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A virtually unknown to most people, Jamaican-American writer, Duane Blake became a household name with his controversial book Shower Posse. The son of Vivian Blake, the notorious leader of one of America's most feared gang. Duane Blake writes a terrifying account of the posse's criminal and violent drug empire. The events and accounts that take place are told by the father to his son. Clearly, there are elements of bias in the portrayal of his father's role in the organization. Moreover, they could have done a much better editing job. Nonetheless, the reader is captivated by the rise of the posse in the slum of Tivoli Gardens, in Kingston, Jamaica where it originated; and its connection to the country's Jamaican Labor Party. A shrewd businessman, Vivian Blake attended one of Jamaica's elite high schools on a scholarship before migrating to the United States in the early 1970's. The story chronicles the trials and triumphs of a father who Duane believes was caught up in a downward spiral of infighting, greed, strife and betrayal from people who his father had no control over. Vivian Blake became a multi-millionaire while his henchmen murdered over 1400 people and sold drugs as far away as Alaska. Guns are blazing in Harlem, Brooklyn, Miami, Philadelphia and the Bronx as an on going war between the Shower Posse and other drug dealers are quickly spreading, and many people are dying; guilty and innocent alike. Bloodshed, murder, and betrayal is a common theme throughout the book.

Vivian Blake is living the American Dream and then some; he has the beautiful wife, and children, the women on the side, and enough cash to buy anything he's ever dreamed about. Being a drug dealer certainly has its perks. Vivian has to witness the deaths of his friends and family, whom he said was murdered because of greed and jealousy. Shower Posse by Duane Blake is a book that includes street slang, Jamaican patois, shoot 'em up and leave no witnesses all rolled into one. You get pulled into the story line and feel the connection Mr. Blake wants you to feel toward the main character. He wants the reader to understand that despite the FBI and other law enforcement agencies portrayal of his father. His father couldn't control other people's motives and behavior. It's a compelling and bold novel that I would recommend. Shower Posse captures the reader's full attention from beginning to end. This was a very "gangster/drug dealer" sort of read, but it was enjoyable none the less.

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