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A New Book; "Breeding Between the Lines: Why Interracial People Are Healthier and More Attractive" [VIDEO]

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Comment by JamRockLady on November 29, 2011 at 12:14am

Don't believe this propaganda and lies folks.


Melanin is a dominent gene...the Caucasiod gene is weak, ressesive and full of inperfections and defects. 


Most, of melanin persuasion can run faster, jump high, have hightened senses, age less (look younger), are more spiritual, have a soul (and is soulful), are more intelligent, sing better, tell better jokes, laugh more soulfully, dance better and so on...those who lack melanin, lack all I just mentioned.


Caucasoids know all this and they are litterally "melanin-jealous".  That's why "they" put books and videos out there to make us not aware of these fact and make us feel like we "need them", or should "breed" with them, when really, nothing could be further from the truth.


Alone, melanin-on-melanin union makes our nation stronger. Inter-breeding with the Caucasoid, weakens our genes. Why would we willingly weaken our genes?


That's why "THEY" are a race. A race has a begining and an end. We are not a race, we are a nation.


This Jewish person know his race is dying off. God and nature selected their race to die off, or suffer skin cancer with prolonged exposure to the sun, before they become exstict. 


The Caucasion race has been selected by God and nature to become exstinct and they are trying desperately to save their dying race by trying to mate with those who are melanin-rich, but it won't work...God and nature have made the final decision.


Caucasion people know this and that's why throughout time, the Caucasoids have attempted to oppress those of the melanin persuasion, and brainwashed them into thinking that they are the inferior ones, when really, it's the melanin-lacking Caucasions that are inferior to those who have melanin (a.k.a. liquid gold).


Black is beautiful.  The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.


Know thy borthers and sister....know thy self.

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