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10 Women You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Mentawai Tribe Sharpened Teeth Women

Beauty most certainly is in the eyes of the beholder, so we won’t argue that certain cultures take beauty to all kinds of different extremes. In Indonesia, the Mentawai tribe believe that sharp, dagger-like teeth are the epitome of sexy. As soon as the women of this tribe hit adulthood, they undergo a rigorous dental process to file and sharpen their teeth. It’s hard to believe that these women actually exist. After all, in our world ‘beauty’ means a pearly white smile with perfectly straight teeth. It’s no secret that americans dish out millions if dollars each year on dental implants, veneers and teeth whitening to ensure their teeth are healthy and fresh. In fact, most people opt for dental crowns or head to an orthodontist for braces in order to get rid of pointy, uneven teeth. Who knows, maybe the Mentawai dental trend will catch on in North America.


Huge Legs – Mandy Sellars

When Mandy was born, her own mother was not permitted to see her baby for around two weeks because the doctors were convinced that there was something wrong, but they couldn’t work out what. However, as the baby grew up to a toddler, and a toddler grew up into a child, it soon became clear that there was something incredibly wrong. Mandy’s legs kept on growing. In fact, her legs have not stopped growing since the day that she was born. Her legs are now three times the normal size proportionally, and her left leg alone weighs around seventeen stone.

After a massive infection in her left leg, she had to make the heart wrenching decision to amputate it just below the knee. But as Mandy herself says: “It came down to, it’s either me or the leg.” But even after this life-saving emergency operation, her left leg will not stop growing. The stump is now expanding at a rapid rate, Cambridge doctors that have been doing genetic research now believe that they have produced a pill that could in fact reduce the size of Mandy’s legs.


3 (1)

Grace McDaniels

This woman visits us from the past. Grace was born at 1888 in Iowa and was diagnosed with the Sturge-Weber syndrome. This basically means that Grace’s face looks like a mule, with a large birthmark on her forehead and mouth slowly mishaping Grace joined a travelling circus owned by a guy named Harry Lewiston where she performed as a “Freak Show”. She disliked the name but grew fond of the attention at some point and the paycheck was incredible. Grace’s friends described her as charming, loving, funny and a great mother to her son.


Most Tattooed Woman – Julia Gnuse

Julia Gnuse was born in 1959 and lived a pretty ordinary life until she was thirty five. At that point she started getting very uncomfortable points on her skin which started to scar her in a very ugly way. Trips after trips to the doctors, it was eventually discovered that Julia had developed porphyria. This is an incredibly uncommon skin condition that can be inherited from a parent or just spontaneously develop. One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of her condition was that Julia’s skin had become ridiculously sensitive – to the point that she could not go outside without her skin blistering right in front of her eyes.

Julia was in good company. Famous people that have had porphyria include many members of royal houses because they were all inter-related, it was passed genetically from generation to generation. King George III certainly had it, and it had been suggested that Mary, Queen of Scots also had it. Vincent van Gogh may have had it as well – although sadly the treatment for porphyria has not really improved much since his time. Julia began to become desperate to find a way to be able to go outside without being in pain. There was actually very little that her doctors could do, as the only medicine that was currently on the market had the slightly unwelcome side effect of making her lose her sight. Faced with the choice of complete body scarring or blindness, she turned to her next major problem: trying to cover up the scarring that she was getting more and more embarrassed about. Julia turned to her friends, and one of them – a plastic surgeon – suggested that she tried tattooing as a way to cover up the parts of her skin that she did not like. One tattoo on her leg was enough to get her hooked. Julia covered her entire legs with tattoos, and then moved up to her arms, stomach, and back. Now over 95% of her body is covered in tattoos – including her face – and she is known as The Illustrated Lady.

Her tattoos have taken more than five years to create, were all created by the same artist, and had cost Julia more than $80,000. Incredibly, the tattoos do not actually protect her from the sun’s hurtful rays, and so blistering still occurs – but now the scarring is covered up by tattoos. Some of the blisters have been measured as being equivalent to third degree burns, which are incredibly painful, but now Julia still has something to smile about every time she goes out of the door. Julia has now entered the Guinness World Records for being the most tattooed woman in the world.


Before And After 

Julia Gnuse 

Worlds Smallest Woman – Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge is a truly unique woman. Born in 1993, she is coming up to her twenty first birthday, and is hoping to celebrate it in Nagpur, India, where she lives. However, she will probably end up spending it a little differently to everyone else that passes this rite of passage. Instead of going out and getting wildly drunk, Jyoti will have to be very careful about the amount of alcohol that she drinks. Some would call her a lightweight, but others would point out that she is only 62.8cm tall. That’s 2ft. 0.6 inches.

Jyoti was born with a medical growth anomaly called achondroplasia. It is a type of dwarfism, but it is not very common. Typically, both parents need to be carrying the faulty genes for there to even be a chance that a child will be born with it – although there are a few cases that have been documented where the condition has happened randomly due to gene mutation. This is what happened to Jyoti. Both of her parents are a completely normal height, and it was a surprise to everyone when she didn’t grow like other children. Her siblings do not have the same condition as her.

At her present height, Jyoti has been declared to be the smallest woman in the world, but in many ways, she has it easy. Many people who have achondroplasia have problems with their spines, back pain, and oversized skulls which put a lot of pressure on their necks. Jyoti, on the other hand, is perfectly proportioned, meaning that she looks quite literally like a typical person in miniature. Jyoti does not shy away from the media, like many people may do with her condition: instead, she had frequently taken to the stage to raise awareness of her condition, and the fact that she is a totally normal human being in many ways. In 2009, she agreed to take part in the filming of a television documentary called Body Shock: Two Foot Teen. This show followed her around, and saw how she lived her life whilst taking in the challenges of being around a third the height of the average adult man. She also took up the chance offered to her in 2012 by Bigg Boss, which is the Indian version of the television show Big Brother. Entering the house for five days, her appearance was heralded as a brilliant choice by the producers.

An incredible photo opportunity was created the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012, when they brought together Jyoti and Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the world’s shortest man. It is very rare for Guinness World Record Holders in similar categories to meet each other, but this was a chance that neither of them could refuse. Chandra is a seventy two year old man from Nepal, and is only 21.5 inches tall. It must have been great fun for the two of them to finally be able to converse with someone on their own level, and from the photographs that were released, it looks like they had an amazing time.

Despite her height, Jyoti has big plans. She is very interested in politics, and keeps a close eye on the changes going on on the world’s stage. She supported Maharashtra Navniram Sena in the last Indian elections, and encouraged everyone to vote. There is no knowing how long Jyoti will live, but so far she has been able to live perfectly happily, so it is hoped that we will have her around for many years to come.

Jyoti Climbing a Bottle Of Coke 

Jyoti And A Friend 

Steroid Men & Women

Male athletes sometimes use anabolic steroids to enhance their body mass and athletic performance, these steroid have a similar effect to testosterone and cause increased protein content within cells, causing the muscles to grow much bigger making them very common with bodybuilders.
Many people don’t know but steroids are far more harmful to females than they are to males. Ironically, steroid abuse by females is not only dangerous, it’s very unnecessary. Many women around the world mistakenly believe that since men already have greater testosterone levels, and are made larger and stronger with anabolic steroids, that they need for themselves considerably more of these drugs to achieve comparable results. However, since the muscle size and strength does not increase in a manner directly proportionate to the amount of masculine hormone within one’s body, this theory is downright false. In fact, studies have shown that ladies get considerable anabolic benefit out of dosages that are only a small portion of those needed by men. Thus, even females who detrimentally decide to risk their health by consuming male hormones have no business in taking them in huge quantities.

The optimal objective of any woman bodybuilder using steroids should only be muscle development (at any level or division) while avoiding the secondary negative side effects. Therefore, any special side effects are indications that something is wrong with the amount being taken. It is hard for women bodybuilders to fully retain all their female aesthetics while at the same time optimizing their body to compete. In short, success as a modern female bodybuilder athlete is all about development progress with the least amount of long-term negative results.


Barbie Girls

For some women, a Barbie doll is something they played with as a child and didn’t think much of it as they grew up. For other women, however, Barbie is their role model. The tiny, plastic doll with completely unrealistic body proportions has become what so many women now crave to look like. Take Valeria Lukyanova for example, who constantly makes the headlines with her strange, doll-like appearance. She has huge blue eyes (contact lenses) and manages to contour her face to resemble that of Barbie. She also has a tiny, and somewhat unrealistic, figure which many people don’t believe can be healthy. In fact, her whole family look like dolls and it is clear that some have even had plastic surgery to achieve the look. We wonder what their family get togethers are like… Valeria Lukyanova isn’t the only woman to spend hours (and tons of cash) to look like Barbie, however. There’s plenty of women who have managed to achieve that doll look, many of whom seem to come from Russia. Perhaps Barbies are bigger in Russia than they are in other parts of the world? There is also Sarah Burge from the UK, who has had $600,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like Barbie, and Jenny Lee who is famous in the US for replicating the look as well. Although all these women look good, none come close to the striking similarities of Valeria Lukyanova; she really does look the spitting image of a Barbie doll.

Âàëåðèÿ Ëóêüÿíîâà ñ ëó÷øåé ïîäðóãîé

Hips That Will Make You Dizzy – Mikel Ruffinelli

Although many women including Charity Pierce may not agree, many men believe that bigger is better. For them, it is all about the curves. Some of our greatest body icons, such as Marilyn Monroe or Betty Boop are all about the curves, and despite the trend that we have seen in modern times towards a more skinny, athletic figure, studies suggest that men want to date skinny women, and marry the curvaceous ones. This is something that Mikel Ruffinelli agrees with, and knows all about. Mikel weighs a staggering four hundred and twenty pounds (exactly thirty stone), but what is even more mind-boggling is where she carries it. Because while she has a waist of forty inches, Mikel’s hips have a circumference of eight feet.

Mikel is only 5ft. 4 inches tall, and when you look at photographs at her, it is amazing really that she can walk at all. Her frame is so extreme that some people that watch her go by do not even believe that her body is natural, believing that she has had hip implants to create the shape that she has. Mikel says that her entire female side of the family have always had big hips, including her mother and all of her aunts. She just sees her body as following that pattern, and with every child that she has had, her hips have got a little wider. Mikel ignores any negative comments. Coming up to her fortieth birthday, Mikel has absolutely no regrets, and no plans to lose weight, despite being wider than she is tall. She said: “I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems.” Many medical professionals, however, would probably disagree with her. Despite anything serious being picked up at the moment, Mikel certainly has difficulty doing any sort of exercise for more than a few minutes, which does not bode well for her muscles, and her lungs – let alone her heart.

But despite all of her protestations that she has no health problems, Mikel has found life as the woman with the widest hips in the world difficult in other ways. She has got used to the catcalls and looks of disbelief that she sees when she goes out, and her three daughters are a wonderful mixture of proud and concerned – both for her and for themselves. Mikel has to approach almost all doorways sideways, and some she just can’t fit through. Instead of driving a cute car, Mikel drives a truck so that she can fit around the steering wheel. Interior design has had to be sacrificed almost completely, as normal furniture is just not strong enough to support her weight, or fit her large hips in. This means that instead of cute chairs that most people could buy from any store, Mikel uses steel-supported chairs, and sleeps on a seven foot wide bed.

But she doesn’t sleep alone in that huge bed. Mikel has been married for ten years to computer technician Reggie, who is wonderfully besotted with his wife. Reggie tells Mikel how beautiful she is every single day, and is really proud of his wife for happily accepting the way that she is. Both of them believe Mikel’s wide hips are a family trait that she has inherited, and Mikel wants to encourage all women, the world over, no matter what shape or size they are, to embrace the way that they have been made. And as Mikel says, “Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”



Modern Day Rapunzel – Asha Mandela

Most women love their hair, and spend a huge amount of time and money trying to keep it in the best condition they possibly can. Hundreds of thousands of dollars every year are spent on straighteners, sprays, and shampoo. After all, one bad hair day can totally rock a person’s confidence, male or female, and so people go to desperate lengths to try to prevent it. But for Asha Mandela, length is the only thing that she cares about.

Asha is fifty years old, and has deadlocks that are nineteen and a half feet long. In fact, some individual dreadlocks have been measured to be around fifty five feet long. They are fabulous, and she wears them with incredible style and dignity. Growing out her dreadlocks is something Asha is completely dedicated to, and we suppose that you would have to be, because it’s a difficult job. Since 2008, Asha has had the longest deadlocks in the world – which makes us wonder how many other people are out there desperate to take her crown away from her.

Because getting to this place has not been easy for Asha. When she was twenty five – which funnily enough was twenty five years ago, Asha uprooted her life, and completely changed the world around her. She moved from Trinidad-Tobago to New York, and decided (whilst she was at it) to have a slightly more natural hairstyle. Once she started growing her hair, there didn’t seem to be any point in cutting them off, and it all started from there. Now she has been given the nickname ‘the Black Rapunzel’ – a title which we would imagine Asha absolutely loves. She has stated that she will never ever cut off her hair, and we believe her. She managed to keep all of her hair in dreadlocks even when she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, a feat that has shocked many of her medical team.

Many people cannot understand how Asha lives with her hair being that long, but there are small changes that she can make to her life that makes things a little easier. She probably doesn’t need to shut doors in her home, because like the Rapunzel of our story books, her hair would just get stuck! But Asha has not been laid back about her amazing hair, and has even seen a way for her to make money from it. She has now brought out her own range of hair products, including shampoos and conditioners that reputedly increase hair growth and prevent hair loss – something that surely Asha knows a lot about. But when it comes to looking after her own hair, everything gets a little bit complicated.

It now takes Asha an entire day to wash her hair, which she does every week using around six bottles of shampoo to make sure that every single inch has been cared for. After all of this effort, there’s not much Asha can do but wait, because it takes two whole days for her hair to dry. When her deadlocks are wet, Asha is carrying around 25 pounds on her head, which has caused some medical concern to be voiced. Without taking a different route in caring for her hair, she may come up with even more medical problems as she gets older. There may be evidence that her heavy hair is slowly twisting her spine already, and she is only going to find more problems as she continues to grow her hair. However, we’re not sure that anyone can convince Asha to part with her dreads.

Asha Mandela 

Asha Mandela 

World’s Fattest Woman – Charity Pierce

Charity Pierce has garnered both praise and criticism for the decisions that she has made throughout her life, but no one can accuse her of not totally committing to them. Currently completely housebound, Charity weighs an absolutely enormous amount of 56.4 stone. That’s just slightly less than a car. She finds it very difficult to stand up, and it is almost impossible for her to walk. You could be forgiven for being amazed that one person could get to that weight, but the trouble is that Charity’s diet is just terrible: she regularly consumes more than ten thousand calories every day, which is enough for a family of four.

Sadly, however, Charity was not always this size. She was certainly a curvaceous teenager when she was younger, but nothing like the weight that she is now. So what has brought on this huge amount of weight? Obviously the food is not helping, but why did she not start exercising when she realised that her weight gain was getting a little out of control? That answer lies in her medical records. As she started to put the pounds on, Charity developed a lymphedema in her leg. This is a swelling in one part of it: an incredibly painful thing to happen, but also a very unsightly one. Charity says that she was so embarrassed by the lymphedema, and so uncomfortable, that she did not want to exercise and began to refuse to leave the house because she was convinced that people would be staring at her.

She is now thirty eight years old, and has finally realised that she wants so much more from her life than just lying in bed, unable to move, and stuffing her face full of food that she doesn’t need. After discussing her case with her medical advisors, it was decided that Charity would need to lose twenty stone, or around 40% of her body weight before she was ‘light’ enough to safely have a gastric bypass operation. This operation would help her to lose more weight by physically restricting just how much her stomach would be able to hold, and many people around the world have found it very potent and useful in losing even more weight. Charity therefore has the carrot of this operation lying ahead of her, but there is more. Charity also has another reason why she is committed to losing the weight.

Charity is getting married to Tony Sauer, who is twenty one years old. They first met when she was twenty five and he was eight, and because of the age gap they did not really take any notice of each other. After all, Charity was dating Tony’s older brother Jimmy who was much older, and within months they conceived. Although the relationship broke down after Charity gave birth to their daughter eighteen years ago, she still kept a vague contact with the family. Three years ago, the two families met again, and Charity met Tony as an adult. They realised that they wanted to be together, and according to Charity they were having sex four times a day. Now, however, it has become almost impossible to be intimate because of her weight. Charity and Tony are instead concentrating on planning their wedding. Charity wants to be able to walk up the aisle (in cowboy boots, as per their theme), and so she has reduced her diet to around 1200 calories a day. No one is sure how long it will take her to lose the weight, but when she does she will lose her title of the fattest woman alive.

Biggest Boobs!

There is no denying that some women have managed to make their boobs giant through plastic surgery, but none quite so large as Mayra Hills. This German model, professionally known as ‘Beshine’, has 32Zs which are also known as 32XXX. In fact, they are so large that they weigh 40 pounds, or the equivalent of carrying a 5 gallon jug of water on your chest. Her breasts are so gigantic that most people don’t know whether it is something attractive or something to be scared of. Mayra Hills has to have her clothes specially made for her, as no tops will cover what she has on display. She has had 10 liters of saline solution pumped into her breasts, to go from a 32A to a 32Z. Mayra Hills is more than happy with her extremely large breasts and is always on Twitter and Instagram showing them off. She says that it is always an adventure to be in public with such big boobs and is aiming to break records (and probably lots of other things) with her breasts. They do say that bigger is better but we can’t help feel uncomfortable with the thought of carrying such heavy beach balls around with you all the time.

Strongest Woman Alive – Aneta Florczyk

Most people can describe their female relatives as strong, but how on earth can you describe someone like Aneta Florczyk? There is just so many facets of her character and of her life’s achievements (so far) that it is almost impossible to know where to begin. So let’s start with the basics: she was born in Poland in 1982, and from a very young age, showed an aptitude for strength. Aneta was encouraged to explore the power that was within her, and by the time that she turned into her teenage years, she was competing. By the time she turned nineteen, Aneta was winning competitions such as becoming the Junior Champion at bench pressing.

But winning just a few competitions wasn’t quite enough for Aneta: she wanted to be stronger, be better, be the best. After perfecting her bench pressing and power lifting techniques, in 2002 she decided to start training to be a strong woman. This is quite a distinction, and it involves slightly stranger challenges, such as lifting up fully grown men over your head. Which Aneta can do, by the way. Within a year, Aneta was winning the World’s Strongest Woman Competition in Zambia, and is now considered to be the strongest woman on the planet. What makes Aneta so incredible is that she has never given up – even after she has won. Many competitors that enter into the World’s Strongest Woman competitions are content, once they have won once, to leave the professional arena, but not Aneta. She has now won the World’s Strongest Woman competition a fantastic four times: in 2003, in 2005, in 2006, and in 2008. This means that she has won the competition more than any other woman in history.

Aneta, unlike many professionals within the strong man/woman, and body

buildings worlds, has absolutely no problem with taking to a rather different stage. In 2007, she was invited to take part in the Polish version of Dancing on Ice, and despite many people’s belief that she would not do it because of her heavy build, she took up the challenge. Once a competitor, always a competitor. To the surprise of thousands of viewers – and possibly Aneta herself – she was actually very talented, and managed to stay in the competition right until the end, finishing in a respectable third place. This appearance on television has gained her many more fans that she could have ever realised, and Aneta has become a very popular Polish athlete ever since.

And as if all of that wasn’t quite enough: Aneta has a little more up her sleeves. Just because she is strong, and talented on the ice skating floor, doesn’t mean that she is without a brain, and she has proved it by going into politics. Aneta is now one of the councillors on the city council of Malbork, a city in the northern region of Poland. Because she can.

What we love the most about Aneta is not that she is crazily strong, and is totally owning the muscle-look that she has gone on, but she sees being strong as not in any way at odds with her femininity. Now that is a woman that could change the world. And if she decides not to change the world, she could always fall back on what she does best: rolling frying pans. That’s right: Aneta can roll up a frying pan with her bare hands. In fact, Aneta currently holds the World Record for the most number of frying pans rolled up in one minute, which is five.

Aneta Showing Her Muscles 

Aneta Playing With A Friend 

The Two Headed Woman – Abigail and Brittany Hensel

These two women (not one) are actually dicephalic parapapagus twins, which means that they are conjoined at the body. Although it may look like there is just one body between them, they actually have a lot of their own organs; including heart, spine, spinal cord and stomach. Each twin can also control their own half of their body, meaning that they have one leg and one arm to control each. When they were small children, this obviously made things extremely difficult when it came to trying to coordinate everything! After all, can you imagine trying to walk when someone else has control of your other leg?! The two were born in Minnesota in 1990 to a mother who is a registered nurse and a father who is a carpenter and landscaper. They also have a younger brother and a younger sister, neither of whom have any second heads!
Although the girls may have started life being quite distressed about having two heads, this hasn’t stopped them from leading a fairly normal life. Thy have both passed their driving test (even though they had to take a separate one each) and have both graduated with bachelors of art degrees. They also both have their own distinct personalities, likes and dislikes, which makes them two very different women. They have had several appearances on big TV shows, including Oprah Winfrey’s chat show along with their own documentaries on the Discovery and Learning channels. They have both said they want to lead a normal life; including getting married and starting a family, when they get older. Now, they just need to find another pair of dicephalic parapapagus for an incredible double wedding!

Botox Gone Wrong

Women all over the world have already discovered the “miracle” of Botox injections. Botox has improved the looks of many women from all ages, but some women became Botox injections junkies and took their lips to a whole new level of weirdness. If you could look like anyone in the world, who would it be? We’re willing to bet that whoever you picked it certainly wasn’t a cartoon character; after all, we know that cartoon characters aren’t really supposed to inspire beauty, right? Not according to Kristina Rei, who has spent the last 6 years trying to look like her idol, Jessica Rabbit. She has had over 100 injections in her lips, in an effort to bring them up to the voluptuous size of her favorite cartoon character. Kristina, from Russia, says that she began obsessing over cosmetic procedures after being bullied at school. Although the bullies never focused on her lips, she thought that they were too thin and the reason she was being picked on. She has now spent more than £4,000 (around $6200) on getting her lips pumped up to an extraordinary size. She has regular injections and the beauticians are never surprised when she walks in for more; although she has vowed to limit herself to just one a month after worrying she may have an addiction. Kristina says her new lips have given her confidence, even if she does sometimes get videoed in the street or people start calling her nasty names. When she has the money she also wants a breast enlargement, a nose job, and she is going to have her ears reshaped to resemble elf ears. Clearly nothing is stopping Kristina Rei from living the life she wants, and looking how she wants to look. However, it’s a shame that bullies turned this pretty young girl to cosmetic procedures.


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