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Seeing that it is VALENTINE'S DAY, many persons views will differ and as such we may see this special day as being wondeful, not important or even not worth your time. Many of us may be engaged in relationships that we thought would work eventually it turn out to be a curse then we decide not to love again, the truth is love hurts but which do you think hurt more, getting married which is a precious thing or living a life without happiness, just dull andn boring. That is something that you should keep in mind. Many of us say that we are in relationships that we value dearly but during the entire year we did not show it so that it has a long-term effect on our partner, so if it is even just one day out of the year, u need to show how much you appreciate that special someone. Many say that VALENTINE'S DAY is a "Batty Man" day but guess what you are wrong, it's not just gays who celebrate valentines day, straight persons celebrate valentines day so do not come with that.Do not let that spoil your day go out, shop and get that special persons something(even a small token just to show your love and aapreciation). Valetine's day is a loving day filled with happiness and commitments and wow, he just might pop that big question that you've been waithing on. remember valentine's day represent love as shown in the heart and on this day i do not want you to recieve any heart broken so go out and have fun. I do not want you to say love hurts either, bcuz in life you have to open your heart for good and bad, the thing is that when you settle with the hertbreak that's when you'll lose out so brush yourself off get up and try again bcuz i know that you can do it.

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Comment by Ben on October 1, 2022 at 5:49am

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