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Kevin Samuels GoFundMe Page is FAKE! – Family Says They Won’t Accept Money

Was Kevin Samuels A Hypocrite? – Listen to the 911 call | VIDEO

Kevin Samuels in suit

Kevin Samuels / Twitter

After this, a lot of y’all need to apologize to the late Kevin Samuels and his family!

( We looking at you Pastor Jamal Bryant ) According to TMZ, the GoFundMe going around that’s for Kevin Samuels’ funeral expenses is 100% fake! (And it’s raised $50,000!)

When the unexpected death of Kevin Samuels was confirmed, the GoFundMe page was created claiming to be for his funeral expenses.

Many people on the internet called Kevin a hypocrite for not having life insurance to cover his funeral because he always preached about financial literacy.

Chile, even Pastor Jamal Bryant made a whole sermon around this fake GoFundMe account, that he has sense apologized for. After all the debates and back and forth, turns out the GoFundMe is fake!

Kevin Samuels (YouTube screenshot)
Kevin Samuels (YouTube screenshot)

TMZ exclusively reported that Kevin Samuels’ family did not set up the viral GoFundMe fundraiser. When GoFundMe realized it was fraudulent, they scrapped the page all together. They even offered Kevin’s family the money that was raised even though it wasn’t their account, but they refused to take it! All money raised was returned back to the donors.

So now everyone can just calm down and let Kevin Samuels Rest In Peace! Thoughts?


Kevin Samuels - Instagram
Kevin Samuels – Instagram

The woman who was with Kevin Samuels on the night claims she’s being harassed online by fans of the self-described relationship guru.
As reported by Hot News Hip Hop, according to a Thursday, May 5, police report by Officer K. Figuereo of the Atlanta Police Department, Ortencia Alcantara is the woman who said she met the 53-year-old the night before his death and spent the evening with him.
We reported earlier via TMZ that in the audio from the Kevin Samuels 911 call, Ortencia tells the emergency operator that she believes he is experiencing an issue with his heart — possibly an irregular rhythm — while she performs CPR.


Friend: Kevin Samuels DIED BROKE - DEEPLY In Debt w/ Less Than 1K In ACCOUNT! (Family Wants GoFundMe) Kevin Samuels

The untimely death of well-known YouTube influencer Kevin Samuels is the latest example that tomorrow is not promised. That’s why it’s important the message you preach should be the life you lead! Samuels made a name for himself criticizing mostly Black women for what he called destructive behavior unconducive to healthy relationships. While I understand and might agree with some of his arguments – it turns out Samuels was leading a double life: Promoting family connections while not having the best relationship with his own family members.

Samuels’ own mother admitted she found out about the death of her only child the same way I did; via social media. That proves he wasn’t as close to his mom as he should have been. If a man doesn’t respect his mom enough to stay in touch with her and to see about her well-being, he’s not the kind of man I would seek for a personal relationship.

While its true some things are beyond our control that effect our lives, that police report that included facts about the last 24 hours of his life make me question the real man behind the internet sensation most people followed without question. Was he a hypocrite? Click the video above and let’s talk about it. 

Steffanie Rivers
Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries. Follow her @tcbstef on Instagram and Twitter.


Relationship expert Kevin Samuels passed away on Friday, during a romantic encounter with a Caucasian woman he had just met.

Now we have some more tea about Kevin who often described himself as a “high value man” and said that women would need to meet a high bar in order to get a man in his category. But it turns out that Kevin Samuels may have been BROKE!

The Media spoke with one of Kevin’s friends, who has been in touch with his family and he claims that Kevin was “deeply” in debt. According to the friend, Kevin’s family has been trying to identify all his assets and has only been able to locate less than $1,000.

Kevin Samuels was a popular Black online image consultant and widely credited with coining the phrase “high value man.” The term high-value man as it is commonly used today refers to a man of financial means and social influence. The term alone isn’t new or problematic in that society has always placed a higher value on wealthy men.

But Kevin often used the term “high value man” to troll Black women into believing that they didn’t have what it took to get a man in that category.

We spoke to a person close to Kevin and his family – and he told us that Kevin was ANYTHING BUT high value.

The friend also told us that the family is contemplating setting up a GoFundMe to raise money to give the “high value man” a proper funeral.

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Comment by mr1stroke on May 12, 2022 at 12:30am

But if you look at society right now about 90% of black females want to be like white women it is the truth, and they repeat what ever white women says, its happening in Hollywood, at the work place and also in the community, they want the same thing, but the problem is none if them are willing to support a black man, they just want and want, many of them trying to do the same thing 3specilly when it comes to the lifestyle if a white woman, but won't secure their kids future, like I said we can be mad at the man for telling the truth because the truth hurts tbe world, look what the truth did to Jesus and he says he is the truth, but killing the man for the truth does not kill the truth, it only raise awareness on the reality, so telling the truth is not taring them down, it is simply the truth, we can talk about this for days, but what exactly did he say that is going on in the black community with black women that is not true? It may not be you but if it does exist you have to admit it.

And denying the things that are wrong with black women will not fix the community, they are going back ward, they are the new house negro mistress of our century, they are online talking about they are looking for white men they don't date black men, lol I mean come on, and you wondering why they are being pass around? These days may be 2 put if 10 black women will be married to men, the rest will either be married women and stay being pass around and there is nothing we can do to change that.

Comment by caribmama on May 11, 2022 at 6:48pm

You don't think I got a laugh watching his video's too? My daughter use to always say....Mommy what are you laughing at? Yes I do agree with most of what he said, but you can not compare black women too white women. Every one knows from generation to generation how we were conditioned. Do we need to look at other races and how they handle how they go about their lives? Sure, why not. Pull yourselves up to make an create a better you. But we all know how hard headed black women can be, but tearing them down the way Mr. Samuels did in the manner was uncalled for and any black man that feels what he did was a good thing says a lot about you. I dare you to surround yourselves with the black women in your family and tell them to their faces verbiage for verbiage exactly the things Kevin has taught you. I bet you would get a Royal Black Women Beat Down! LOL!!!!!!

Comment by mr1stroke on May 11, 2022 at 11:02am

caribmama lol sweet heart, sister calm down, now its one thing not to like him as a person, another not to luke his opinion, but the question is what exactly did he lies about, now he could feel the way he felt about black females, but the question is was he lying about those things he was pointing out?

I have 4 sisters they don't take advice from Kevin Samuels or Steve harvey, they were raised with self esteem and confidence, they don't need to come on line and take advice from any one unless its business advice, after all why do we have friends and family for, if we are looking for comfort in total strangers, majority of the time my sister's watching Kevin they are dying laughing because the donkeys who don't like him are the one calling his shows, do you know how many times those females called Kevin and the questions he asked they could not answer or back them up, now how is that his fault, I do understand black females are always looking for someone to tell them that they are perfect, they are doing fine, they don't do any wrong, but not every will be thirsty and lie so they can be like by a woman.

The man has transition is that what we actually wish for for him, but what does that say about you as a person, id you feel you are right for feeling that way, what will you say when sorrow shows at your front step, do you love any body, if you do how will you feel if you get an unexpected phone call? Well I'm sure you will not be one of those line begging for prayers, we can like and dislike but lets keep an open heart of sympathy for those we don't know, its okay to dislike but show love for a total stranger. Enjoy your day and you know I wish you well in life, please call down.

Comment by caribmama on May 11, 2022 at 9:45am

Sounds like Kevin Samuels made a Simp out of men who didn't have the balls to tell women how they really feel! You had to have a Kevin Samuels publicly embarrass your sisters, aunts and mothers and you black men think that this is okay. Our brothers are not dumb people (except for some). Why not create a show (radio or podcast) of 10 intelligent brothers who could have reached out to the sisters and tell them how they really feel. This man had no chill basically telling black women if you were not a certain dress size or you were to old just let a man jump in it, cause you are not worthy! Stop letting this man paint you as a Simp!

Comment by vaughn mitchell on May 11, 2022 at 9:32am
Sounds like alot of these modern black women got their feelings hurt by a man, that was telling it like sees it. Why listen to his show if you don't like the man. His momma did not know he died,she found about his death on social media, that does not mean he did not have a good relationship with her, that's , just the media speculating, did they ask his mom? No. As for him being broke, he just freaking died, how the hell would anyone know what he has. I see alot of hate by black women, that still will not change the African Americans are a mess.
Comment by caribmama on May 10, 2022 at 10:21pm

And his family shouldn't even waste their time setting up a go fund me page. Let his white friends (if he really had any) bury his broke ass or put him in the potter grave. LOL! Hey gonna contribute?

Comment by caribmama on May 10, 2022 at 10:15pm

The fattest of the fat girls outlived his skinny azz! Watch how many of his white girlfriends write tell all books!    

I agree with some of the things that he said and it should not be taken lightly about our health and the way that we present ourselves to the world. But the degree at which he came at women could seriously triggered people to commit suicide. I pray that did not happen. I don't care what the fugg that man said, love yourself and know that THERE IS SOMEBODY OUT THERE THAT LOVES YOU! 

Comment by stephen myers on May 10, 2022 at 7:09pm

The mans dead and the living dead won’t leave him to RIP, this is a brain dead death culture. 

Comment by mr1stroke on May 10, 2022 at 6:56pm

Wow those same people who are on here happily commenting with anger about the brother's passing are the same one calling white people hateful, the same one who hates Trump. Just because you don't like some ones opinion don't mean you have to wish them death, that's what we call hate, is everything Samuels were saying lies, I don't think he was giving advice I think he was pointing out what was wrong, and the world hate the truth.

Every one knows what is going wrong in their relationships, you should know why your relationships fail whether or not you want to blame some one else, you have to be the biggest fools to come on line and take relationships advice without taking notes on whether or not it make sense. A lot of you idiots believed Steve Harvey 3 times and you are still bring passed around without a ring, you believed him on his first book: think like a man act like a lady, you believed him on the second book, and you believed him on the movie he made about the book, now to all of you who are not married because of Steve Harvey, raise your hands and share with us. So it's not about Kevin being an hypocrite he was simply selling a product to the public which every one does once in that business, you are mad at the truth and won't admit he got under your skin, may be rest in peace. When you wish death on others and laugh at death at others back yard I hope you're ready when death comes for you, because none of us can escape death, rich or poor.

Comment by Mnyama on May 10, 2022 at 5:13pm
Simply put: I refused to listen to him as well as the rest of these self appointed "relationship gurus" and "image experts." Who ordained them as the proper authority on anything?

I am a photographer and apparel decorator. I see behind the scenes of folks lives. A lot of people are broke and busted and seek to put on a public facade as if they have money and are well off. They want to bargain and barter with me to get things to make it look as if they have money. I can't pay my bills from someone else's online image, clicks, and following.

This dude is just as much the neer-do-well he deemed others. Good riddance

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