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Anti-Trump Song Goes Viral: Using the Power of Music & Media to Fight the Power

Anti-Trump Song Goes Viral: Using the Power of Music & Media to Fight the Power

A group of teens came up with an ant-Donald Trump video which has gone viral.  It is called “Choppa in the Trunk for Donald Trump” AKA CIT4DT. The teen Abdel Ibrahim, who also goes by Dooley posted the video on his YouTube Channel on Sunday and the video has already gone viral with 46,000 views. Dooley @dooleyfunny is a 19-year-old Baltimore resident who is known for making funny internet videos. Ibrahim is a Muslim who states the video was created in response to Trump’s comments on Muslims and monitoring mosques. This video speaks of violent things the teens would do to Trump if he came to Baltimore. However Ibrahim states Islam is against killing and he wouldn’t kill a fly. Of course any threats are taken very seriously, so even though Ibrahim created the video as a joke, many are saying he is a thug out to harm Trump.

Warning Contains Explicit Language


Trump seems to bring the worst out in people who don’t support him. The public and celebrities are responding to his offensive comments unapologetic-ally in their own way. Even though the CIT4DT video is extreme, it is supported because so many people are against what Trump stands for. If it is “O.K” for him to say things that insult, Muslims, blacks and Hispanics why is it a problem if people clap back? Many Celebrities such as Pitbull, T.I. Russel Simmons and John Legend have no problem speaking up about their opposition of Trump. Pitbull made a public statement at an awards show saying Donald Trump better watch out for El Chapo.  T.I said if you vote for Donald Trump don’t buy his music.

Pitbul El Chapo

T.I. Against Donald Trump – Explicit Language

In the past and to this day, celebrities use their influence to promote their political agendas by creating protest songs. Beyonce’ with her Formation, Public Enemy with “Fight the Power” and NWA “F*** the Police” are just a few examples of how celebrities can make a powerful impact with their protest songs. The “reel”ality is that these celebrities are just a voice of the people. The masses feel the same and support their views. Celebrities are just representing and capturing the moment in history. The first amendment gives people the freedom of speech, yet the public or media are always criticizing and chastising people for what they say. Do you feel people like Dooley took it to far with his video or is he exercising his freedom of speech like Donald Trump?

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