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After Ye Grammy Cancellation Damon Dash Says ‘We Can Make Our Own Grammys’

Damon Dash disagrees with the #Grammys removing #KanyeWest from their lineup, claiming they have no right to judge him or any other hip-hop artist

According to TMZ, Dash told the outlet that artists should cancel the whole awards show and “We make our own Grammys.”

Even though Kanye is still allowed to be in attendance at the show, he can no longer perform. Dash suggested that Ye not even attend the show and skip it altogether.

Kanye Ye West - Getty
Despite being previously nominated for a Grammy, Damon admits he did not attend because he believes the Grammys are outdated and out of touch with hip hop.

According to Dash, he is tired of Academy execs deciding who’s hot and who’s not in the hip hop industry.

“They gotta respect our culture,” he said.

Many people have come to Ye’s defense, including Grammys host Trevor Noah, who Kanye chastised online and said he wanted the rapper to be “counseled rather than canceled.”

In addition to Dash’s support, J. Prince called on hip-hop artists, including Ye, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, to protest against the Grammys and host an anti-Grammys concert on Tuesday

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Comment by John Smith on March 29, 2022 at 1:57am
Comment by vaughn mitchell on March 25, 2022 at 6:41pm
In order for black artist to have their own Grammys, they need a network to host it, and since black people don't have their own network, ( don't mention BET, that idiot sold it to Viacom, to own part of an NBA team, and sold his shares to MJ.) Actually do have their own award show on BET. Kanye , should boycott the show, so should other artist, but he brought this on himself.
Comment by mr1stroke on March 25, 2022 at 6:09pm

Damn dash is may be the only dudes with a brain tired of begging white people in the industry. Every one else are niggers who want to be around white people, with all the money and start power in black Hollywood, whats stopping them from having their own Oscar, whats stopping them having their own grammy? Wait a minute if its not from white people it ain't good enough, it ain't valuable enough, they rather work for white people but too lazy to invest in their own, those are born slaves.

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