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Afghan Pop Star Aryana Sayeed Asked Fiancé To SHOOT HER If Taliban Abducted Her Before She Made It Out Of Afghanistan | WATCH

Aryana (YouTube screenshot)

Pop star Aryana Sayeed recently escaped Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, and she’s sharing more about her harrowing journey fleeing the country with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall. The singer has been a target of the terrorist organization for speaking out against them and for being an advocate for women’s rights. In an Access Hollywood exclusive, Aryana shared she feared being abducted by the Taliban.

Aryana Sayeed: “I didn’t  think that we would make it out alive [of Afghanistan]. One thing that I did actually was, it might be quite shocking to you, I said to my fiancé, ‘I’m going to ask you if God forbidden I get caught alive, just shoot me. You know. Just shoot me in the head and don’t let them [the Taliban] take me alive.’ Because I was more scared of being caught alive – you know being paraded in front of the cameras or being ridiculed. Or being raped.”Aryana (YouTube screenshot)

Aryana: “I remember once we got this message from them saying there’s a car, a suicide bomber like right now on the road looking for you..”

Zuri: “There was a direct order for you to be beheaded?”

Aryana: “On national TV. For my head to be cut off. And… sorry (starts crying). And I think I remember we had another month for the show to go. And I was living in fear.”

Zuri:  “Did you ever think about stopping, quitting, saying this isn’t worth it?”

Aryana: There may have been points [where I thought I should quit]. But then the messages that I would get from women. You know I inspire them… [it would] give me those great feelings again and to say you know what, I’m doing something great here so let me continue.

Zuri: “Give context for us, for those who may not fully understand just how difficult what you have pulled off is for a woman in your position. How unlikely what you’ve accomplished as a superstar, a singer, an activist is.”

Aryana: “You know at times I just see singers and artists from other countries. I looked at Beyoncé, I look at Jennifer Lopez and I’m like, oh my God, they’re so lucky that you know they don’t fear for their lives, nobody is there to like kill them because they sing.”
source: Access Hollywood

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