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50 Cent On Michael Jackson vs Chris Brown Debate, 6ix9ine, Jay-Z, The Game, Rick Ross + ‘Power’ Intro {VIDEO}

50 Cent Brings New GF On Red Carpet - Immediately Goes Viral
50 Cent: 'I Don't Have A Problem w/ Rick Ross'
During a recent interview, 50 Cent spoke about his long-running beef with rapper Rick Ross, according to him, he has "no problem" with the MMG boss.

"I don't have a problem with [Ross]," 50 said on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning. "If I was chasing him, I would have got him by now. You know that... When they bring these people up, I'm like 'Why?'"

The show hosts then asked 50 about recent remarks Ross made about any future collaborations with 50, saying that he no longer has any value in the game:

"I never made music with him. I don't have interest in making music with him. A lot of these guys, even when you make reference to music culture and stuff like that, they're one-trick ponies, so they're going to be gone," 50 replied.

"In hip-hop, they say it's not what have you done, what have you done for me lately, right? So you could get next to the guys that got momentum and try and survive based on that. But, it's not a lot going on there."

Peep the full interview below:


Petty! 50 Cent Threw Wendy Williams Out His Tycoon Pool Party In NJ

50 Cent Brings New GF On Red Carpet - Immediately Goes Viral!!
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson had a good night last night - he  hosted the premiere of the new season of Power. And he also headlined a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden.

But before he did all that . . . he spent some time with his new bae, Cuban Link.

Here's the happy couple arriving at the event together, and looking very much in love:


And ever since Cuban and 50 went public with their relationship - she has EXPLODED on social media. 50's new bae received more than 100,000 new followers in the past day - and the term "50s girlfriend" became one of Google's top performing search terms yesterday. 

And don't think of Cuban Link as just another pretty face - she's much more than that. Cuban is working towards becoming a lawyer, and she also works as a model and fitness trainer.

Here are more pics of the gorgeous new "baller" chick:


Comedian Michael Blackson Goes HARD On 50 Cent Last Night {VIDEO}
50 Cent and Wendy Williams50 Cent and Wendy Williams beef is nowhere near over, but she tried.

Even while partying and having fun at his famous Tycoon Pool party in New Jersey last weekend, 50 Cent was still petty. He has never been shy about his hatred for Wendy Williams, it runs deep, and she always trolled him on her show, which is why it was such a surprise when she showed up at his party. Fifty posted a video clip of Wendy Williams on his IG, showing her trying to get inside of his Tycoon Party. She was surrounded by security guards, who reportedly was told by the rapper not to let her in the party.

“You can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me,” 50 wrote. B**CH wait out side.”

Wendy Williams showing up to 50 Cent party is equivalent to her, giving him the strap to finish her off. Perhaps she was on some grown woman vibe and was planning to approach the G-Unit rapper and maybe apologize and squash their beef. Knowing Fif, he likely doesn’t want that because trolling is a part of his image these days, and she makes for a good target.

Nevertheless, Wendy Williams is on her ‘Hot Girl Summer’ tour, and I doubt this will slow her down. She might use the experience to make some good content for her show, or she will just let it slide. It almost seems like 50 Cent was expecting her and set up someone to film the whole thing for his IG page.

A bunch of other celebrities was partying with 50 Cent last weekend including Snoop Dogg and OT Genasis. The party still isn’t over so Wendy Williams might pop up at the after-party tonight. Do you think it’s time for Fif and Wendy to make peace, or did she do him too dirty on her show?

50 Cent Is Now Beefing With Michael Blackson OVER MONEY {VIDEO}
Comedian Michael Blackson Goes HARD On 50 Cent Last Night!! (Video)
Comedian Michael Blackson currently owes Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson $4,500 for money he borrowed while the two were at a strip club on Friday night.

We all know that 50 doesn't play about his money. But Michael seems to think it's all one big joke.

Michael went on social media yesterday bragging about how he doesn't plan to "ever" pay 50 Cent back for the money he loaned him. And then Michael took it a step further - he started making fun of 50 Cent during his comedy routine.

Michael not only re-iterated that he would never pay 50 back his money - but he even made jokes about 50's family members. Michael told the audience, "His father is a quarter...his Aunty is foodstamps."


But 50 doesn't seem to be in a joking mood. He's given Michael a deadline of today to pay up - or else.

And we're pretty sure that Michael doesn't want to find out what "or else" means . . . 

Michael Blackson is the latest person to owe 50 Cent some bread. Now, we see how this ends is nearly all scenarios. 50 Cent attacks someone on social media until they pay up. It's worked on a few people but not all. He's still in a hefty legal battle with Teairra Mari who he claims owes him money. He's also still on Bow Wow's neck about pocketing ones at the strip club.

"I'm shooting this video next to a toilet because you're full of s***," he said. "I thought you was my n***a. I came to the strip club to show love. You dap me, I dap you. We poppin' bottles -- you gave me two bottles of Ace Of Spades. Give me some money, I throw at the stripper. She tell me she's going to swallow my children through her throat. Four days later, you want money back."


50 Cent Takes Disabled Man's Wheelchair - For Not Paying Debt {He can't be that SAVAGE}
50 Cent Is Now Beefing With Michael Blackson OVER MONEY!!
Comedian Michael Blackson is messing with the wrong one. Last night the comedian picked a fight with legendary music mogul Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

And Michael amplified his mistake - by choosing to beef with Fifty over MONEY. We already know that 50 is extremely serious about his $$.

50 Cent has been promoting his Tycoon weekend party in New York City for the past two weeks, and a few nights ago - while out with comedian Michael Blackson - 50 loaned the comedian some money. 

Here's what Michael has to say about it:

Apparently Michael likes to play with fire, because taking money from 50 Cent has serious consequences. In the past few months, 50 has publicly embarrassed dozens of celebrities who owe him money - including Bow Wow and actor Jackie Long.

Michael has already admitted that he messed up big time because he left a comment on 50 Cent’s post on IG saying that he knew that he should’ve taken the money. For someone who doesn’t like people owing him money, Fifty sure likes to hand out money randomly. You’re a bigger fool if you take it, then you will end up wishing you never met him.


“Waiting I’m not even mad, these ni**as can’t read. LOL #TheKing,” 50 wrote in the caption while making sure that he promoted his Branson cognac in the hashtags.


50 Cent Takes Disabled Man's Wheelchair - For Not Paying Debt!!

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is really about his money, as we all know. But yesterday he showed just how serious he is about getting paid back.

The entertainment mogul confronted comedian Daryl Mitchell - who is in a wheelchair - inside a hotel in Los Angeles. 50 pressed the comedian, claiming that Daryl owed him money.

Daryl agreed to owing the Power creator money, but the comedian claimed that he would pay it "later."

Well 50 wasn't satisfied with Daryl's offer, so he removed a wheel from the comedian's wheelchair - and took it. At first, many on social media thought that it was a staged prank.

Here's 50-Cent taking the wheel:

But a few hours later, 50 posted a video, showing Daryl going into the bank - with a wheel missing from his chair. Daryl was seen withdrawing money and then giving it to 50:

Now many on social media are claiming that the debt was real - and 50 Cent really is that much of a savage.

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Comment by caribmama on August 19, 2019 at 4:20pm

People been giving mad love to Wendy since she (supposedly) broke up with her husband. Ans now she thinks she can just pop up anywhere and everybody gonna show her love. WENDY REALLY!!!!!!! 

Comment by caribmama on August 19, 2019 at 4:17pm


Comment by mr1stroke on August 19, 2019 at 3:05pm

If he didnt loan them the money some of you would criticised, but now that he does you still criticise him, damn if he do, damn if he dont, may be if they paid hom back like they promised he would not tell the world, that is his way of shaming them when they are on tv and radio trying to impress you idiots about how rich they. You cant help niggers thats why i stay away from them, once you work and make it they think you owe them something, while they sit on their lazy ass

Comment by mr1stroke on August 19, 2019 at 3:02pm

He is not petty if he dont get along with her why should he party with her, if she was not invited what was she doing there? She is petty and desperate you have money and friends throw your own damn pool party, but that means 50 still hot the old b**** has to try and stay relevant, now she has something to runs her mouth about in her show, how you like that hot topic?

Comment by Shelton Minor on August 12, 2019 at 12:23am

This story is getting old and tired. Why does 50 feel like he has to be the bank for everyone?  Stop loaning people money, they'll figure it out without your help.

Comment by Tyrone on August 11, 2019 at 9:41pm

How you lend money to people then tell the whole world?  That in itself is messed up.

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