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10 Things Nigerian Women DO That Would WOW American Women!

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Comment by El-Bull on August 14, 2017 at 10:50pm

Yasmin if you don't go back and forth with people, you shouldn't have started here with me OBVIOUSLY you don't understand or comprehend the difference in cultures. she embraces her hers while you make your up with the indoctrination from whites. I can see you've been spoon ed the white feminist movement doctrine and have happily eaten it by the spoonful. Nigerian/African women embrace being women, their role and womanhood as a whole, a woman's sexuality and sensuality, unlike women unlike you who want to be manlike and treat men like women------Your brain must really hurt when you think as you are typical of all american women who think their culture, in your case lack of culture is better than others, traditional culture------YOU SHOULD PROBABLY GO BACK IN TIME AND CHECK OUT YOUR "GREAT GRANDMOTHERS" BELIEFS AS i'M CERTAIN YOUR GRANDMOTHER IS MORE THAN LIKELY THE SAME AGE OR NEAR AS YOU ----NOW POOF BE GONE

Comment by Yasmin on August 14, 2017 at 7:01pm
El-Bull I don't go back an forth with people but first let me say go to hell and did she not say what Nigerian women do that American women won't so how the hell is she just speaking in reference to her culture and not mine and whitewashed??? GTFOH Other people from other places are always talking s*** and generalizing about American black people on what they think they know or what the media shows and don't know s***.
Comment by El-Bull on August 14, 2017 at 6:47pm

Shanee Johnson Is that all you can say, obviously your brain hurts when you think as you can't even formulate a cognizant reply except to say; "that's a lie" which is nothing but meant to marginalize and a sorry attempt at discrediting a person----TROLL ON HEFFER, Yasmin you too make no sense, she is not American/ Caribbean, she is African/Nigerian and is referencing her culture, not yours or your brainwashed white perspective 

Comment by El-Bull on August 14, 2017 at 6:43pm

Shanee Johnson is that all you can say, obviously your brain hurts when you think as you can't even formulate a cognizant reply except to say; "that's a lie" which is nothing but meant to marginalize and a soRry attempt at discrediting a person----TROLL ON HEFFER

Comment by Yasmin on August 14, 2017 at 6:38pm
First off who the hell is she to generally speak on American Aboriginal women. She's just saying s*** that she has heard from other people. I grew up in an American/ Caribbean household and I was thought to cook and clean but I was also show how to be very independent I was raised by Independent headstrong women so as an adult I choose the path of not being the traditional bullshit that they tell you a woman should be and do don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with cooking cleaning and taking care of your family but every woman is not Suzy sally homemaker and should not be maybe somebody should have raised her not to put on that stupid ass blue eyeshadow on her face.
Comment by Jerome S [ Barz ] on August 14, 2017 at 5:33pm
@Still Waters; If I'm getting you clearly then are not happy with your African connection by way of infatuating Morocco and THE Bahamas ; it also sounds as though you would need a guide to enjoy these places properly; and you're not feeling the love from the people of the motherland (Note : people are and can be effed- up all over the planet in one way or the rest) love your self, and the one you with.
You feel like a Pisces for real in that you are all over the place lil bit ! Am I getting you right, so far?
When it comes to history like Black Wall Street, I feel that 1-of the big "take aways" is that we of color can use a monetary system as well as the big dogs, and better than the cats who put it together. Down side was we chose to ignore the hate instead of destroying it. It was the hate that burned us crispy.
Communication is challenging, but not nearly enuff to defeat this race. Never submit.
Comment by conscious1 on August 14, 2017 at 3:32pm

No matter where you come from and how long you have been there, AS LONG AS YOU ARE A BLACK MAN/WOMAN  YOU ARE AN AFRICAN!!!!  Everything else is minor and secondary to us being AFRICANS first.  Unless black people start to understand that concept they will forever be trying to lay a foundation in quick sand.  Every other nation of people understands that unless you RECOGNIZE and STRENGHTHEN your HOME BASE it will be hard for you to survive in any other part of the world, financially and otherwise.  No Chinese woman, man or child will deny China regardless of where they settle.  No Israeli man, woman or child would deny Israel regardless of where they settle.  No white woman, man or child would deny Europe regardless of where they settle .No Indian man, woman or child would deny India no matter where they settle.  They all understand that to deny home and heritage is a fallacy of declaration to the world that you have no home, history or heritage and can be left to be eaten up by the wolves.  As a result we get no respect or place in the human kingdom because we don't belong anywhere and can't make any claims.  THE ONLY TRUE AMERICANS ARE THE NATIVE TRIBES OF THE SO CALLED "AMERICAS'.  Europeans annihilated them in their quest to conquer their homeland.  How dare black people try to claim stolen man's land when we have our own to claim?  Get the hell outta here with that bs  Planning for the future of black people should involve a plan of action to reeducate our people and reclaim Africa regardless of where we as black people chose to reside just like every other great nation of people. 

What the hell is wrong with black people who dare to deny Africa, the greatest piece of real estate in the world that every other nation on earth is currently fighting for; including rich and/or advanced nations such as China, Israel, Europe and India?  Every other nation of people want Africa and the riches she has to offer except us poor old ignorant black folks.  We want to fight for another man's land and hopefully get a good job someday so we can hold hands with white people and sing we shall overcome...smdh.  We are so lost and ignorant that we really believe we can build foundations in the mud.  News flash: if the root is rotten the tree will not grow.  No wonder us poor ole black folks have been holding our chest singing the star spangled banner and HAVE GOTTEN NO WHERE AS A NATION OF PEOPLE IN OVER 400+ YEARS.  The land was not stolen for us, it was stolen for white America, to create new opportunities for white Americans and their descendants.  Black folks were a casualty of the war and now we see the chickens coming home to roost.  The only role "they" created for us to play in America is to originally serve as their slaves and today to serve as their primary consumers.  They have NO INTENTIONS of giving black people anything or allowing the black masses to move beyond the economic role of servitude.

Black people always revert to declaring that Africans don't like African Americans as an argument to denying Africa and our African brothers and Sisters.  Again, that is pure ignorance if one considers that Africa/Africans has been colonized and brained washed just as black folks over here in the Americas and every other part of the world have been brainwashed to hate themselves and Africa.  Self hate was instilled in ALL of us in order to STOP OUR UNIFICATION; the greatest threat to white America is our unification so what the hell do you expect?????????? 

@Still water, I strongly disagree!! but you can keep trying for another 400+ years and tell me how it works out for you and your descendants.

Comment by Still waters on August 14, 2017 at 1:09pm
Jerome S. I get what you are saying but we are the bastard sons and daughters of Africa we don't know (some of us)what part of Africa or tribe we come from. My own personal family bloodline is Bahamian and before that morrocan. I am 2nd generation born in America I can't relate to either Bahamian or morrocan I relate to what is here in this country as screwed up as it is. I can't go to Bahamas or morroco because there is nothing there for me. Think either side would welcome me with open arms? Nope. Africans don't like us at all. They think we are ignorant fools and my favorite line is we are not pure and tainited by the white man. Not all feel this way but a silent and vocal majority do. We are here in this land and at the present moment we are Americans. We have African roots but we are American. The thing is we can set the foundation for something right here right now if they were able to do it on black Wall Street during those times we can and should have no problem doing it now. We focus so much on the past that we neglect to plan for the present and for the future. We can do it. It takes things like this where we have discussions of opinion and points of view. These are conversations that need to be had and we should be able to challenge each other back and fourth but with enough context to where we can understand each other's perception. I understood your perception very well can you understand mine? Not saying we would agree 100% but we understand each other's thought process and through that we can find a middle ground and make real progress.
Comment by mr1stroke on August 14, 2017 at 12:23pm

i dont care how fine a woman is or where she comes from as long as she is black, if the sex is not hot im not staying, if you have to deny me sex and expect for me not to cheat hell no im not staying with that woman, good head, good p**** now thats a plus to keep a man on top of everything else, thats why i cannot do relationship, i cannot torture my self staying with someone who cannot turn me on, or cannot please me. All that love crap is for fools, and thats why we have them so let the fools have love, and ill take good sex

Comment by Jay on August 14, 2017 at 9:48am
I stay with American women because sex and pleasing your man is at least one of their top 10 things.

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