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Teen Kidnapped, Stripped And Burned (Photos)

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Two men held a 15-year-old boy at knifepoint, burned him and glued his mouth shut inside a Manchester apartment on Friday, police said.


Police were called to Kimball Street just after midnight after a woman said her son was being held against his will, and one of his captors was armed with a knife, police said.


When police arrived, they found the boy naked in a rear bedroom of the first floor apartment. Police said his lips were glued shut and he had wounds on his left arm.


Officers arrested two suspects who tried to escape out the back door, police said.


"When the officers arrived, they surrounded the residence, located two suspects coming out the back door, and found the victim actually inside the apartment hiding," said Lt. Scott Legasse.



Ismael Bangs, 19, and Yvens Luclaise, 25, both of Manchester, face several charges, including kidnapping.


Police said Bangs asked the boy to come to his apartment to speak with him.


When the boy was inside, Bangs lit a latex glove and dripped melted rubber on the teen's body, stuffed burning pieces of paper up his nose and burned his shoulder with a heated knife blade, police said.


Police said Bangs was holding a knife the whole time and Luclaise recorded it all on his iPod.


The boy's friends and family noticed the victim had been inside the apartment for awhile, so they went to check on him, but Bangs and Luclaise would not open the door, police said.


Through a window, friends and family saw Bangs holding a large knife over the kneeling boy, and they called police, police said.


"I am shocked. I feel bad for the 15-year-old kid. I'm really shocked and I feel bad for his mother too. She has to go through this now, too," said Christielle Macelin, who said she knows Bangs.


Police would not comment on a motive but did say all three of them knew each other.


The victim told police that Bangs called him a snitch when he glued his lips shut with super glue, according to court documents.


The victim also told police that Bangs threatened to kill him if he told anyone what happened.


Bangs and Luclaise were held on $100,000 cash or surety bail.

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