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100 Black People Killed by Police in January Alone: When Will It End?

100 Black People Killed by Police in January Alone: When Will It End?
If you cannot see that police have declared war on the black community, then glasses and contacts are in order. We are literally being killed simply for being black, and that is a tough pill to swallow because we did not choose to be black. We just are.
The black community is proud of who they are, but what we are not proud of is the escalating number of deaths that are happening at the hands of those that are supposed to be serving and protecting. The year of 2015 is still fresh but, in January, there were already 100 people killed by policemen.

Their excuses are so typical, too. They either “feared for their lives” or mistook something else for a gun and whatever else they can come up with to be acquitted from murder, and it is the same for almost every case.

While our black men and women are losing their lives, policemen have not been losing their lives to gunfire or even close as they make it seem when trying to plead their cases. In fact, in comparison to the 100 lives that were taken in January of this year to gunfire from police, a whopping total of ZERO police officers have died from gunfire. This should speak volumes.

So many policemen cry that they fear for their lives, and yet, they are the ones that are still alive. Meanwhile, our black men who were unarmed and harmless are now six feet under. When do police officers get punished for being trigger happy? When will America collectively recognize police abuse and brutality for what it is rather than trying to excuse it?

It is horrifying, to say the least. If you visit, you will see that people are killed literally EVERY DAY by a police officer, and a great deal of them are black. This is alarming, but it seems like no one is alarmed but us.

What do you guys think needs to happen? Share your thoughts.

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Comment by Sonji on May 23, 2016 at 10:15pm
Meanwhile the local bear in the community gets a 7 hour standoff followed up with a tranquilizer, and is careful not to be harmed then returned to their habitatto live happilyever disrespecktful...until theydorightbyus:(
Comment by Pearl Green on May 23, 2016 at 9:53pm


There are those of US and friends of Us that are computer savvy.    As I have aid before post these pigs full name, home address, where they work, the hours of their tour, the streets they use to travel to and from work, if they are married, have children, what school(s) their child(ren) go to, the method of transportation and time of transportation.    Make all of this information public.    In a big speech I gave recently, some of Us are not meant for the battle field, some of Us are meant to do logistics and dissemination of information.   Make this kind of information public so that others can give an appropriate response to these murders!    This is all that is ask, you can do this anonymously!...

Comment by El-Bull on May 23, 2016 at 9:00pm

Since they always keep statistics on blacks killing blacks in certain cities, it's time we start keeping statistics on cops killing Blacks, their names, area, address, department etc As they are soon going to beat their killing record from last year.... As the only way this is going to stop is when we stand up and retaliate......since they feel they are at war with us and the media treats them as if they are soldiers---TIME TO TAKE THE WAR TO THEM WITH NO FEAR

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