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This Is Crazy: American Promoter & His Son Still Being Held In Angola 45 Days After Nas Failed To Show For Concert. Jemiah Jai Refuses To Return Money She Was Paid

American Promoter Being Held In Angola Says Nas Has Paid 200K. Of His Ransom, But Reneged On The Other 100K. Claims Nas Partied With Lebron James On New Year's Eve Instead Of Performing at Concert

In what seems like the plot to a Hollywood movie two Americans are still being held in Angola 45 days after being prevented from leaving following a failed New Year's Eve concert appearance by Nas.

As we previously reported, 51-year old Patrick Allocco, CEO of AllGood Concerts and his 22-year old son, also named Patrick have not been allowed to leave Angola until local promoter Henrique "Riquhino" Miguel is paid back the $315,000 he fronted for the failed concert plus an additional $75,000 in expenses.

Nas and Atlanta rapper Jemiah Jai were paid to perform on New Year's Eve in Angola's capital city of Luanda, but neither boarded a plane to the event.

The Allocco's were apprehended by Miguel's goon's when they tried to take a cab to the airport once they realized Nas, who was paid $300,000 wasn't coming.

Instead of taking them to the airport the taxi driver took them to a supermarket and told them he had someone to meet. Sensing something was wrong the younger Allocco told his dad they should leave according to a new story in the New York Post.

Dad, this isn’t good,” the son whispered. “Let’s get out of here.” By the time they hopped out of the cab and tried to get their luggage out of the trunk they were surrounded by 20 of Miguel's men armed with AK-47's.

One of the gunmen reportedly grabbed the younger Allocco and slammed his head on an SUV before shoving both men in the back of a vehicle being driven by Miguel.

We are going to die,” Allocco’s son said. The two were taken to a police station and interrogated in Portuguese, which neither of them speak.

That they’re being held for something that somebody else did is preposterous,” said worried wife and mother Abby Allocco.

Nas has finally returned all of the $300,000 he was advanced, but Jemiah Jai refuses to repay the $15,000 she received.

In the meantime, the Allocco's passports are being held and their money is running out fast. They had $100,000, but $40,000 has been spent on phone calls to the U.S. and other money is being spent simply trying to survive. A hamburger costs $45.

At one point the son was taken by locals to celebrate his pending release, but instead they tied his arms and dragged him through the streets, asking if his dad would pay $10,000 for his release.

He was warned to never leave the hotel again by an employee because he was a target.

The father and son applied for refuge with the U.S. Embassy January 23, but were denied because they were not deemed to be in serious harm.

We did not find, in this case, that Mr. Allocco met the criteria for refuge. However, we did bring [the son] into the Embassy temporarily,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. “My understanding is we gave him some clothes and some medicine, but we didn’t take him in for refuge." The Angolan government has also refused to help, leaving these guys in a real bad space.

Alloco told the New York Post his beef is with Nas.

He put us in real harm, in real possible danger,” Allocco said. “This is the closest thing we came to someone up and running with the money.”


American Promoter Patrick Allocco Still Being Held For Ransom As Angolan Promoter Demands Additional 50 thousand From Nas On Top Of 300 thousand He Was Originally Paid For Failed Performance

The American promoter stuck in Angola with his son because Nas failed to show up for a New Year's Eve concert he was paid $300,000 for is speaking out about his predicament.

As we previously reported, 51-year old Patrick Allocco, CEO of AllGood Concerts and his 22-year old son, also named Patrick have not been allowed to leave Angola until local promoter Henrique "Riquhino" Miguel is paid back the $300,000 he fronted for the failed concert plus an additional $50,000 in expenses.

Nas's rep told TMZ that the rapper didn't travel to Angola because of a miscommunication about his travel arrangements, but according to Allocco and the Miami Herald, Nas was in Miami at a party thrown by Lebron James on New Year's Eve.

Allocco said when he landed at Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport on December 30 he found out Nas and the opening act Jemiah Jai were not coming. When Miguel was informed there would be no concert he became furious. Fearing for their safety, Allocco and his son hailed a cab to take them to the U.S. Embassy, but instead of taking them there the cab driver drove them to a parking lot where they were surrounded by two dozen gun-toting men. The men turned out to be Miguel's boyguards. They took the Allocco's to the police who interrogated them in Portuguese--which they do not speak for seven hours.

"When we first arrived at the jail for questioning, they made sure to show me where I would be staying if I couldn’t get the act or the money right away," Allocco told New "It was a Third World holding cell that smelled of sweat and human body odor."

U.S. Embassy Vice Consul David Josar intervened and had the pair moved to a hotel in the capital city of Luanda, where they are holed up. Aside from battling dysentery the pair are said to be fine, but no resolution has been reached to get them home. They haven't been arrested but their passports are being held.

Alloco says Nas has sent $200,000 of the money to his attorney.

"He is supposed to send another $100,000, but now he is reneging," Allocco said. "The investigation could last forever."

Allocco's wife has spoken to representatives from the State Department and U.S. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s (R-11th Dist.) office.

"I just want them home," she said.

"After we became aware last week of Mr. Allocco’s predicament in Angola, Congressman Frelinghuysen reached out to Ambassador Christopher McMullen and our office has been in regular contact with U.S. embassy staff," said Steve Wilson, a spokesman for the congressman. "We understand that Mr. Allocco and his son are safe and negotiations to allow them to return home will hopefully be concluded soon. In the meantime, we remain in touch with the Allocco family here in New Jersey."

Allocco has worked in Colombia, Trinidad and India without incident in the past. Booking shows for acts like Jermaine Jackson, James Brown and Earth Wind & Fire.


The saga of American concert promoter Patrick Allocco has taken a turn for the worse as the price for his release from the Republic of Angola has gone up.


As we previously reported, Nas was paid $300,000 to perform at a New Year's Eve concert in Angola, but failed to show up. Nas claims he didn't make it because of a "miscommunication" about his travel plans.


As a result of Nas' no-show local promoter Henrique 'Riquhino' Miguel sent armed men to kidnap Allocco and his son to prevent them from leaving the country without paying the money back first. After the two were turned over to local authorities the U.S. Embassy stepped in and put them in a hotel until an agreement could be reached.


After Allocco's rep released a statement asking Nas to give the money back so his ransom could be paid, Nas said he would do so once he found out where to send the check to.


Three days later the ransom has yet to be paid.


According to TMZ, Miguel is now demanding an additional $50,000 in expenses on top of the original $300,000 in order for Allocco to be released.


Nas has agreed to pay 300K, but not the additional 50K. On top of that he wants a letter from Allocco and Miguel freeing him from any liability.


The two sides are now deadlocked and Allocco is no closer to getting home than he was three days ago.


An American concert promoter is lucky to be alive after being kidnapped at gunpoint by goons in the Republic of Angola because Nas failed to show for a concert there.


According to TMZ, Nas and opening act Jemiah Jai were paid $315,000 to perform two shows on New Year's Eve, but both failed to board their flights in time to perform at the scheduled events.


In an attempt to regain his money, local "concert impresario" Henrique 'Riquhino' Miguel sent armed men to kidnap AllGood Entertainment CEO Patrick Allocco and his son to prevent them from leaving the country. The pair were then handed over to local authorities who interrogated for seven hours before the U.S. Embassy there stepped in to get them released.


A rep for the U.S. Embassy confirmed to TMZ that Alloco and his son were "in residence" at a local hotel until the dispute could be worked out.


Alloco's rep released the following statement:


"The hope is that Nas and Jemiah Jai will return all of the monies that were wired to them immediately so that our ransom may be paid and our safe return to the United States may be facilitated."


So far neither Nas or Jemiah have responded.




Nas' reps have reached out to TMZ to explain their side of the story and to let everyone know they will cut the check to get American promoter Patrick Allocco back home safely.


The rapper's team said he did plan on performing in Angola on New Year's Eve, but a miscommunication about the travel plans derailed the performance.  According to Nas' reps he never intended to keep the money, but isn't sure where to send the check back to. A solution is reportedly being worked on.


"The key is getting Patrick Allocco home safely," said a source.

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Comment by Mervin E Yearwood on February 15, 2012 at 6:30pm


LIEN FOR 339,000 + to Uncle SAM!

Comment by Mervin E Yearwood on February 15, 2012 at 3:55pm

 @ TallIslandGirl The story line say these were "thugs".

These people are trained Angolan Security personnel under the employment of Mr  Henrique 'Riquhino' Miguel.Miguel who is an ex naval officer and hero 

My opinion is this man hired these performers for a special New Years event , felt that he was disrespected by the no show so he took the matter as a personal affront. 

Mr Miguel is an entrepreneur an electrical engineer,owner of a sports team and have an open door to the Angolan President .

He is s national hero to the Angolan Pepole

These two promoter got caught in the cross hairs. 

Comment by Mervin E Yearwood on February 15, 2012 at 12:22pm

$400,000 USD = 38,024,000 Angolan New Kwanza would you let someone walk away with your cash?

Would you take $400,000 U.S.D.from you boss perform no wok and do not expect repercussions?

Angolan Law is not United States Law the U.S Embassy see it as a civil matter and also the Angolans!

These men should return the cash gain the release of these detainees and deal with the legal issues on US soil .

Comment by Mervin E Yearwood on February 15, 2012 at 11:05am

Set the captive free ,these men acted in good faith for these performers to work,these performer acted unprofessional by not appearing they excuses for missing the concert is unacceptable.These men are at the mercy of the customer after all you are talking about nearly 1/4 million U.S.dollars. 

Comment by Cee Gee on February 15, 2012 at 9:48am

Is this legal, to hold people hostage like that?  And why hasn't Nas just given back the money?  

Comment by Mervin E Yearwood on February 14, 2012 at 7:57pm

PAY THE BACK RICHY RICH HIS MONEY and let these people go!

Comment by on January 13, 2012 at 1:23am
This is not a game. What is going on with Nas? He should give back the money unless their are stipulations in his contract with promoter that a portion of the fee he retains.

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Comment by Dainty357 on January 11, 2012 at 11:11pm


Comment by kcrunchone on January 11, 2012 at 8:31pm

@merv Peace and light to you as well my brother and may this year bring you and the fam more blessing than the last. Yeah I have Angola right up there with that self gallbladder  operation I have been planning.LMFAO

Comment by Mervin E Yearwood on January 10, 2012 at 8:09pm

@ kcrunchone Happy New Years bro.,got a couple of Nas tickets (smile) for Angola

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