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15-Y-O Girl Leaves This Heartbreaking Suicide Note! (Parents MUST Read)

Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, a 15 year old girl from London committed suicide. A local paper published her suicide note - with the acquiescence of her family.

Its Christmas-time, and studies show most suicides take place during the Christmas holiday season.

If you're a parent of a teenager, read the note - and take heed:

“Dear mom,

Dear Mom,

It’s with a heavy heart that I write you this note, knowing the amount of pain it is going to cause you.

Mom, I want you to know that I love you dearly and will ever love you. If I am given the opportunity to live again I will still choose you as my mom and our family will still be my place of birth.

But unfortunately, I know that there is not going to be any such opportunity.

Mom, I didn’t want to do this, but I was compelled by circumstances beyond my control to take the plunge.

I tried my best to pull through, but my best was not good enough. I battled alone for about thirteen months now until my strength failed me.

You and dad could not decipher what I was going through and maybe I should not blame you for that.

My one and only brother came very close to understanding what I was passing through but it was too much for his young mind to comprehend.

Mom, I know that you and dad loved me and did everything you could to prove that to me but I was not feeling loved.

You provided for me more than I even wanted, took me to places that most of my mates have not even heard of, yet despite all these, my heart was longing for love.

I needed someone who would love me for who I was. I needed someone who could reach the depth of my soul and feel the vacuum there.

The material provisions you spoiled me with could not do that. And I was alone all the while, despite the fact that we laughed together and had gist as a family.

Then came the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Your brother, Uncle Tony who came to live with us, made me believe that he knew exactly what my soul was longing for – companionship.

He chose to stay with me when you and dad were too busy to notice my loneliness.

He tried to keep me company when I needed someone to talk to but had only gadgets and teddy bears as my company. I was fooled to trust him and he hacked into my foolishness. And he did it perfectly and deeply.

Mom, your brother raped me and used me as a sex toy for three whole years. I expected you or dad to notice but none of you did.

When he left our house last year I was shattered because I have grown to fill the void of your presence with his dirty deeds. I couldn’t complain because I was afraid to lose him, but when he eventually left for Canada the magnitude of the emptiness in me became too heavy for me to carry.

I struggled to forget those experiences but I could not. My grades dropped in school and you and dad quickly arranged for a home lesson teacher.

Mom, that singular act instead of helping me fueled what is about to happen to me a few minutes from now.

The home lesson teacher you brought so much reminded me of Uncle Tony and, on several occasions, I felt like grabbing him and making him fill the gap that Tony’s absence created in me.

Mom, I had to do this because I was lonely. Did you ever imagine what I was doing in my room all the time I stayed there alone? Couldn’t you for once have gone out of your way to just spend some time with me so that we could talk?

There are many things I would have liked to tell you but I don’t want to add to your pain so let those other torments be buried with this undignified body of mine.

Please make sure that my brother David doesn’t get to the point where I am now.

Also, tell your friends and colleagues who have children to find out what is happening with beloved kids before it gets too late.

Many of the things parents do in the name of showing love are not what we the younger ones need.

I would have gone, long hours before you will get to read this note.

But one cheering thing is that David is still there with you. Transfer the love you had for me to him.

My bank details and the passwords to my phones and laptops are all in the piece of paper I dropped in the drawer of your dressing table.

I miss you and it pains to empty the content of this bottle in my hand into my mouth but I am constrained to do it all the same.

Tell dad and David that I love them. Tell our pastor that I will miss his sermons and long prayers. Tell my friends not to envy me.

Goodbye mom.

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Comment by Allen E. on December 26, 2019 at 10:47pm

@nahisha,I don't mean to seem insensitive,and by no means am I judging anyone. I AM saved,though,and I know what and who I am saved FROM. I have been an Apostle for the last (almost) 26 years and God uses me to TRAIN Pastors, Prophets,Prophetesses,Evangelists and even other Teachers...He uses me to Teach The Bible on television,radio and other platforms...I said that to say THIS: When you KNOW what Scripture SAYS,then YOU don't judge,but you just relay WHAT SCRIPTURE says.If you don't STUDY Scripture,then you WON'T KNOW what it says about certain things.That 15 year old girl was under demonic attack...she didn't know HOW to fight the devil and he inspired her to take her own life,just as he did to Judas when he inspired Judas Iscariot to hang himself. Know who Judas was? 

 And @AA,YOU ARE RIGHT...this SHOULD NOT have happened,but it did. SCRIPTURE says that God will deal with EVERY parent who does NOT train their child(ren) to go to Heaven.ALL of us parents are accountable for our children's walk,to SOME degree.ALL of us parents are held accountable by GOD as to whether or not we TEACH our children about HIM (God)...THE BIBLE SAYS that! It ALSO says that those who are Not BORN AGAIN will NOT get into Heaven. JESUS said that in John chapter 3.  As an Apostle,it saddens me when God uses me to do the funeral of someone who leaves THIS world UNSAVED...because I KNOW what SCripture says about leaving THIS world UNsaved...HER PARENTS are going to be accountable and will have to answer to God face to face about that...

  @Nahisha...I strongly suggest that WHILE YOU ARE YET ALIVE,GIVE YOUR LIFE to Jesus Christ...because upon death,it will be too late. @AA,God CAN'T forgive her for taking her own life ONCE it is DONE,(THE BIBLE says)...AND THAT is the sad part about it all. OUR LIVES DO NOT BELONG TO US...JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS that we will have a WAY BACK to God...but the devil has "made" MANY OTHER ways for people to go,so that they will STAY AWAY FROM The Bible and NOT FIND God...I'm leaving this on the table...along with THIS: HER life has been stolen,and WE are STILL HERE! So,what are WE going to do? MY decision is to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST and to STAY with Him,so that when I leave THIS world,I go and REST BEFORE God,as it says in Hebrews 4...and if I deter away FROM following Him,and end up LOST,then there WILL BE NO second chance. THAT'S IT,and THE BIBLE says that! I encourage you,NAHISHA,to read John 16...and see what JESUS said about WHO judges the world...AND who is ALREADY judged...THEN YOU can say what the Bible says and DOESN'T say,on THAT subject,anyway. Happy New Year to you all. If ANYone has any questions,feel free to reach me HERE:


Comment by AA on December 26, 2019 at 6:43pm

Wow poor soul, that a family member, her uncle would eventually cause this girls death. Her parents will not only feel the grief and pain now they will have to live with gilt. A void will ever be with them until their death. What a sad ending to a young teenage life. Parents you must pay very close attention to your children and who you allow around your children, family member can be toxic, sad to say. May God forgive her for taking her own life, her pain was too great and she felt terribly alone. This should not have happened. 

Comment by Nahisha on December 26, 2019 at 9:53am
I know what that feels like inside. I know what it means to be raped by a family member you thought you could trust. I know what it feels like to feel so alone when you're standing in a room full of love. I know what the bible says, and I know what a mother should, could or would say. I know Depression just like this young woman suffered with. My kids saved not me. Reading my bible with understanding gave me the strength to hold on but it took me 30+ years before I told someone else about what happened to me when I was 10 years old. I know that fear of wondering if they'd believe me, or wondering who all would get hurt if I told more people but the worse part about this is you blame yourself for not protecting yourself and that right there is a feeling that no parent, guardian, or bible that would change the fact that you and you alone have to carry that burden and the guilt for not being strong enough to face my monster. So before you judge someone, Stop. Think...and leave ur judgment at the door cause unless you've been through something even remotely close to this then you don't know what alone really feels like.
Comment by Allen E. on December 26, 2019 at 2:09am

Only SOME will understand why I say this,but: I know she regrets what she did NOW. It is sad that she went through that and went OUT that way,but I KNOW that she NOW regrets taking her own life. The PASTOR should have DISCERNED something bring wrong with "a sheep",also...(if he was that close to her)...Our DUTY AS PARENTS are to "TRAIN A CHILD UP IN THE WAY HE SHOULD GO...",Scripture says...but some are guilty of Not DOING that. NOT Teaching their children ABOUT The LORD AND HIs Standards...and ost of all,His Word. Those of us that DO,are hands are clean. I'm sure her parents are extremely hurt.THAT WAS SELFISH to do on HER part,as well.She should have opened her mouth and TOLD them what they WEREN'T seeing,for THEN she would have STILL BEEN here.But,again,as I was led to state,I bet she regrets it NOW. :( 

Comment by rafael monzon on December 25, 2019 at 9:58pm

This is why I'm in my daughter's life. She is only 7 right now but when it comes time to show her attention, I do it. I make sure that she knows she is loved and never has a doubt about it. I pray that all parents understand that, while the opportunity is available to be done. I don't allow no one to make her feel like she's not loved or need someone other than her mom or myself to prove it. 

Comment by vaughn mitchell on December 25, 2019 at 9:55pm
Comment by Lu on December 25, 2019 at 5:27pm

Child  Be at peace and may your soul be freed from anything of the physical world. SELAH 

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