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We can never control the actions of our men. We can never be with them 100 percent of the day and yes there must be elements of trust in every relationship. However! That does not mean that we must be so trusting that we are foolish. Some men are weak. So weak that they sometimes needs assistance in preventing themselves from getting in trouble. This is why there are certain women that you, as his wife/girlfriend/ fiancé, keep him as far away from as possible. There are certain circumstances where you may have no choice but to allow him near her due to the fact that they may work together, or dated once. However, my advice to you is that if you cannot find a way, then you make a way. Having said that, the following are a short list of chicks to keep your man away from.

1. The Low Self Esteem Chick

You know this girl. The girl with self esteem so low that she will do almost anything for attention from a male. It does not matter how minuscule the attention is, she will take it. She is the one that is lacking self love and wants someone to confirm it for her. She needs men to tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is constantly. Sometimes chicks like this are unfortunate enough to rarely receive any male acknowledgment which is why they have to seek it out so desperately. Her antics sometimes appear to be over the top because in essence they are a cry for attention from anyone with a penis.

2. The Sluttish Friend

She is the one chick in your crew of friends who is a sweet heart and would give you her whole paycheck and food stamps if you needed it BUT (there always is a but with people who are too nice) she is a whore. She might also be a border line nymphomaniac. She will sleep with anyone and I do mean anyone. It does not matter to her if he is in a relationship, married, single, your daddy. She could care less about his relationship status and who he fathered. Her only goal is to get hers. She is the chick that will side line hate on you when you guys are at the club and she notices that guys are giving you more attention than her. This enrages her inside but she does not show her annoyance. Instead this is her cue to do some hoe s**t. Like motion for everyone in the group to look at her and then stick an entire popsicle down her throat without gagging then innocently giggle the words “wow, that was cold” . Please ladies, I call upon all of you to pop this chick in the back of her damn head when she commits such debaucherous acts.

3. The Model Chick

I have some leniency with this chick because truth be told, she cannot help that she is gorgeous, or modelesque. Blame God for that one. This chick might be a good person at heart and have no ill intentions towards you or your relationship. The only problem with her is that she is every man’s dream girl and secretly every man fantasizes of boning a model chick. This has nothing to do with her necessarily being prettier than you but more so to do with egoism. It feels good to a man for him to utter the words “I nailed a model”. Why uttering those words is enough to make any strong, young vital man release some man ooze right in his pants legs. Despite her innocence in this, just to prevent temptation on your man’s part, keep these two as far apart as possible…..

4. The Needy/Annoying Ex-Girlfriend

This is your current boo’s ex lady friend. She is the one who had a “special bond” with. So much so that they still keep in contact and remain friends. Which would not be a problem if she did not still depend on him emotionally for comfort. She is the one who will call him crying after she gets laid off from her job or realizes she is in love with a loser who treats her like crap. Yet, she still sees your man as her place of solace and peace. He is the one man in her mind who truly “gets her”. Which is why she will never completely let him go. Secretly she is waiting on him to dump you so she can pounce on him like Beyonce does her leotards. Which is why she needs to get the boot. Or at least have some restrictions put on this chick. For instance, no she cannot call him after a certain time of night. It does not matter how horrible her date was. She better suck it up till the morning.

5. The Golddigger

This wallet muncher is the one who can smell a man with an IRA account from 10 miles away. She has a greyhound nose for mutual funds, and off shoe accounts. She may be someone your man works with but has a lower level position. Perhaps a secretary, or the cute receptionist he passes every day while coming into the office or his new young and bouncy personal assistant that the staffing agency sent over. Her subservient position matters not to her. She is not there to pursue her own career achievements and success. She has an agenda of the romantic nature. She is there to find a husband. If you are fortunate enough to have a man with some green backs then keep this heffa far away! I guarantee you she will do whatever it takes to try to get him to sleep with her. She has a plan. Part of that plan is to seduce your man, get him to leave you, and ultimately either have him impregnate her or have a pre-nup free marriage. She does not care about this man at all. She cares about his wallet and all roads leading to it. I guarantee you that she would not stay with him longer than the time required to receive the biggest divorce settlement. She is in it to win it and her financial security is the prize. Muff her hard in the face and tell her to keep it moving.

6. The Sex Kitten

She is similar to the sluttish friend and the low self esteem chick but different in the way that she is much more self aware. Her actions do not come from a place of inferiority, self consciousness, or pure nymphomania. See, she realizes that she has nothing to offer a man but her body. She has little to no personality, she isn’t the brightest bulb in the room. She might have been told these things all her life which is why now she focuses all her energies into increasing/maintaining her looks. She has nothing else to offer. Nothing . Not only does she realize this, she accepts it! She embraces her honey pot and treats it like a golden muffin. She also knows all men’s weakness. Sex. So, she purposely and boldly, uses sex to seduce men. She is the one who might be working anywhere! Anywhere! Even a Starbucks and will be the only barista with her blouse unbuttoned so far down that you can just make out the her sexy pink Victoria Secret bra. Pretty isn’t it? Yeah it is and your man will think so too as he is unsnapping it with his mouth. Bottom line. He needs to find a new Starbucks to go to.

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Comment by Grand Master on June 28, 2010 at 4:25pm
interesting....real interesting, even when you read it and reverse the sex.

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