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Danielle Rodney is my wife, Although currently are separated. We attempted to place my name on my son's birth certificate by filling out the proper forms and posting is certified mail with delivery confirmation to the Acknowledgement of Paternity office. I also included my return address in the envelope. Recently, my wife (Danielle Rodney) informed me that they sent a new form for us to complete. She informed me that she told that the form we previously sent had the wrong date. What i do not understand is the form was returned to her address, although the address on envelope was my return address. Prior to receiving the new form, i asked her how long now did she received it. She replied four to five days i have spoken to her on different occasions during those four to five days and she never mentioned that there was a new form, i reviewed it when i returned to my house to ensure everything was correct. My girlfriend at the time (Autumn Markley) signed the acknowledgement form as a witness. Then i signed it in my perspective everything was correct, we mailed the new form of Acknowledgement of Paternity office via certified mail and delivery confirmation. I now have a copy of the first form in which they claimed was dated wrong. (i doubt it). That form is now in my possession, Autumn Markely currently lives in Florida. The last time i spoke with her was new years eve 2007, she called me New Years Eve as if she was worrying about how i was doing in fact she wanted me to stop pursuing this case, i think the Feds must of contacted her about what i do and my where about because there known facts that i went to N.A.A.C.P and A.C.L.U of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania i changed my phone number so that we wouldn't speak anymore because whenever we talked she is always trying to make me not pursue this case.

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