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WATCH As UNarmed Black Minister is SHOT and KILLED by Cops During Mental Health Check

Patrick Warren (Instagram)

Dammit. Here we go again. Yet another unarmed Black man has been killed by police – within ONE minute of their arrival. This time it was local Killeen, Texas pastor: Patrick Warren Sr.

After his family called for assistance because they were concerned he was experiencing a mental health episode, police were sent instead and tragically shot Patrick Warren Sr. to death.

@ShaunKing was among the first to break the heartbreaking news, explaining in detail exactly what happened earlier this week when Patrick Warren Sr. was killed by local police and video of the incident went viral. Warren was a husband, father and respected pastor who was reportedly in the middle of a mental health crisis. Alarmed, his family called mental health professionals for help—but they decided to send police instead.

Once the police arrived, instead of attending to Patrick Warren’s mental health needs, they drew their guns, shooting him three times in the chest…killing him. All of this apparently happened within just one minute of the police arriving at the scene. You can watch the shocking video posted on Shaun King’s Instagram below

As of this posting, the involved officers have not been either suspended, fired or charged with any crime, as the Warren family is understandably devastated at losing him to such tragic circumstances. The family has now secured civil rights attorney/activist Lee Merritt, who is demanding the immediate removal from the force and arrest of the officers responsible for his death.

Pastor Warren’s son, Patrick Jr., has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for his funeral expenses. According to Patrick Warren Jr., his father had a life insurance policy, but it recently expired and they are asking for assistance. You can donate here:

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