endorsing Donald Trump & Not The Other "Thots": "Takes Sh!t To Know Sh!t So We Might As Well Put A Piece Of Sh!t In The White House"

Azealia Banks lashes out at Sarah Palin

  • Azaelia Banks attacked Sarah Palin on Twitter Sunday after reading a satirical story that falsely quoted the former governor
  • The story claimed Palin said; 'Slavery wasn’t forced onto African-Americans, they accepted it willingly 
  • 'Let’s find the biggest burliest blackest n****** and let them run a train on her. Film it and put it on worldstar,' wrote Banks
  • 'At least suk a n**** d*** or summ’ before you start talking s*** about "black people willingly accepting slavery." Least she can do,' read another tweet
  • She deleted the tweets soon after, but Palin foudn them and responded on Tuesday saying Banks, 24, was 'not exercising enough intelligence'
  • She then said the two should work together on something like 'condoning racism,' before editing it to 'condemning'

Azealia Banks attacked Sarah Palin on Twitter Sunday in a series of since deleted tweets.

'Honestly… Let’s find the biggest burliest blackest n****** and let them run a train on her. Film it and put it on worldstar,' wrote Banks in one of the tweets. 

In another she wrote; 'Hideous. At least suk a n**** d*** or summ’ before you start talking s*** about "black people willingly accepting slavery." Least she can do.'

The rapper lashed out at the former Alaska governor after reading a satirical article in which Palin was falsely quoted as saying; 'I’m telling you, I’ve been saying it for years, but nobody’s listening – slavery wasn’t forced onto African-Americans, they accepted it willingly.'

Palin responded to Banks on Tuesday, saying she was 'not exercising enough intelligence' and later added; 'Why don't we strengthen both our platforms and work together on something worthwhile.'

She then wrote that 'condoning racism' was one of the things that the women could work on before editing it to 'condemning' in the post.

Scroll down for video

Azealia Banks
Sarah Palin

Tweet too soon: Azaelia Banks (left in November 2014) attacked Sarah Palin (right in december) on Twitter Sunday after reading a satirical story that falsely quoted the former governor

Palin started off her response post on Facebook by saying; 'Hey Female Rapper - listen up, little darling. No one has any idea what you're wigging out about in these bizarre, violent rants against me, but you're obviously not exercising enough intelligence to acknowledge you've been sucked into believing some fake interview in which I supposedly offered comments representing the antithesis of my truth.'

She closed her post by writing; 'And now I'll go through my young daughter's playlist to make sure there hasn't been any inadvertent addition of any anti-woman, pro-rape garbage that you seem to endorse, which perpetuates the cultural challenges we face in America.

'I encourage other parents to do the same.

'God bless you Ms. Banks, as you consider a change of heart.'

Her first Facebook post was posted on Twitter by Vanity Fair writer Kia Makarechi before she had a chance to edit 'condoning racism.'

Media Research Center managed to grab Banks' tweets before they were taken down, the most vulgar of which said;  'Sarah Palin needs to have her head shaved off to a buzzcut, get headf***** by a big veiny, ashy black c*** then be locked in a cupboard.'

Banks has continued to attack Palin on Twitter even after realizing the article in question was fake, writing Tuesday; 'Like honestly, when has she ever said anything even remotely coherent or cohesive?' 

Hitting back: Palin responded by saying the two should work together on something like 'condoning racism,' (above highlighted in blue) before editing it to ' condemning '

Hitting back: Palin responded by saying the two should work together on something like 'condoning racism,' (above highlighted in blue) before editing it to ' condemning '

The 24-year-old rapper is frequently in the news for her erratic behavior, and just two weeks ago was seen charging at photographers who were taking her picture outside Manhattan Criminal Court.

Banks was appearing in court following an incident that happened in December where she is alleged to have punched and then bitten a female bouncer at a Manhattan club. 

She was also accused of assaulting a bouncer at the Break Room 86 club in Los Angeles in October.

Banks has also engaged in numerous Twitter fights, especially fellow rappers including Iggy Azalea, Eminem and Nicki Minaj.


Azealia Banks Arrested For Biting Female Club Bouncer's Breast

Donald Trump picked up a surprise endorsement Monday, February 1, from controversial Harlem, New York rapper Azealia Banks.

Banks hit up her Twitter account to inform her 548,000 followers of her decision to vote from Trump in the upcoming presidential election, and to explain why.

"Ok so, I think I'm ready to admit that I'm going to vote for Donald Trump. I think Trump is the only one who truly has the balls to bust up big business. Hilary is too tied in with them and Bernie has no clout," she wrote. "The other candidates are simply ... Them hoes over there #thots. Just because Hilary Clinton and Bernie sanders say nice things about minorities doesn't mean they actually mean them. Politicians have been saying "nice" things about colored folks and we've still been getting f*cked. I only trust this country to be what it is: full of sh!t. takes sh!t to know sh!t so we may as well, put a piece of sh!t in the White House."



Azealia Banks Loses Her Cool On Delta Plane. Spits & Hits Passenger In The Face. Hurls Homophobic Slur At Male Flight Attendant. (Video)

Azealia Banks got herself into trouble earlier this week when she went full pit bull on a female bouncer at club Up&Down in New York City.

The NY Post reports that the 24-year old "212" rapper was arrested Wednesday morning, December 16, hauled off to jail and charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault after allegedly biting a female bouncer's breast.

Banks reportedly went with an invited guest to attend a party for one of the club's owners. The event was invite-only and attendees were required to get a stamp before entering.

When the Harlem, New York native tried to enter the downstairs party she was told to go back up to get a stamp. An argument ensued with 2 bouncers who didn't recognize Banks.

She reportedly threw a fit and started “screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing” and using racial slurs. A club owner spotted the commotion and allowed Banks in.

Still angry, Banks reportedly attacked the female guard.

A witness says she.“spit in the [female bouncer’s] face.” As Banks was being removed from the club she allegedly bit the bouncer's breast hard enough to almost rip her shirt, causing swelling and redness.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Azealia Banks Goes Off On Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex On Twitter After He Calls Her Out About Her Many Beefs

Harlem, New York rapper Azealia Banks melted down while on board a Delta flight from New York to Los Angeles on Monday, September 21.

According to TMZ, the 24-year old, known best for her many Twitter beefs and the song "212," became angry while exiting the plane. She attempted to pass a French couple who were in front of her and the man put up his hand.

Banks allegedly responded by spitting in his face, punching him in the face and clawing at his shirt.

Someone begins to film after the first incident as Banks demands that a flight attendant let go of her luggage.

"Give me my bag f*cking f@ggot," she says.

The rapper insists that the French passenger sparked the entire thing by putting his hands on her first. She defended herself via Twitter against the homophobic slur.

Witnesses on the plane dispute Banks' version of events. Police spoke with the French couple, but they declined to press charges because they are on vacation and didn't want any more trouble.


Azealia Banks found herself in the middle of another Twitter beef last night. This time the 21-year old Harlem rapper went at Funkmaster Flex after the Hot 97 DJ said on air that she should chill with her many beefs at this early stage of her career.

While Azealia threw out diss after diss towards him, Funk Flex tried to calm her down by asking her to call the radio station so they could settle things, but she wasn't having it.

For those keeping count Azealia has beefed with Kreayshawn, Iggy Azalea, T.I., Elliot Wilson, Jim Jones and now Funkmaster Flex.



Azealia deleted many of her tweets from last night's tirade, but InFlexWeTrust managed to catch them all. Check out the exchange below.
















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Comment by nybrotha on April 17, 2018 at 10:58pm

Listen She only Dates White Guys and I don't Believe she was Raped She went with him to the Hotel she had condoms and she said he couldn't keep up, she wasn't raped and she didn't go to the police because she knew he didn't raped her, she been with only white boys she posed in white magazines, and she is just like most of famous black women in the world she bed wench only for rich white guys, he probably said ti her she wasn't good or he promise her money and didn't pay her, don't believe this black bed wench!

Comment by Melinda Thompson on April 17, 2018 at 10:01pm
My father told me "only accept a drink from the hand of the server and never drink your drink after leaving it at the table" I no longer drink and yes did follow these rules in my day.
Comment by scott cheers on April 17, 2018 at 9:51pm
Comment by mr1stroke on April 17, 2018 at 1:22am
El-Bull I haven't heard much about the case, if,she comes online and,broadcast that she was raped than she must know her rapist and file,charges but I hope she is,not planning to accuse an innocent person, and yes majority of men accused of being rapists are not true but those women will suffer the consequence
Comment by El-Bull on April 16, 2018 at 7:39pm

mr1stroke TOO many times men have had their lives turned upside down because of false accusation involving rape. Many are still in jail and suffering. AS for her, next thing you know she will be hiring the leeches known as Lisa Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred TO BLACK MAIL  some guy into a monetary settlement. WOMEN LIKE HER AND THEM GIVE REAL VICTIMS A BAD NAME.....this is truth and i don't subscribe to the politically correct bullshyt but instead choose to tell the truth ----SHE'S NOT A VICTIM HOWEVER SHE IS ABOUT TO MAKE A MAN A VICTIM OF THE SYSTEM. I stand with the many men who have been victims of these lies by bitter women

Comment by mr1stroke on April 16, 2018 at 1:20am
El-Bull you know most of these wanna be celebrities are not to fight and rely on social media for everything, because rape is such of serious crime, thays why I said let's not bash if she is a true victim, but if she made that up she just set her self up for the next time around, but we don't know if she is lying, and if that is true whether we like her or not it is not something we should make fun of and should stand by her, a victim is a victim
Comment by BIIGMANN on April 16, 2018 at 1:04am
She didnt grow up with her daddy around. Lost b****
Comment by El-Bull on April 15, 2018 at 7:39pm

mr1stroke If its true, you file a police report, go to the hospital and have a rape kit done and not put it on social media. Maybe the dude did not fck her right and she felt short changed----sounds like another fake rape charge to me and if so, her azz needs to be locked up

Comment by mr1stroke on April 14, 2018 at 11:40pm
Come on people what it's true, what if she was raped for real, let's not write her off at least she comes forward as soon as it happened so I stand with those who speaks out, many of you believe those women who were exchanging sex for movie roles, celebrity status, gifts and money but want to play victim after 30 years , if it's true the police should go after the predator, if she lies about something like that, I wish her luck next time
Comment by El-Bull on April 14, 2018 at 9:09pm

This girl is sick No woman goes on social media to announce they were raped! She's a rel attention whore and I hope the cops determine her story is false, lock her up before some unkn Black man gets killed by police because of her lies

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